The Western Reserve – All Nelsonville Music Festival Part 1 – Episode 037

(photo by Danielle Petrosa) Happy NMF! I know, I know… no one expected to be stuck in our houses this weekend and not enjoying the best four days of the year in Nelsonville, Ohio, but much like so much these past few months we have to miss the festival. This weekend would have been the 16th installment of this beloved gathering produced by Stuart’s Opera House (also equally beloved as a community cornerstone and non-profit historic theater and performing arts center) with over 50 bands, camping, food, drink, and most importantly community. NMF is a perfect capsule of every single thing I love about living in Athens County, and every single person and place I hold dear to my heart. I miss it so much right now. This would have been my first civilian Nelsonville Fest, after working for Stuart’s from July 2007 (my first day of work was the 3rd NMF and last one-day fest) to June 2019 (my 13th festival) I left to head back to school. I was still planning on being as involved as they would let me be, but now much like all of you I am spending the weekend at home. Not in the field. Not in the campground. And not with all of my friends seeing the best music. There is a magic there on those grounds that I used to think I could not explain… but now I can. It’s perfect. It is a perfect combination of people, community, music, art, and sustainability, and it is how I wished life was all the time. We all need that feeling after a few months. I know I do. So my response was to jump into a bit of a last-minute action, and this week I decided to do two episodes of my podcast with all NMF songs. From across the years and stages. Spend two hours today and two more on Sunday, June 7th with this on and I hope it feels like you are there even a little bit. Also, I hope the people who make this event happen can enjoy a few hours of sampling all that has happened there. This is the tip of the NMF iceberg, but it is a great start. Oh, most importantly… go give a donation to Stuart’s Opera House if you can, NMF is their biggest fundraiser and it would be a huge help to support them now. Click here to make a donation in any amount. Enjoy!

Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires (2016)
Parquet Courts (2017)
The Cactus Blossoms (2017)
Shovels & Rope (2014)
Bill MacKay – Gladden House Session (2018)
Orkestra Mendoza – Gladden House Session (2019)
Mattson 2 – Gladden House Session (2019)
Shannon Lay – Gladden House Session (2018)
Michael Hurley (2017)
Hex Net (2013)
Wesley Bright & The Honeytones (2017)
The Makebelieves (2013)
Built To Spill (2015)
Wooden Shjips (2018)
Julia Jacklin (2019)
A Hawk and a Hacksaw – Gladden House Session (2018)
Tank & The Bangas – Gladden House Session (2018)
The Other Years – Gladden House Session (2019)
Charlie Parr – Gladden House Session (2018)
Adam Torres – Gladden House Session (2015)

The Western Reserve – Episode 036

NOTE: This was recorded during the Covid-19 Pandemic, but before the events of this week related to the murder of George Floyd by 4 Minneapolis police officers. While recognizing that this is just a small Ohio music podcast on a far-flung website I still feel it is important to use the platform I have to express my full and complete solidarity with those across the country protesting the killing of black people in this country by the police. Please consider doing what you can to lift up the voices in your community that need to be heard. And if you are so inclined, please donate a few bucks to the Columbus Freedom Fund, The Bail Project, Black Lives Matter, or any other organization that is helping in this fight. They need your support, and every little bit helps. And around here at The Western Reserve this is a great time to mention that we are really big fans the Zinn Education Project too.

Southeast Engine – “At Least We Have Each Other”
Moviola – “I Know It Won’t”
Mosses – “Time in Your Mind”
The Katy – “Zombie”
Machine Go Boom – “Quarantined”
Unmonumental – “The Destoyer Awakens”
Thee Thee’s – “Makin Em”
Piccadilly Circus – “Till I Get to the Top”
The D-Rays – “High Tide”
Cutler Station – “The Man in the Lantern”
This Moment In Black History – “Forrest Whitaker (in an uncompromising role)”
Kneeling In Piss – “High Desert”
Snarls – “Walk in the Woods”
Prisonshake – “Carthage Burns!”
Guinea Worms – “Exit Plan”
The Ophelias – “General Electric”
Gudger – “Midnight Visions”

The Western Reserve – Guest Host: J.R. Fisher – Episode 035

We have a special guest host for the new episode of The Western Reserve: Columbus musician and all around solid human being J.R. Fisher! J.R. hosts episode 35 and curates the playlist for this one too. A sampling of some fantastic music from Ohio including The Sundresses, Wussy, Dead Boys, and Raven. Enjoy!

New City Gypsy – “Tugboat”
Grandpa Egg – “Monsters By Sea”
The Kyle Sowashes – “A Faster Asshole”
The Griefs – “Whenever You’re Around”
Day Creeper – “And How”
Raven – “War With My Soul”
The Sundresses – “Murder Hymn”
The Electric Grandmother – “Leo Got Shot”
Lieutenant Dance – “When Fans Attack”
Them Wranch – “Campus Strangler”
Jenny Mae – “Downtown”
Country Death – “Wild Irish Rose”
Wussy – “Death By Misadventure”
Dead Boys – “All This And More”

Aquabear Releases Dead Winds of Summer’s New Album, All Proceeds From This and All Aquabear Releases Go To Athens County Covid-19 Response Fund

We are excited to release the newest Dead Winds of Summer album False Past on Aquabear Legion (ABL-017). This record and all of Aquabear’s streaming releases are all “pay what you want” and all funds raised will be donated to the Athens County Covid-19 Response Fund hosted at Rural Action. This is the newest release from Andrew Lampela’s drone/experimental moniker.

In addition, we are donating all sales of records and tapes online minus shipping costs to this cause for the near future. So you can support local music while also supporting an important cause and lifeline for area businesses, farmers, and community members.

The Aquabear Legion is proud to be based in Athens County and it is our home. 

Please check out all of our releases on Bandcamp and at our Store. Thanks in advance.

You can also stream and download Aquabear Legion Volume 8 over at our Bandcamp page right now. It’s free to download, but you can name your price and throw us a couple bucks if you are so inclined. This is our 16th release and our third of 2020. You can buy the other two on vinyl and cassette here, or listen to them here. All proceeds from any of these (outside of shipping) will be donated to the fund mentioned above. We are going to try to subsidize that shipping best we can too.

Surprise! Aquabear Puts Out Volume 8 For Free Online, Our Third Release of 2020

In what is by our far our most Beyonce-move, Aquabear Legion is releasing a surprise, free, online 17-song Ohio music compilation today! Right now! You can stream and download Aquabear Legion Volume 8 over at our Bandcamp page right now. It’s free to download, but you can name your price and throw us a couple bucks if you are so inclined. This is our 16th release and our third of 2020. You can buy the other two on vinyl and cassette here, or listen to them here.

For Aquabear Legion Volume 8, the only rule was a band could not have been on the last two “Volume” collections to be on the new one. The result is a 17-song compilation with music from all around the state featuring Blanket Boys, Brat Curse, Cutler Station, The Infinite Improbability Drive, Matthew J. Rolin, Mery Steel, Messrs, Minority Threat, no stars, Paige Beller, Slackluster, Slut Castle, Speaking Suns, Supernobody, Thee Thee’s, Unmonunmental, and Weedghost. Listen and download now.

The Western Reserve – Peter Laughner – Episode 034

We have been working on this one for a bit and are excited to share an all-Peter Laughner episode of The Western Reserve! In addition to an interview with Susan Schmidt-Horning (Poor Girls, Cinderella Backstreet, Chi Pig), we talk with Andrew Russ from right here in Athens about his involvement in the project, research, and all things Peter Laughner. We highlight some great music from throughout Peter’s career (1972-1977 here) found on the new collection including recordings, live shows, and demos all from Peter solo and a wide range of other projects including Rocket From The Tombs, Cinderella Backstreet, Friction, and more. Original songs from Laughner join covers from Michael Hurley, The Velvet Underground, and Television. Go check out that box set and all of the awesome stuff Smog Veil Records makes right now, special thanks to Smog Veil, Fly PR, and our guests for making this episode happen. This episode is a little longer! Enjoy!

The Original Wolverines – “The Sidewalks of New York”
Friction – “Prove It”
Peter Laughner + Deborah Smith – “Down at the Bar”
Cinderella Backstreet – “Rock and Roll”
Peter Laughner + Adele Bertei – “Rock It Down”
Peter Laughner + Mike Sands – “Eyes Eyes”
Rocket From The Tombs – “Ain’t It Fun”
Peter Laughner – “First Taste of Heartache”
Fins – “What Goes On”

The Western Reserve – Best of Ohio Music 2019 – Episode 033

Happy New Year! We join in on all the year-end, list-making fun here at The Western Reserve and set you up with just over an hour of some of our favorite music from Ohio this past year. Everything from The Kyle Sowashes to Matthew J. Rolin to no stars to Tiger Village. Enjoy!

