6 Bs and a P: The Horse and the Whore (s03ep06)

This sums up the game

This sums up the game

6 Bs and a P: The Horse and the Whore (s03ep06):

BROWNS WIN AGAIN! No clue how this is happening. The 6b1p crew works hard to process these unfamiliar feelings and make sense of it all and in the process talk about football, pie, how much the hate the Steelers, Brian Hoyer, and much more. They even play a game of the Pierogi Mountain 6b1p Pittsburgh Lightning Round Trivia. And the “P” word is brought up (PLAYOFFS?!? YOU TALKING ABOUT PLAYOFFS?) and a certain Lord of the Vale makes a trip to the studio from Westeros. Brian, Ian, and Kris hold it down this week and Wiebe checks in with a Broken Bandwagon. GO BROWNS!

6 Bs and a P: The Arbiter of Pies (s03e05)

rob-ryan6 Bs and a P: The Arbiter of Pies (s03e05)

BROWNS WIN! They move to 2-2 with a win over the very terrible Tennessee Titans and their temporary quarterback, Clipboard Jesus. But, it doens’t matter… the won! Join the 6b1p regular crew (minus Wiebe and plus Dave) as they discuss the win, the current state of the team, Brian Hoyer, marshmallow filling, and even get a check in from some 6b1p’ers who went to the game down in Nashville. All your favorite segments are there: Tweet of the Week, Broken Bandwagon, Pie Corner, and the brand new Darker Linings Playbook. Plus, a look ahead to the return of the hated Steelers to Cleveland for next Sunday’s game.

6 Bs and a P: Muscle Hamster (s03e04)


It’s time for 6 Buccaneers and a Pirate! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

6 Bs and a P: Muscle Hamster (s03e04)

The Browns had a bye week this past Sunday and Aquabear Legion decided to order some alternate programming to fill our football podcast void. Join us for a special bye week edition of 6 Bs and a P, namely, another 6 Bs and a P about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In the studio this week is Brett Alligator, Kent Orangeman, New Ian, and of course Tampa Donnie. Go Bucs!

Legendary Peter Walker At The Union on Wednesday, October 1

PeterWalker2014This one is last minute and on a school night, but you should all totally come anyway, we promise you will not be sorry. Aquabear Legion, Andrew & Peacock present Peter Walker with Dead Winds of Summer and more at The Union in Athens on Wednesday, October 1st at 8:00pm. Tickets are $8 in advance and will be $10 at the door. You can soon purchase tickets at Haffa’s Records or you can purchase tickets online by clicking here (please note there is a $1.27 service fee for the online ticket).Peter Walker is an American folk guitarist noted for dynamic instrumental pieces inspired by the Indian Raga and Spanish flamenco traditions blended with traditional American folk and occasional rock influences. Walker’s debut LP Rainy Day Raga was released by Vanguard Records in 1966, followed by the release of Second Poem in 1968. Along with Sandy Bull, John Fahey, and Robbie Basho, Walker is considered one of the premier guitarists of his generation. On Second Poem, Walker plays guitar and sitar and is accompanied by flutist Jim Pepper (of The Free Spirits) along with violin, tabla, & tamboura. Walker is the missing link between Ravi Shankar and Timothy Leary in more ways than one….. We might even bring out some chairs so you can enjoy this show in comfort.

6 Bs and a P: Robot Ian or the Time Sherri Met Chomps at the Airport (s03e03)


6 Bs and a P: Robot Ian or the Time Sherri Met Chomps at the Airport (s03ep03)

It’s week 3 and the 3rd episode of our 3rd season at 6b1p, and the Browns lose another last second heartbreaker, this time to the hated Ravens. Kris Poland doesn’t make it this week (spoiler alert his segment is just some awesome Tecmo Bowl music) but the crew is joined by a friend from Cincinnati, Ohio who has a way better football team where he is. Plus more pie corner and a lightning round about everything from felony weapons charges to twitter handles. Browns are 1-2 heading into the bye week, we are gonna regroup, see you soon! Go Browns!