The Moose Is Loose: Episode Two: Aquabear County Fair Preview

The Moose Is Loose presents its historic second episode, and its historic because we did another one! This episode is part one of an All-Aquabear County Fair preview (look for episode 3 next week!) and you can hear Brian talk about surgery, his cat, living on an alley, and of course play a lot of sweet music. The focus of part one is on Friday, March 9th so you will hear from all the bands playing the first day of the 6th annual Aquabear County Fair. From the early show at Donkey you will hear Chris Biester (represented by an Appalachian Death Ride song), Sovroncourt, and Moon High. Brian then moves on to Casa Cantina where you will hear songs from the bands playing there: The D-Rays, Hex Net, Sundown, and Weird Science.


  The Moose Is Loose: Episode Two


One response to “The Moose Is Loose: Episode Two: Aquabear County Fair Preview”

  1. Great podcast, buddy! It certainly has me all sorts of excited for this year’s County Fair. I have to say I was a little disappointed that Maggie didn’t tear shit up. There was a whole lotta buildup for a cat attack and no payoff. Maybe in part two, eh? Nevertheless, great music abounds!