Kneeling in Piss – “USA WIll Start Another War”
Cheap Clone – “Walk to Canada”
The Kyle Sowashes – “Bowling Ball”
Supernobody – “Trains Go By”
Speaking Suns – “From Nowhere”
no stars – “Potentiality”
Messrs – “Lizzard Boy”
Matthew J. Rolin – “For Henry”
Brian Harnetty – “John”
Herzog – “Winter 2014”
Mourning [A] Blkstar – “Harlem River Drive OG”
Brat Curse – “Psycho in the Furnace”
Slackluster – “Weeds”
Pleasure Leftists – “The Return”
Tiger VIllage – “Soft, Real”
Leggy – “Give In”

The Western Reserve – 4th Annual Ohio X-Mas Spectacular – Episode – 032

Your favorite all-Ohio music podcast celebrates the hap-hap-happiest season of all with our own holiday tradition: the annual Ohio X-Mas Spectacular! Brian is joined as always for this one by Sherri and they play one solid hour plus of great Christmas tunes from the Buckeye State. Topics covered include favorite songs, traditions, and even a little bit of Big Chuck and Little John holiday magic. Ho Ho Ho!

The Heartlanders – “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”
Frankie Yankovic – “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”
Infinite Improbability Drive ft. No Stars – “Wonderful Christmas Time”
Connections – “Buy Me Healing Crystals For Christmas”
CDX – “Deck the Halls”
Fairmount Girls – “Merry Merry”
Andy Gabbard – “Money For Christmas”
Remnant Brothers – “Christmas Time (This Time This Year)”
Dean Martin – “Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! / Winter Wonderland”
Moth Cock – “Silent Night”
Les Cousins Dangereux – “Carol of the Bells”
Zitsquatch – “Jingle Bell”
Buffalo Killers – “Secret Santa”
Pete Fosco – “Novembered Haze”

The Western Reserve – Colemine Records – Episode 031

New episode of The Western Reserve is ALL-Colemine Records this time. We curate an hour or so from the catalog of this Loveland, Ohio based label featuring music from Ohio and elsewhere. From the label’s website: “Colemine Records was founded in late 2007 with the simple idea of putting out raw, authentic SOUL music on vinyl. Since then we’ve been lucky enough to grow and work with some very talented artists and bands over the years, and in 2015 we opened up a brick and mortar record store, Plaid Room Records, so that we could continue to expand our little soul label. It’s operated primarily by two guys, Terry Cole and Bob Cole, but the strength of the label is quality
music produced by our artists.”

Sure Fire Soul Ensemble – “El Nino”
Gene Washington & The Iron Sides – “Next To You”
Barbara Howard – “Light My Fire”
Los Sospechos – “High Noon”
Ghost Funk Orchestra – “Isaac Hayes”
The Harlem Gospel Travelers – “He’s On Time”
Kelly Finnagan – “I Don’t Want to Wait”
Durand Jones & The Indications – “Circles”
AJ & The Jiggawatts – “It Is What It Is”
Black Market Brass – “The Thick”
The Jive Turkeys – “The Reggie”
Leroy Conroi – “Tiger Trot”
Wesley Bright and the Honeytones – “You Don’t Want Me”
Delvon Lamarr Trio – “Top Going Down, Bottom Going Up”

The Western Reserve – Episode 030

No themes this time around, just an hour or so of great Ohio music past, present, and future. Lots of brand new stuff from Brat Curse, Kneeling In Piss, Fan Fiction, Water Witches, and more. We would love for you to go support and pre-order the new Aquabear Legion compilations right now if you could (campaign ends on 9/15) at and be sure to tell your friends and enemies. Enjoy the episode and make sure to subscribe, rate, share, and all those things too.

Brat Curse – “Modern Snakes”
Pleasure Leftists – “Try the Door”
Water Witches – “Stringfinger”
Kneeling In Piss – “Song About Being Unemployed”
Tweens – “Be Mean”
333 – “Cry Baby Cry”
Van Dale – “Porch”
Fan Fiction – “Back and Forth”
Cutler Station – “Catacombs”
Bassholes – “Microscope Feeling”
Pale Grey Lore – “Sunken Cities”
WYD – “Death”
Machine Go Boom – “Niagara Falls”
Brian Harnetty – “Neva”

Athena Headache – Episode 003

A brand new episode of Athena Headache is here, bringing you the best Midwestern music that is experimental, improv, weird, and everything inbetween. Brian hosts this one, and sticks mostly in Ohio and vicinity for the playlist, but stays away from the Athens-heavy lineup of the first two episodes. You will hear from everyone from Pete Fosco to Mark McGuire to Lisa Bella Donna. Play it in the background while you are doing some other stuff, put it in your headphones real loud, or enjoy on a long car ride. See you again soon. Go support the new Aquabear compilations at

Pete Fosco – “Concurrence”
Tiger Village – “Modern Drummer”
Mark McGuire – “02/21/2019”
Powers/Rolin – “4/15/19 at Maple Lanes”
Zack Kouns – “Evergreen in Winter”
Lisa Bella Donna – “Paraphonic Praeludium”
Neutrals – “Boston”

The Western Reserve – Aquabear’s 15th Birthday Compilations – Episode 029

The Western Reserve is back with a pretty spectacular episode for Aquabear Legion’s 15th birthday! Aquabear is celebrating by releasing two compilations: the new Ohio music compilation VOLUME 7 (on vinyl) and an Aquabear Legion Archival Release called MOTHER OF PRESIDENTS (on cassette). This episode I play stuff from both of those releases, talk about the compilations, and more. You can pre-order your copies and support Aquabear right now on Indiegogo at

Van Dale – “Numbskull”
Smizmar – “Sad Eyes”
Actual Form – “Butler”
Great Plains – “Hamburger Boy”
84 Nash – “She’s a Warrior”
Thee Shams – “Run My Life”
Ampline – “Silver Wave”
Mirrors – “Slow Down”
Log – “Near Enough”
Grafton – “I’ve Been Lookin'”
Orchestraville – “I See Grey”
Dana – “Cupid”
Appalachian Death Ride – “Harvest Moon (live)”

Aquabear Turns 15, Celebrates With Two New Compilations – Pre-Order Now!

Athens based Ohio music and art collective Aquabear Legion will be celebrating 15 years with the release of two compilations. Aquabear Legion Volume 7 is a compilation on vinyl featuring new Ohio music from around the state, and Mother of Presidents is an archival compilation on cassette featuring classic Ohio bands. Pre-order and support these projects right now on Indiegogo at The pre-order campaign features both releases along with new Aquabear t-shirts and hoodies, prints, previous releases, and more. These will be the 14th and 15th releases from Aquabear Legion since 2004.

Aquabear Legion Volume 7 will be released as a 12” vinyl record with art from Athens’ own Chris Biester and music from Actual Form, Ampline, Buffalo Killers, Counterfeit Madison, DANA, Hiram-Maxim, Lung, Smizmar, and Van Dale. This will be a run of 300 records, 50 of which will be some sort of super special vinyl color.

Mother of Presidents is an Aquabear Legion Archival release on cassette and is a compilation featuring legendary Ohio acts from all around the state, covering the years from 1974 to 2004. Music from 84 Nash, Appalachian Death Ride, Geraldine, Grafton, Great Plains, Jenny Mae, Log, Mike Elliott, Mirrors, Orchestraville, Ron House, Swearing at Motorists, Thee Shams, and more still to be announced.


The Western Reserve – Double Cheeseburgerfest – Episode 028

It’s almost time for Double Cheeseburgerfest here in Athens on Saturday, April 20th! 18 bands playing a self described “backyard burger festival” just outside the city limits in a beautiful garage. Brian talks to Head Burger in Charge (and Athens musician) Tony Longanbach about this year’s sequel to 2018’s Cheeseburgerfest and much more all while playing some music from this year’s lineup and last year’s too. Enjoy!

Cotton Ponys – “Untitled”
Sorry Eric – “It’s Okay”
Kill the Hippies – “Single Prayer”
Ricky Hell & The Voidboys – “Dead Generation”
The Wastemen – “Big Beef”
Morgan Garrett – “Oh My Family Won’t Be With Me”
Red Devil Riders – “Astro Van”
Slut Castle – “Girls”
Weird Science – “Dangerous Friend”
Torgo – “Sermon on the Mounted”
Bloodhype – “Benzo Island”
Homemade Drugs – “I Shot Mary”
Pink Owl – “Rattlesnake”
Terrestials – “Rings”
Science Man – “Dark Matter”
Vacation – “Action Road”

The Western Reserve – Episode 027

Just a regular ol’ episode of The Western Reserve here, packed to the brim with great Ohio music. There are new things (Herzog, DANA, Mery Steel, Leggy), older things (Great Plains, Mirrors), and some inbetween too. If you like this podcast please support us by subscribing, leaving nice reviews, telling friends, etc. We will back soon with 028, which is an all-Cheeseburgerfest Episode! Enjoy!

