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The Western Reserve – Episode 4


We’re back! This episode it is all about the music, no guests here. You will hear music from some of Ohio’s best and even a few songs from the amazing collections put together by the fine folks at Numero Group. Music from Dayton (Braniac and The Breeders), Athens (Hex Net, Caitlin Kraus-Torres, Weedghost), and a few selections from the massive Numero Group Ohio releases including The Four Mints and Lou Ragland & The Bandmasters. 45 minutes of great music from the Buckeye State. See you in a few weeks for episode 5.

Braniac – “Vincent Come On Down”
Extra Medium Pony – “Reindeer Boots”
The Four Mints – “Too Far Gone”
Angela Alexander & J.D Saddler – “Don’t Make Me Kill You”
Men of Gentle Birth – “Wake Up”
Hex Net – “Last Night”
Bridesmaid – “Curtisy Call”
Earwig (ft. Lydia Loveless) – “Wasted on You”
This Moment In Black History – “Family Day at Euclid Beach”
The Breeders – “The New Year”
Caitlin Kraus-Torres – “Waiting for the World”
Weedghost – “Excerpt from I”
Lou Ragland & The Bandmasters – “Party at Lester’s”

6 Bs and a P – The Stinkston – Episode 66


0-4! That seems about right. And it also seems if switching to twice a month for this podcast has caused the 6b1p crew to become psychics who can predict the Browns future. Cody Kessler is now our QB, Cody Parkey is now our Kicker, Josh Gordon is in rehab, Corey Coleman broke his hand, but there are some silver linings… The guys discuss everything: the losses, our rookies, gas stations, and revisit the topic of breakfast sandwiches. Randy is here! So are Wiebe and Kris. And we get special segments from Luke (Who is the Azzeater of the Week?”) and a brand new one from Ian (“6 Bs and I”). Will the Browns beat the Patriots next week? Probably not! But we will be back at some point. Go Browns!

6 Bs and a P – Breakfast Sandwiches – Episode 65


Woof. These guys are terrible. The 6b1p crew tries to figure out how they are going to talk about the Browns all season and still make this podcast listenable. They get to the roots of the issues (so many QB’s, terrible drafts, injuries, breakfast sandwiches, Tim Couch) sort of, or at least give it a shot. This game is post week 1 but was recorded before the Ravens loss, which ultimately was pretty terrible anyway so we will talk about that later. Episode 66 will discuss weeks 2 and 3 and maybe more. Trust us this is the most entertaining Browns podcast there is. Go Those Guys!

6 Bs and a P – They Drafted a Man Named Scooby – Episode 64


It’s September which means it is time for the Browns! This 5th season of 6 Bs and a P kicks off with a special offseason review and season preview wrapped into one hour (or so) of podcast spectacular-ness. Brian, Ian, Kris, and Wiebe struggle with whether to find hope in the upcoming season or to just give up like this podcast and the Browns did last year? There is a new segment from Luke so that might be funny. Therapy eventually comes in the form of not talking about the Browns for a while (topics include the Olympic event Dressage, mascots, the presidential election, and more successful Cleveland sports teams) and then condense some hard hitting analysis with the rest of the time. GO BROWNS!

The Western Reserve – Anyway Records 25th Anniversary (part 2) – Episode 3

Jerry Wick (left) and Bela Koe Krompecher, photo by Jay Brown

Jerry Wick (left) and Bela Koe Krompecher, photo by Jay Brown

The Western Reserve is back with our third episode and part two of our interview with Anyway Records founder Bela Koe-Krompecher! Bela and Brian talk about what Anyway is doing now, the plan for the 25th anniversary celebration (September 1-3 in Columbus, Ohio), and we get to listen to another chunk of Ohio tunes curated by Bela including music from The Mice, Lydia Loveless, Goners, St. Lenox, The Sidekicks, Jenny Mae, New Bomb Turks, and more. Take a listen, share, and enjoy. Go over and checkout Anyway Records site too and buy some stuff, and go to Columbus this weekend and celebrate 25 years at Spacebar (Thursday, September  1) and Ace of Cups (Friday, September 2 and Saturday, September 3). See you in a few weeks for episode 4.

The Mice – “Little Rage”
St. Lenox –  “21st Century Blues”
Connections – “Month 2 Month”
Closet Mix – “It’s Better My Way”
Mary Lynn – “Funeral”
Goners – “Teenage Depression”
Jenny Mae – “Ho Bitch”
Moviola – “Broken Horses”
The Whiles – “Lonesome Reply”
Sidekicks – “Jesus Christ Supermalls”
Lydia Loveless – “Clumps”
New Bomb Turks – “Tail Crush”

The Western Reserve – Anyway Records 25th Anniversary (part 1) – Episode 2


The Western Reserve returns with its second episode, the first of two parts celebrating the 25th anniversary of Columbus, Ohio’s Anyway Records! Anyway founder and mastermind Bela Koe-Krompecher joins us for episodes two and three to talk about his life, starting a record label, growing up in Ohio, continuing to find new bands after 25 years, and a whole lot more. In between we listen to a ton of Ohio music from the past few decades. Anyway is celebrating with a big party in Columbus on September 1-3, with the September 1st at Spacebar and September 2nd and 3rd at Ace of Cups. Find out more here.

Guided By Voices – “Motor Away”
Gaunt – “Jim Motherfucker”
Ass Ponys – “11:11”
Gibson Brothers – “The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing”
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments – “Rump Government”
V3 – “Negotiate Nothing”
Greenhorn – “Chemical Land”
Appalachian Death Ride – “Comin Around”
Scrawl – “Ready”
Mike Rep and the Quotas – “Aliens in our Midst”
Cheater Slicks – “I Think I’m Going Down”

The Western Reserve – Episode 1


Aquabear has a brand new podcast! The Western Reserve focuses on all things Ohio music: past, present, and future. Mostly music but also some talk and eventually some interviews, guests, special event coverage, and more. Hosted by Brian Koscho and Produced by Brian along with Todd Jacops who helps with some engineering too. Enjoy this first episode and look for more soon. Full playlist is below! E-mail me at to tell me what you like or don’t like or to send in some music.

Connections – “Kate”
Appalachian Death Ride – “The Serpent”
Supernobody – “Old Strange Power”
Adam Remnant – “When I Was a Boy”
Bill Fox – “Over and Away She Goes”
Leggy – “Kick the Habit”
Wussy – “She’s Killed Hundreds”
Drift Mouth – “Franklin County Nights”
X____X – “Black Leather Rock”
Murderedman – “Corvette”
Water Witches – “Sea More”
Sardaukar – “Concrete/Sudden Change”
Swarming Branch – “Zsaszur’s Real Estate Song”