Tobin Sprout – “Cryptic Shapes”
Great Plains – “When Do You Say Hello?”
Blanket Boys – “Monday”
DANA – “Death by Misadventure”
Herzog – “Little Bugs”
Mirrors – “Hands in my Pockets”
The Breeders – “Off You”
Wesley Bright & The Honeytones – “Happiness”
Mery Steel – “Tender Get”
Smug Brothers – “Phenomonal Tropics”
Leggy – “Taffy”
Primitives – “Maiden King”
Sad Planets – “Not of This World”
Relaxer – “Crystal Garden”
Keelhaul – “El Matador”

The Western Reserve – Best of Ohio 2018 – Episode 026

We are back from our Winter break here at Western Reserve with a belated, but still lovingly produced, Best of Ohio 2018 episode! This of course just scratches the surface of the great music put out from the Buckeye State last year, but it’s a solid 51 minutes of tunes.

The Breeders – “Nervous Mary”
Wussy – “Cake”
Terrestials – “Children In Heat”
Minority Threat – “Joy”
Ma Holos – “Celebrity Boots”
Unchipped – “1000 Lives”
Smizmar – “Idiot”
Lung – “Butcher”
The 1984 Draft – “Lutheran Heat”
Adam Remnant – “Somewhere Else Tonight”
Guided By Voices – “See My Field”
Andy Gabbard – “Lazy Panda”
Skeletonwitch – “Temple of the Sun”

The Western Reserve – 3rd Annual Ohio Christmas Spectacular – Episode 025

Happy holidays from Aquabear Legion and The Western Reserve! Sherri joins me for our annual tradition of the Ohio Christmas Spectacular (our third year!) and we play some great songs of the season all from Ohio! Some well known artists like Bootsy Collins, Bobby Womack, and Frankie Yankovic are on the playlist along with Aquabear favorites like Weird Science, Figgy & The Scrooges, and a whole bunch more. We talk about The Christmas Weed in Toledo, Mr. Jing-A-Ling, and our favorite Christmas characters. This is perfect for that long holiday car trip.

The Moonglows – “Just a Lonely Christmas”
Bobby Womack – “Dear Santa Claus”
The Heartlanders  – “White Christmas”
Screaming Jay Hawkins – “It’s Christmas (A Time For Giving)”
Bootsy Collins – “Merry Christmas Baby”
Frankie Yankovic – “Jingle Bells Polka”
Figgy & The Scrooges – “12 Shots of X Mess”
3 Speed Sleigh – “Hanukkah Nights”
Motorsled – “We Are Motorsled”
Weird Science – “Another Christmas Song”
Slut Castle – “Larry The Red Tailed Rat”
Hocus Pocus – “Christmas Time In Cleveland”
Frankie Yankovic – “What Christmas Means To Me”
Roy Rogers & Dale Evans – “Christmas on the Plains”
The Heartlanders – “Christmas Medley”

6 Bs and a P – To Catch A Tyrodittory – Episode 073

Browns beat the Panthers (we recorded this after week 14) to improve to 5-7-1 and remain “in the hunt” for the playoffs (you kidding me?) . Brian, Brian, and Ian get together to catch us all up on an exciting season of Browns football led by the greatest QB of all time: Baker Mayfield. We discuss what the Browns still need, how they are way more watchable, CBS’ smash hit God Friended Me, and we make up a few words along the way. Plus, 12 Days of Cleveland Browns Christmas. Happy Holidays!

The Western Reserve – Episode 024

Happy Holidays everyone! Our 3rd annual all-Ohio Holiday Spectacular is coming up soon too (it’s the aptly named Episode 25), but let this good old fashioned no themes at all episode of the show tide you over. Everything from Bygones to Cobra Verde here, and lots of new releases too.

Bygones – “Under That Spell”
Gaptooth Grin – “Deep End Blues”
didi – “Haru”
Times New Viking – “Teen Drama”
Joseph Airport – “Training Chute”
The X Bolex – “When People Die At The Circus”
Smizmar  – “Departures”
Jovan Karcic – “King”
Uno Lady – “Cryin'”
Marcus Alan Ward – “LoveOutLoud”
Cobra Verde – “Everything to You”
Abertooth Lincoln – “Queer and Loathing in Rowan County”
Sunday Fed Creek Birds – “Run To Waste”
15-60-75 (The Numbers Band) – “Jimmy Bell”

The Western Reserve – Requests! Again! – Episode 023

So many good requests we had to make two episodes! In case you missed it, our 22nd episode of Western Reserve was also all-request. Lots of great music on both episodes and in this one you will hear Brainiac, Supernobody, Rashaan Roland Kirk, Ward Jarvis, James Gang, Ass Ponys, and more. And it is the first (and hopefully last) time Michael Stanley Band gets played on here. Thanks to everyone who requested stuff! Episode 24 will be a regular one before we get into the Holidays and Best of 2018.

Swearing at Motorists – “The Real Thing”
Supernobody – “The Eternal Sky”
Brianiac – “Hot Metal Dobermans”
Rashaan Roland Kirk – “Inflated Tear”
The Ohio Express – “Beg, Borrow, and Steal”
Kelly Lattimore – “Fields of Phosphene”
Ward Jarvis – “Tomahawk”
Michael Stanley Band – “Lover”
Pere Ubu – “Misery Goats”
Wussy – “Halloween”
James Gang – “The Bomber”
Brian Henke – “Waterfalls”
Ass Ponys – “Grim”
Steve Zarate  – “Jewel of the Hocking”

Athena Headache – Episode 002

Welcome to another episode of Athena Headache (number 2 if you are counting) here on Aquabear Legion, this podcast is the place for all of the weird, strange, noisy, improv, and experimental music from the Midwest we can jam into it. Episode 002 is hosted by Andrew Lampela. We hope you enjoy!  Perfect for your headphones, a workout, or some background music. Find us on iTunes and Google Play here soon and subscribe, rate, review, and tell your friends.

Jacops/Prince Duo – “Untitled 1”
Knohm – “The Swollen Bead Dangles From the Fingertips” (excerpt)
Kid Panda Hands – Ghost of a Weed
Leslie Keffer – Dodder
Aaron Michael Butler/Gabe Mitchell/Andrew Lampela – Why Does the Absence of Light Disturb Him Less Than The Presence of Noise Pt. II
Dead Winds of Summer – “Whisperings of the Field”

The Western Reserve – Requests! – Episode 022

This episode of The Western Reserve and the next one are all requests! I think I cover everyone on the show, but thanks again for participating. Lots of great music this time including Them Wranch, My Dad Is Dead, Darrin Hacquard, and a whole lot more. If you like the show, tell some friends!

Them Wranch – “God Bless Ohio”
Guided By Voices – “Smothered In Hugs”
Machine Go Boom – “Scary Costume”
H-Bomb Ferguson – “Midnight Ramblin’ Tonight”
Awards Banquet – “(What Have You Done To Me​?​) Ohio”
Buffalo Killers – “River Water”
Stalley feat. Rick Ross – “Lincoln Way Nights (Shop Remix)”
Chargers Street Gang – “Shitty Song”
X____X – “You’re Full of Shit”
My Dad Is Dead – “A New Clear Route”
Darrin Hacquard – “Hurricane Season”
Patrick Sweany – “Leave Ohio”
Roger Hoover & The Whiskeyhounds – “Dead Man’s Shoes”
The Isley Brothers – “Ohio Machine Gun”

The Western Reserve – Episode 021

This episode of The Western Reserve features all bands and artists that I have not played yet in the first 20 episodes, and on top of that every artist is from a different city or town in Ohio! We cover everything from the big ones (Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati) to small towns with huge musical impacts (Athens, Yellow Springs), and everything inbetween. And please share this episode with a friend you think would enjoy, and remember in addition to you can find The Western Reserve on iTunes, Google Play, and more! Please subscribe and review on those too.

Wheels On Fire – “Ambulance”
Ma Holos – “Can’t Be Found”
Kill the Hippies – “Volcano”
Actual Form – “Map Boy”
Crooks on Tape – “Wandered Again”
Stark Folk Band – “Ghostman”
Sarob – “Carrion Dawn”
Thigh – “In My Mind”
Pat Dailey – “Put in Bay”
Blitzkrieg – “Down Boys (Warrant cover)”
Black Owls – “June ’71”
Brass Band of the Western Reserve
Carriers – “Peace of Mine”
(the) Giants of Gender – “Untitled”

6 Bs and a P – Karmic Clapback – Episode 72

We’re back! The Browns have gone 1-31 the last two years, so we didn’t do as many episodes. And what do we get upon our return? A tie. Which is not a loss. Brian and Ian discuss the off-season, the draft, Hard Knocks, and the first game of the season. Luke can’t make it because he could not get his modem on the Davone Bess Memorial Connection. We do get quick visits from Wiebe on the Broken Bandwagon and Bork Torkleson with a sideline report. Go Browns?!? 0-0-1! NOTE: This was recorded before the Browns loss to the Saints in Week 2.

Athena Headache – Episode 001 | The Western Reserve – Episode 020

Aquabear Legion has brand new show titled Athena Headache that will focus on the fringes of Ohio and Midwestern music. Noise, experimental, improvisational, weird, strange, and everything in between. The hosts of the show will rotate and since Brian (who hosts Western Reserve) is doing the first one it only made sense to have the first episode of Athena Headache also be the new episode of The Western Reserve. Like some sort of comic book crossover! Plus, this episode finishes off where our last episode of The Western Reserve left off. This time it’s the more experimental end of our host’s college years in Athens, with a whole bunch of noise from 2001-2007 or so: Weedghost, Dinner of Swords, Casiotone Orchestra, Dead Winds of Summer, Leslie Keffer, and even the one time only Toneghost Freakestra. Perfect for your headphones, a workout, or some background music. Please find us on iTunes and Google Play here soon and subscribe, rate, review, and tell your friends.

Athena Headache 001 / The Western Reserve 020

Kid Panda Hands – “Caves of Silk”
Dead Winds of Summer – From Weedghost/Dead Winds split
Weedghost – “Makes Breakfast”
Casiotone Orchestra – Aquabear Showcase at The Wire, March 2005 (excerpt)
Leslie Keffer – “Thrive”
Dinner of Swords – ARTS/West Noise Show, October 2007 (excerpt)
Toneghost Freakestra – ARTS/West, December 2005 (excerpt)

Weedghost – “Flowing Endless”

The Western Reserve – Episode 020 | Athena Headache – Episode 001

This is a thing on those podcast networks right? A preview episode? Aquabear Legion has brand new show titled Athena Headache that will focus on the fringes of Ohio and Midwestern music. Noise, experimental, improvisational, weird, strange, and everything in between. The hosts of the show will rotate and since Brian (who hosts Western Reserve) is doing the first one it only made sense to have the first episode of Athena Headache also be the new episode of The Western Reserve. Like some sort of comic book crossover! Plus, this episode finishes off where our last episode of The Western Reserve left off. This time it’s the more experimental end of our host’s college years in Athens, with a whole bunch of noise from 2001-2007 or so: Weedghost, Dinner of Swords, Casiotone Orchestra, Dead Winds of Summer, Leslie Keffer, and even the one time only Toneghost Freakestra. Perfect for you headphones, a workout, or some background music. Please find us on iTunes and Google Play here soon and subscribe, rate, review, and tell your friends.

The Western Reserve 020 / Athena Headache 001

Kid Panda Hands – “Caves of Silk”
Dead Winds of Summer – From Weedghost/Dead Winds split
Weedghost – “Makes Breakfast”
Casiotone Orchestra – Aquabear Showcase at The Wire, March 2005 (excerpt)
Leslie Keffer – “Thrive”
Dinner of Swords – ARTS/West Noise Show, October 2007 (excerpt)
Toneghost Freakestra – ARTS/West, December 2005 (excerpt)

Weedghost – “Flowing Endless”

The Western Reserve – Athens 2001-2006 – Episode 19

I can’t believe it took me 19 episodes of this podcast to do an all-Athens episode from my college years. This was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it as well. A whole bunch of firsts here: this is the first time I play We March (!?!) and The Makebelieves (!?!?!), and even a few others, and the first time I play a song by a band I was in. Enjoy.

The Snails – “Queen of the Dumb”
The Makebelieves – “Busy City”
We March – “Darken My Door”
Small Object a – “Nothing Is Better Than Hitting A Nazi Pinata”
Woody Whatever – “Rocket Space”
Men of Gentle Birth – “The Best Things”
Geraldine – “Cotton”
Appalachian Death Ride – “Railroad Penny”
Southeast Engine – “The Moon”
Casual Future – “Among the Ash Heaps and Millionaires”
Dragline Brothers – “Julie in July”
Wailin’ Elroys  – “Scaredy Blues”
The Arch Villians – “The Age of Steel and Bombs (live)”


The Western Reserve – Episode 18

No themes for episode 18 of The Western Reserve. Just an hour of great music from all around Ohio kicked off with a special tribute to our friend, the late Uncle Fun, and his band Bargoyle. The show is rounded out with Swearing at Motorists, Blueprint, Terrestials, Swim Team, and many more. Unrelated note: I will say that I recently took a short trip to Atlanta with Sherri for a conference she had (I had nothing to do but watch the World Cup and go to record stores and historic sites) and we flew both ways. And on my way to Atlanta I sat next to a very nice British man who was headed back to Machester, but had just finished a work trip to Canton. On the trip he was recording the Brass Band of the Western Reserve in a big auditorium studio somewhere. I thought that was pretty wild. I told him about my work at a theater but we did not chat much really once the plane went up, so my podcast didn’t come up. Missed opportunity. Well, as we say on my now very seldom seen podcast 6 Bs and a P: “Brass Band of the Western Reserve, we would love to have you on the show.” We’ll play some of their tunes in the future.

Bargoyle – “Doesn’t Matter”
Swim Team – “Re-Animator”
Swearing at Motorists – “Creature of Habits (Theme From the Big Spill)”
Blueprint – “Night Writers”
Goldmines – “September”
Blake Skidmore – “Blame Benji”
The 1984 Draft  – “Megaphone”
Terrestials – “Moonblade”
Penny Wishes – “Do the Trick”
Sinkane – “U’Huh”
Time and Temperature – “Let It”
Smug Brothers – “Get Some Sweet”
Cheap Clone – “Isaac Newton’s Eye”
Neutrals – “Cleveland”

The Western Reserve – Gladden House Sessions at the Nelsonville Music Festival (2014-2017) – Episode 17

Another amazing Nelsonville Music Festival (produced by Stuart’s Opera House) just finished up and we thought it made sense to have an NMF episode of The Western Reserve! Episode 17 brings you some of the wonderful Gladden House Sessions hosted by Josh Antonuccio and presented by Ohio University School of Media Arts and Studies, WOUB Public Media, and the Nelsonville Music Festival. Lots of Ohio artists and folks with Ohio connections in this show, but a few non-Ohioans too. Music from Saintseneca, Cloud Nothings, Adam Torres, Zeb Dewar, Justin Gordon, J.D. Hutchison, Big Thief, and many more. Enjoy an audio visit to Robbins Crossing and the sounds of NMF. Check out all the videos here!

Saintseneca – “Happy Alone” (2014)
Cloud Nothings – “Stay Useless” (2017)
Swarming Branch – “All I Wanna Do Pt. 22” (2017)
Adam Remnant – “California” (2014)
Zeb Dewar – “The People’s Republic” (2016)
Justin Gordon – “Close Quarters” (2014)
Tim Easton & Megan Palmer – “Crazy Mother from Shelby Ohio”  (2015)
Adam Torres – “Where I’m Coming From” (2015)
Big Thief – “Capacity” (2017)
Joan Shelley – “Stay on My Shore” (2016)
J.D. Hutchison – “If I Had Possession” (2014)
Ben Stalets – “Bound To Go” (2015)
Mike Elliott – “The Rebels Are Coming” (2015)
Steve Gunn – “Old Strange” (2014)

The Western Reserve – Guest Host: Emily Votaw – Episode 16

This installment of The Western Reserve features special guest host Emily Votaw! Ohio is a strange place, capable of producing even stranger, more beautiful music! Join WOUB’s Emily Votaw as she guides you through some tracks from some of her favorite weirdos from Ohio.

Guided By Voices — “Chasing Heather Crazy”
Future Bummer — “No Layups”
The Crooked Spines — “City of Lights”
Mark Tillack — “Biker to the Bone”
Larry Hall — “Kool Love”
Wussy — “Jonah”
The Ohio Express — “Sweeter Than Sugar”
sineqube — “The Only Warmth For Me Is You”
The References — “Eyes That Say I Love You”
Breakers — “PreFab”
Mission Man — “It’s Good to Be Back”
Phil and the Catalinas — “Bobby Layne”
The 5 Fortunes — “Time Out For Love”

The Western Reserve – Old 3C Records (part 2) – Episode 15

The Western Reserve rolls on for part two of our interview with Old 3c Label Group’s Paul Nini who talks about the label, his bands (Great Plains, Log, Closet Mix, and more), and plans for the future.  All while playing some awesome music. Part 1 (out 14th episode) can be found here and also has a great interview and a bunch of music. Enjoy!

Red Skylark – “Hey Precious Stone”
Red Skylark – “Bad Dream”
House of Brunettes – “Schlagers!”
Shades Of Al Davis – “Older And Heavier”
The New Normal – “It’s Our Time”
The New Normal – “Sublimation”
Orchestraville – “Phil Ochs Flag”
Orchestraville – “The Hand Wash”
Cruel, Cruel Moon – “Fall Onto The Pavement”
Cruel, Cruel Moon – “Fizz Pop”
The Beatdowns – “Baby! Let’s Get Lost”
Stark Folk Band – “You Cannot Shake Me”
Alyosha Het – “The Carving Line”
The Westsylvanians – “Mermen”
Roscoe Speers – “Up On The Hill”

The Western Reserve – Old 3C Records (part 1) – Episode 14

Episodes 14 and 15 of The Western Reserve are a two part interview and playlist from Columbus, Ohio’s Paul Nini. Paul is behind Old 3c Records and its current form the Old 3c Label Group and is known to Ohio music fans from his bands Great Plains, Log, and Closet Mix. Brian spends the next two episodes talking with Paul about playing in bands, putting out records, and what he’s working on now. All while playing a lot of good music. Look for part two soon.

Great Plains – “Old 3C”
Ron House – “20 or 30 People”
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments – “Fire In The Swimming Girl”
Psandwich – “We Remystify”
Counter Intuits – “Study Hall Art”
Log – “That’s All”
Peck of Snide – “Living On The Sun”
Househearts – “Promised To Remember”
Saint Paul – “Jesus Is Spinning In His Grave”
Closet Mix – “Hugh Are You?”
Sue Harshe – “50 Seconds Over Ohio”
Eleven Plus Two = Twelve Plus One – “Poogie & Fred”
The Ready Stance – “All Healed Up”
Sin Shouters – “Down With Whatever Tonight”
Greg Bonnell – “Sunshine Street”
Randall Douglas Matson – “Oh, No”
Randall Douglas Matson – “The Interlocutor”
The Malefactors Of Great Wealth – “Prisontown”
Burn Barrel – “Andy Uzzle”

The Western Reserve – Episode 13

Happy New Year! After finishing up 2017 with a few new episodes we are trying to keep that momentum going in January. No themes this time, just a solid hour or so of Ohio music. Old stuff (The Pagans), brand new stuff (Drift Mouth, Slackluster, Ampline), and everything inbetween. Full track list below. Enjoy.

Ampline – “Drip”
Southeast Engine – “Holy Ghost”
Mourning A Blkstr – “Roberta”
Megachurch – “Receive It”
Corbezzolo – “This Evening”
Herzog – “Theme for Boys”
Kipp Stone – “Cult Classic”
Pete Fosco – “Purple Blooms”
Drift Mouth – “Wake You Up”
The Pagans – “Street Where Nobody Lives”
Slackluster – “Efficient Machine”
Rex Apple – “Keep Your Head Straight”
Kyle Siegrist – “New Mexico”
Hiram Maxim – “Visceral”

The Western Reserve – Best of 2017 – Episode 12

Another year is in the books and it was a great one for Ohio music. Brian plays some of his favorite songs of the year including Supernobody, Vacation, Van Dale, Pere Ubu, Water Witches, The Magic Words, Day Creeper, The Village Bicycle, Smug Brothers, Bloody Show, R. Ring, Speaking Suns, Obnox, WV White, The Crooked Spines, Buffalo Killers, Ipps, and She Bears. Enjoy!

Supernobody – “Oh Yeah Records”
Vacation – “Blueberry Patch”
Van Dale – “Vacationhead”
Pere Ubu – “Prison of the Senses”
Water Witches – “Totality”
The Magic Words – “Melody Ranch”
Day Creeper – “Allergic to Myself”
The Village Bicycle – “Anyone But You”
Smug Brothers – “My Little Crowd Pleaser”
Bloody Show – “Pyro”
R. Ring – “Cutter”
Speaking Suns – “The Void”
Obnox – “Woe Is Me”
WV White – “Backwards”
The Crooked Spines  – “Keep On”
Buffalo Killers – “Stuck Inside the Realm of Man”
Ipps – “Human Beings Are Garbage”
She Bears – “Lay Out Long”

The Western Reserve – Second Annual Ohio Christmas Spectacular – Episode 11

It’s the holiday season! That means it is time for another all-Ohio Christmas Holiday Spectacular! This is the second annual edition and Brian is again joined by his real life podcast co-host in marriage, Sherri. Everyone from Johnny Paycheck to St. Lenox, Dean Martin to The Heartlanders, and everything in between gets heard here. Brian gets a Christmas card from Blessid Union of Souls, favorite christmas shapes are discussed and much more. Full disclosure: The Magic of Christmas gets destroyed about 30 minutes in with the release of some pretty serious talk about Old Saint Nick. Do not listen with children around. If you do and they find out something terrible, it’s Sherri’s fault.

The Heartlanders – “Feliz Navidad”
Tom Foolery & The Mistakes – “Linus and Lucy”
Sega Genocide – “Schools Out For Christmas”
Swearing at Motorists – “Last Christmas”
Dean Martin – “A Marshmallow World”
Zapp & Roger – “Please Come Home For Christmas”
Water Witches – “ChristMas 2020 (Waraintovernotonebit)”
Figgy & The Scrooges – “The Scrooges Carol (Figgy Cares)”
Connections – “Father Christmas (live)”
Saintseneca – “Plastic Baby Jesus”
Mark Kozelek – “Christmas Time Is Here”
Doxcity – “The Merry Doxmas”
Frankie Yankovic – “Christmas Chopsticks and Merry Christmas Polka”
The O’ Jays – “Christmas Ain’t Christmas”
Johnny Paycheck – “Honky Tonk Christmas”
St. Lenox – “Christmas Song”
Woody Whatever – “Milking Christmas”
Guided By Voices – “Father Sgt. Christmas Card”
Joe Anderl – “Christmas Isn’t Safe For Animals”
Devo – “Merry Something To You”
Legends of Wrestling – “Have Yourself a Slammy Little Christmas”
The Heartlanders – “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”

The Western Reserve – Episode 10

Another solid hour plus of Ohio rock and roll, no themes for episode 10, just a lot of good music. Kicks off with Los Nombres from Lorain, Ohio circa 1977 and doesn’t look back. Everything from The Breeders to Messrs to Lung to Counterfeit Madison gets a play this time around. Enjoy. Look for number 11 soon.

Los Nombres – “Full of Love”
The Breeders – “Wait in the Car”
Messrs – “NS”
Lung – “Bottom of the Barrel”
Sun God – “Made to Pay”
Fuck You Pay Me – “Dumbed Down”
Winston Hightower – “What Can I Do”
Natural Sway – “No Name”
SW Hedrick – “For Those Who Know”
Deche – “Haste”
Nightstalker – “Party Song”
Counterfeit Madison – “Frank”
Druid – “Hocus Pocus”

6 Bs and a P: Hoagie – Episode 71

The Browns are just terrible. Terrible. And we had fairly low expectations. Anyway, we put off a show for a while just because we couldn’t even talk about it. We try below. Actually, a more apt description is that we try NOT to talk about the Browns but end up doing it anyway.  We’ll be back with another episode in November, in the mean time I would say to root for the Cleveland baseball team… but…

The Western Reserve – Lorain/Cleveland (1997-2004) – Episode 9

This episode transports back to my youth, and my first experiences with Ohio music being made by friends and people in my immediate community. We start way back in the late 90’s with tales of the Pork Grinder’s Ball in Lorain, and move on to Refugee Records, and the early forms of Aquabear Legion. Lots of great music and hopefully the right amount of old man nostalgia. We kick off this week’s episode with a Jenny Mae song in memory of the late Columbus musician who passed away last week.

Jenny Mae – “Drapes”
Figurehead – “Private Rebel”
McShitz – “Can’t Kick My Ass”
Spineriders – “Thunder Junkie”
1972 – “A Nervous Reaction”
Summer of 98 – “Spring Collection”
The Washout Corporation – “R.L. Stine Book Report / Smartbox as Nanny / Mr. Hughes’ Feet”
Machine Go Boom – “Copycat”
Neo Nothing – “Phoney Kids”
Self Destruct Button – “Best In Show”
Agnes High Quality – “Hoodwink”
The Franchise – “To All Movements Lost”
Dan Majesky & His Majestic Majeskatones – “The Giant One”
Blackark – “Insect Capitol”

The Western Reserve – Episode 8

It always feels like it’s been too long since we posted a new episode of The Western Reserve, so please enjoy Episode 8! Just under an hour of music from all around Ohio, no themes or gimmicks this episode. Music from everyone from Gaunt to the The New Vinton County Frogwhompers Marching, Singing, Srumming, and Plucking Society and Lo-Pan make appearances. Hope ya like it.

Party of Helicopters – “Reduced to Rubble”
The Crooked Spines- “City of Lights”
WV White – “Brain Left Town”
Counterfeit Madison – “Bartlett’s (live from Mug and Brush)”
Six Parts Seven – “Stolen Moments”
DANA – “Bight”
Lo-Pan – “Go West”
Vacation – “Prison Guard”
Vinton County Frogwhompers – “Good Old Mountain Dew”
Rocket From The Tombs – “Never Gonna Kill Myself Again”
The 1984 Draft – “Scarlet and Cream”
Gaunt – “Silly Watches”
Us, Today – “Long Since Forgotten”

The Western Reserve – Numero Ohio – Episode 7

It’s been a little bit since our last episode of The Western Reserve but we think this hour of all Numero Group music from the state of Ohio will be worth the wait! Numero Group is a label (well a few labels) that release compilations, archival releases, and reconstructed albums, including several collections over the years focusing on Ohio labels and scenes from previous years. We focus here mainly on Capsoul (a label from Columbus) and Boddie Recording Company (a label, studio, record pressing plant from Cleveland) with a few other fun things thrown in. Take a trip through Ohio music of the past!

Creations Unlimited – “Chrystal Illusion”
Marion Black – “Who Knows”
Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr – “Your Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer”
The Four Mints – “Row My Boat”
Dean Francis & The Soul Rockers – “Funky Disposition”
Eddie & The Ant Hill Mob – “I’m A Number Runner”
Bo & The Metros – “Buttered Out”
Modern Detergents – “Monkey Hips & Yice”
Elijah & The Ebonites – “Hot Grits!!!”
Chandlers – “Your Love Makes Me Lonely”
Lou Ragland – “I Travel Alone”
Volcanic Eruption – “Red Robin”
Love Apple – “Man on the Side”
King James Version – “He’s Coming”
The Victory Five – “Have You Ever Been to the Pool?”

6 Bs and a P: We Are Either Coming Strong Or We Are Not Coming At All – Episode 69

This podcast features terrible language regularly. Hot off the press for Super Bowl Sunday…It’s the season finale! The Browns finish 1-15, but the 6b1p crew finds a way to maybe, maybe, maybe find a little hope. They discuss the season, look for hope, avoid the topic of football, and took too long to edit so at least a half dozen references will be out of date nonsense. Thanks to Wiebe for editing this one, we will see you for episode 70 right around the draft (a.k.a. Our Super Bowl). Go Browns!

The Western Reserve – Best of 2016 – Episode 6

The Western Reserve looks back on the best releases from the Buckeye State in 2016! Lots of amazing albums from Ohio this year, could not get them all in this hour but you will hear music from Bloody Show, The Village Bicycle, Mikey Machine, Bloodthirsty Virgins, Skeletonwitch, and more. This episode is sponsored by Aquabear Legion Volume 6, support the bear and go get your copy right now by clicking here. Enjoy!

Bloody Show – “Bell Hooks”
The Village Bicycle – “Sprankles”
Leggy – “Backyard”
Brat Curse – “Complete Control”
Mikey Machine – “50 Years”
Sex Tide – “Boarded Up”
Bloodthirsty Virgins – “In the End”
St. Lenox – “You Don’t Call Me Anymore”
EYE – “Searching”
Skeletonwitch – “Well of Despair”
Slackluster – “Let It Show”
Extra Medium Pony – “Doin’ Fine”
Raw Pony – “Country Ripoff”

The Western Reserve – An Ohio Christmas – Episode 5

Happy non-denominational holidays from The Western Reserve! This episode is perfect for that drive to see family on Christmas, just over an hour of all-Ohio holiday music. Everything from Buffalo Killers to Bone Thugs and Harmony. I am joined by my wife Sherri to discuss our own Christmas memories (including several about video games) and play the Buckeye state’s best holiday tunes.

Bone Thugs N Harmony – “Carol of the Bones”
Pretenders – “2000 Miles (It Must Be Christmas Time)”
Moviola –  “Will Santy Come to Shanty Town?”
Swearing at Motorists – “Silver Bells”
Buffalo Killers – “Run Run Rudolph”
Super Desserts – “Children Go”
Robert Pollard – “Frostman (long version)”
The Waitresses – “Christmas Wrapping”
The Isley Brothers – “White Christmas”
Elliott, Walter & Bennett – “12 Days of Cleveland Browns Christmas”
Frankie Yankovic – “MEDLEY: Joy to the World / Deck the Halls / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”
The Ohio Players – “Happy Holidays Pt. 1″
Brainbow – “O’ Holy Night”
The Guitars – “Sleigh Ride”
Andy Gabbard – “Old Toy Trains”
The Black Swans ft. Eve Searls -“Christmas Alone”
Adam Remnant – “Bob Cratchit”
Steve Zarate – “Santa’s Done Left Town (live on Kaliediscope)”

6 Bs and a P: Everyone Hates Collingsworth – Episode 68

Happy Holidays! We told you it would not be as long of a wait for the next episode of 6 Bs and a P, Dave. This is a quick one but packs all the hard hitting laughs and cutthroat analysis you have come to expect from 6 Bs and a P. On Episode 68 we mostly go live to Brian watching the Browns/Bengals game with the one and only Miles Down of Athens, Ohio. They discuss being fans of Ohio football teams, Tim Krumrie, beer, why the Browns might be bad, and how despite rooting for different teams we all hate Cris Collingsworth and his stupid face just the same. Go 49ers!

6 Bs and a P – The Terrible Hole – Episode 67

Sorry it’s been so long. The Browns gave up and so did we for a bit, but we are back now and that is all that matters. The Browns may be 0-12 but the 6b1p crew give you a solid hour of funny non-Browns things and accidental forward thinking analysis. Brian, Ian, and Wiebe missed some important weeks: Trump is gonna be the president next year and Cleveland lost the World Series. They cover such questions as: What is the coldest you have ever been? Are there any good players on this team? Does Jordan Cameron listen to the Wu-Tang Clan? Take a listen and tell your friends… Go Browns!



Water Witches -12:30
Hex Net – 11:30
Blond – 10:30
Summoners – 9:30
Dj Barticus – 8:30

Hellnaw -12:30
Weird Science -11:30
Slackluster -10:30
Dysfunktional Family -9:30
Dune – 8:30
Unmonumental – 7:30

FRIDAY MAY 27TH 8PM ($5 cover)
Watch Them Rot – 12:30
Rogues – 11:30
Bless The Child – 10:30
Under The Combine – 9:30

SATURDAY MAY 28TH 8PM ($5 cover)
The D-Rays – 12:30
The Snails – 11:30
Blam Blams – 10:30
S.W. Hedrick – 9:30

Downstairs doors open at 5PM (Wed.-Sat.)
The Union will be closed Sunday May 29th.

6 Bs and a P: Johnny’s Grounded (Episode #63)

Listen Now: 6 Bs and a P: Johnny’s Grounded (Episode #63)

The Browns lose again, for the sixth time in a row and fall to 2-9 (2-10 after a loss to the Bengals by time this episode gets published) after a heart wrenching last second defeat on a blocked field goal that was ran back for a touchdown. Ugh. Brian, Kris, and Ian discuss the game for a bit, a famous Brown of Browns history, make fun of the Ravens, and try to find some funny things to talk about. Go Panthers!

6 Bs and a P: Videos Can Be a Lot of Things (Episode 62)

6 Bs and a P: Videos Can Be A Lot of Things (Episode 62)

It’s a bye week and somehow the Browns still lose. Manziel goes from starting QB to 3rd stringer for partyin’ (this got released right after this episode that he got demoted), and the 6b1p crew discusses everything from the Steelers loss, Michael Dean Perry, Bernie’s restaurant, Warhammer, and Thanksgiving. The Browns currently have the #1 pick though! So that is something, right? Go Browns!

6 Bs and a P: The Dave Demographic (Season 4, Episode 9)

6 Bs ad a P: The Dave Demographic (Season 4, Episode 9):

Browns… wait for it… lose. This time on Thursday night to the now 8-0 Bengals. Wiebe became a dad this week, congrats to him and Michelle! So as a replacement we have taken in one of key demographics, Dave Obenour. Dave, Kris, Ian, and Brian discuss the QB controversy, what there is to look forward to, put Dave on the hostseat, and even hang out with Don Pardo. And most importantly the 6b1p panel talks about whether the savior of this franchise could indeed be one Bernard Kosar. Go Browns!

6 Bs and a P: A Lot Like Krang (Season 4, Episode 8)

6 Bs and a P: A Lot Like Krang (Season 4, Episode 8):

Browns… LOSE. To the Cardinals last Sunday (hey, we are trying to catch up and this week was on Thursday, give us a break!) in one of the worst second half performances of the year, or maybe ever. They were winning for a bit but then that stopped. A quick discussion follows with Brian, Kris, and Ian while Wiebe awaits a child in Chicago. The group talks about Farmer’s press conference, Johnny Football, museum exhibits, misspoken Outkast lyrics, and what things might actually make watching the rest of the year bearable. Look for the Bengals/Thursday night game episode sometime next week, and hey at least we aren’t Lions fans right?

6 Bs and a P: Closest Geographic Team (Season 4, Episode 7)

Listen: 6 Bs and a P: Closest Geographic Team (Season 4, Episode 7)

Browns lose. Again. This one is a little late (this episode is the Rams game) but they lost this past Sunday too, so either way it works. Randy joins the crew to talk about all sorts of things including college football, why the Bengals are better at Ohio football, Johnny football, Wiebe running into R. Kelly, why they like the Rams even though they just beat the Browns, and a whole lot more. Take a listen, despite the terrible football being played by the Browns this episode is pretty funny.

6 Bs and a P: Brownbaggin’ Roast Beef (Season 4, Episode 6)

6 Bs and a P: Barnidge at the Movies (Season 4, Episode 6)

The Browns lose a heartbreaker to the undefeated Denver Broncos in OT 26-23, looking a lot more like the Browns than last week but still a hard one nonetheless. Brian, Kris, and Wiebe discuss how Wiebe might become a father live on-air, Josh McCown, Gary Barnidge’s movie reviews, luck, Joe Jurevicius’ new career, and Joe “Turkey” Jones. There’s no Ian, though, Wiebe is here even though at any moment his wife would go into labor and bring a new being into the world that would be their child, but Ian couldn’t make it. Can Bernie Kosar save Johnny Football’s soul?


6 Bs and a P: The Meat of the Ham (Season 4, Episode 5)


Listen to 6 Bs and a P: The Meat of the Ham (Season 4, Episode 5)

Sorry this one is a little late, in LAST week’s episode we celebrated a Browns win (spoiler alert: they ended up losing THIS past Sunday) with special guest Luke Edwards and covered topics ranging from why the Ravens are terrible, why the Browns are terrible, our hatred for our random teams, the Wu-Tang Clan, working on getting Ian to talk street, Luke comments on local news sites and more. But most importantly the Browns won and the Ravens lost. #konyhelpianmove2012

Aquabear County Fair 2015 is October 22-25 in Athens, Ohio

Our own little County Fair is really starting to grow up (sniff), this year marks it’s 9th birthday and we are celebrating October 22-25 in beautiful, scenic Athens, Ohio! Over 18 acts are playing over 4 days with 2 bar shows, 2 house shows, and a experimental music show at a record store. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22 at 8:00pm is the County Fair Kickoff at The Bat Lounge w/ Bad Luck (washington), Marina Peterson (athens), and Girl Colors (athens), please bring donations for the bands. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23 at 10:00pm is at Jackie O’s Public House with We March (athens), Kyle Sowashes (columbus), Palestras (cleveland), and Slackluster (athens) with a $5 cover. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24 at 6:00pm is the Nobrow Sound Series at Haffa’s Records with Pete Fosco (cincinnati), Tim Feeney (alabama), Weedghost (fairborn/athens), Nobrow.collective (athens), and bring a $7 donation for the bands. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24 at 10:30pm is a FREE show at Casa Cantina with Blam Blams (athens), The Bygones (columbus), Supernobody (athens), and Water Witches (athens). And we finish up on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25 at 4:00pm with a show at The Hen House with Dead Hand of Man (athens), Unmonumental (athens), Sardukar (athens), and Dead Winds of Summer (athens), bring some donations for the bands for that one. We’re gonna try to grill up some food too! There will be copies of the 2LP Aquabear Legion Volume 5 record for sale (only $20!) along with amazing limited edition Aquabear Legion screenprints from Charlie Touvell, and new t-shirts and sweatshirts too! See you all at the Fair.

Thursday, October 22nd at 8:00pm
Kickoff at The Bat Lounge – Donations
(e-mail for info)
Bad Luck (last), Marina Peterson (second), Girl Colors (first)

Friday, October 23rd at 10:00pm
Jackie O’s Public House (W. Union Street) – $5

10:00pm:   Slackluster
11:00pm:   Palestras
12:00am:   The Kyle Sowashes
1:00am:     We March

Saturday, October 24th at 10:30pm
Casa Cantina – FREE!

10:30pm:   Water Witches
11:15pm:   Supernobody
12:00am:   The Bygones
1:00am:     Blam Blams

Saturday, October 24th at 6:00pm
Haffa’s Records (15 W. Union Street) – $7 suggested donation

Tim Feeney, Pete Fosco, Weedghost, Nobrow.collective

Sunday, October 25th at 4:00pm
Aquabear-B-Q at The Hen House – Donations
(e-mail for info)

4:00pm:    Sardukar
5:00pm:    Dead Winds of Summer
5:15pm:    Unmonumental
6:00pm:    Dead Hand of Man

6 Bs and a P: Waiting For Austin Davis (Season 4, Episode 4)

Listen to 6 Bs and a P: Waiting For Austin Davis (Season 4, Episode 4)

The Browns lose… again. In an even more Brownsian way. The 6b1p crew discusses the bright spots, the terribly depressing spots, and all the mediocre spots inbetween. Is there any hope? Probably not with the combination of an underachieving defense and an offense that shouldn’t be playing this good but is still losing. The guys give their outlooks on topics for the rest of the season, look at some funny tweets, and you will even learn about an “Interesting Brown in Browns History” in our new segment. Go Browns?

6 Bs and a P: Paging Dr. Football (Season 4, Episode 2)

6 Bs and a P: Paging Dr. Football (Season 4, Episode 2)

Browns… lose. That’s 11 opening games in a row, 1-16 since their return in 1999. So, while not a surprise it still very much sucks. Was this the end of the Josh mcCown era in Cleveland? Will Jonathan Livingston Football continue to start the whole season? Will the Browns actually keep any draft picks beyond a year? Plus we put Ian on the hotseat (it’s his birthday), talk about Justin Gilbert throwing dip, and give updates on our other teams. Go Browns? Next week we are taking a bye week! See you after week 4.

6 Bs and a P: A Terrible Carousel, a Pre-Season Spectacular (Season 4, Episode 1)

LISTEN: 6 Bs and a P: A Terrible Carousel (Season 4, Episode 1)

It’s football time! Which means it is time for 6 Bs and a P here on Aquabear Legion. The crew does there best to remain positive in the face of continual terrible developments from the Cleveland Brows, but each one will admit their lack of excitement at some point in this hour on the terrible carousel. Ian has gone goth, Wiebe compares the 2015 Browns to the watching the movie Jurassic World, and Kris discusses the root of all problems possibly being a curse. Would Julio Jones turn into dust if he played for the Browns after shaking Pat Shurmur’s hand? Is Josh McCown a modern day Scott Bakula? Is Pete Carroll a 9/11 truther? And the 6b1p hosts all pick random secondary teams to root for so that there are other things to talk about besides the Browns. Go Browns!

Athens Community Music Festival is This Saturday!

This Saturday, August 15th is the 17th Athens Community Music Festival with 30 sets on 6 stages all around Athens, Ohio including Casa Cantina and both sides of Jackie O’s starting at 8pm, Donkey beginning at 7pm, and various ARTS/West 10th anniversary celebration events happening starting at 11am. Lots of great Athens music everywhere including J.D. Hutchison, The D-Rays, Weird Science, Hex Net, Supernobody, Blond, Water Witches, The Summoners, The Teardrops, The Bronzies, and more. $5 a venue or $8 for a pass for everything, the ARTS/West events are FREE, and all proceeds benefit The Gathering Place, ARTS/West, Athens Rock Camp for Girls and The Bryan Winland Memorial Arts & Music Scholarship.


8pm- Teardrops
9pm – Supernobody
10pm – Weird Science
11pm – Hex Net
12am – Unmonumental
1am – Water Witches

JACKIE Os (Public House)
8pm- Laura Nadeau
9pm- JD Hutchison
10pm- Summoners
11pm- Whole Hearted Halfwits
12am- Dad Arm
1am- Dysfunktional Family

JACKIE Os (Brewery side)
8pm- Touchy Feelys
9pm- Dox City
10pm- Bright At Night
11pm- Blond
12am- The Bronzies
1am- The D-Rays

(sets from 7pm-9pm)
Jason Weimer
Emily Jones
Alexa Gornall
Tony Xenos

ARTS/West (these events are FREE – no cover!)
Performance Space (upstairs):

11 am – 12 pm: Open House with refreshments

12 – 1 pm: Hot Dog eating contest sponsored by O’Betty’s

1 – 2 pm: OVST Summer Theater Camp performance

2 – 3 pm: Yang Miller’s Kids’ Digital films & Ellie Olin’s Belly Dancers

3 – 4 pm: SATB Choir performance

4 – 5 pm: Laura Nadeau

5 – 6 pm: Local teen band

6 – 7 pm: Brick Monkey Theater Ensemble

7 – 8 pm: Music with Charlie & Celia Lewis

8 – 9 pm: Music with the OU Jazz Ensemble

9 – 10 pm: Community Music Fest presents The Gatherers


10:30 am – 12:30 pm: Open House with refreshments

12:30 – 1:30 pm: Cheryl Cesta offers a demonstration of Dakini Yoga

1:30 – 2:30 pm: Laura Nadeau presents family music

2:30 – 3:30 pm: Local band (name TBA)

3:30 – 4:30 pm: Belly Dance demonstration

4:30 – 5:30 pm: Music with Brian & Janice Evans

5:30 – 6:30 pm: TBA

6:30 – 7:30 pm: TBA

All Day: Refreshments; Archives in Room 8; Kid’s Activities in Room 6/7; Patty Mitchell and her balloon hats

ARTS/West 10th Anniversary All Weekend: Films by Brian Wiebe + Noise Show on Sunday

As if the 17th annual Athens Community Music Festival wasn’t enough, ARTS/West on the beautiful Westside of Athens, Ohio is celebrating 10 years this weekend with a whole slew of free events for the community on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Aquabear is helping with the festivities on Sunday, August 16th from 4pm-7pm with a special screening of some films by longtime Legionnaire Brian Wiebe (Brian’s doing an Indiegogo campaign for his upcoming feature A Good Person, which you should give your money too, more info below) including a few videos made for fellow Athens ex-pat and current Austinite Adam Torres, a few short films, and a trailer and teaser for his upcoming feature A Good Person. After the films are done it’s time for a Noise Show “reunion” of sorts with a whole bunch of experimental and improv music from the folks who did that same thing for years at ARTS/West beginning in 2005. Music from Kid Panda Hands (rare reunion set), Dinner of Swords, Scott Hedrick, Aaron Michael Butler, Weedghost, and more plus poetry from Wendy McVicker and some dance too? And it’s a potluck, so bring some food to share, especially popsicles for Andrew.

Filmmaker Brian Wiebe and Aquabear go way back, like literally all the way back. Currently based out of Chicago, Wiebe was a resident of Athens and Yellow Springs for years, and the ‘Bear is excited to screen some of his amazing work. Right now, Brian is raising money on Indiegogo to help him submit his upcoming feature A Good Person to film festivals all around the world and help get this thing out there. You can get all sorts of great stuff for supporting the campaign including posters, DVD’s, and more and for ONLY $3 you can watch the film right on your device of choosing when it comes out.

Here’s a video for “Dusty Wing Spirit” by Adam Torres from Brian Wiebe:


STBEYtoo is back for a final time this year with day four of the 2015 Nelsonville Music Festival. Sunday always has a bit of a different vibe than the rest of the festival. Most everyone there is very tired, surprisingly positive, yet a bit melancholy about the festival coming to an end. It’s a bittersweet realization that with Monday comes a return to the so-called real world. Nevertheless, this year features a festival first in a Q&A session with the festival’s organizers. There’s also some great tunes by Tim Easton, My Bubba, Hurray for the Riff Raff, a bunch of Adam Torres, and more. The weather got a little windy, so beware of pops and crackles. What follows is a list of performers and how many minutes into the podcast you’ll find recordings from their sets. Consume the podcast in its entirety or skip ahead to your personal favorite. See you next year for festies with your besties!

Listen NMF15 : Sunday

Q&A with the Stuart’s Gang (1:10)
Tim Easton (57:53)
Adam Torres (1:01:49)
My Bubba (1:10:29)
Good English (1:11:18)
Adam Torres (1:18:10)
Hurray for the Riff Raff (1:36:47)
Noel Lee Haggard (1:40:17)


STBEYtoo is back again with day three of the 2015 Nelsonville Music Festival. Saturday was a great day featuring quite a bit of sonic variety. From the musical Padawans of Stuart’s after school bands to the legendary Bassholes to the wildly popular St. Vincent, this one has every musical taste covered. Wait. That’s a lie. Most musical tastes. Whatever. What follows is a list of performers and how many minutes into the podcast you’ll find recordings from their sets. Consume the podcast in its entirety or skip ahead to your personal favorite. Enjoy, and check back soon for the final installment of Sometimes the Bear Eats You too’s coverage of NMF 2015. It’s only available right here on your one source for force!

Listen : NMF15 : Saturday

Dreaming of Soap (1:12)
Aaron’s Little Mixer (5:31)
The D-Rays (15:56)
Adam Torres (21:28)
My Bubba (27:15)
Sarah Neufeld (32:58)
Mike Elliott (39:01)
Todd Burge (41:25)
Soddy Daisy (43:27)
San Fermin (48:26)
Bummers (51:50)
Michael Hurley (54:12)
Bassholes (1:00:25)
The Budos Band (1:05:54)
Natural Child (1:14:59)
Scott Hedrick (1:20:38)
Oblivians (1:26:55)
St. Vincent (1:29:08)
Moon Hooch (1:41:44)


STBEYtoo is back with day two of the 2015 Nelsonville Music Festival. This one is jam packed with righteous tunes from beginning to end. So settle in, listen close, and enjoy both familiar favorites and some of the best bands you’ve never heard of. I believe it was Todd Jacops who suggested NMF’s motto should be, “Where you’ll find your next favorite band.” This collection of recordings truly proves the accuracy of that statement. From innovative high school students to grizzled music veterans, you’re guaranteed to find something that tickles your ear balls. What follows is a list of performers and how many minutes into the podcast you’ll find recordings from their sets. Consume the podcast in its entirety or skip ahead to your personal favorite. Listen early, and listen often.

NMF2015: Friday

Radio Falls (4:51)
The Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists (8:25)
Chris Monday (28:35)
The Summoners (32:38)
Samantha Crain (46:01)
Bram Riddlebarger (50:30)
Michael Hurley (52:50)
Mandolin Orange (58:54)
Nathan and Brendan Moore (1:03:03)
Clarke and the Himselfs (1:08:53)
Ben Sollee (1:15:16)
Weird Science (1:20:57)
Good English (1:26:50)
Ryan Jewell and Riley Walker (1:30:41)
Connections (1:56:23)
Built to Spill (1:59:20)
Riley Walker (2:10:35)
The Flaming Lips (2:24:56)
Wooden Indian Burial Ground (2:32:10)

6 Bs and a P: 2015 Draft Super Edition

It's Draft Day! Well... it was a couple months back.
It’s Draft Day! Well… it was a couple months back.

6 Bs and a P: 2015 Draft Super Edition

It’s been almost two months since the 2015 NFL Draft, so that seems like the perfect time for Aquabear’s own Browns podcast to give its beloved brand of analysis. The 6b1p crew assembled to record this about a month ago, about a month after the draft and by this point most of us had seen the Kevin Costner classic Draft Day. The boys break down the Browns draft and even try to guess the majors of the newest Cleveland Browns, and of course there is some talk of the upcoming 2015 season too. Oh, and we can’t forget those new uniforms, we had to talk about that. Go Browns!

STBEY TOO : Nelsonville Music Festival 2015 : Thursday

Has it been a whole year since the last Sometimes the Bear Eats You too? Yes, it has. Has the Earth completed a single orbit around the Sun since the last Nelsonville Music Festival. Again, yes. That must mean that it’s time for Aquabear Legion presents Sometimes the Bear Eats You too’s coverage of the 2015 Nelsonville Music Festival! Yay! In this first installment, you’ll hear some of the great artist that kicked off the festival on Thursday night. What follows is a list of performers and how many minutes into the podcast you’ll find recordings from their sets. Consume the podcast in its entirety or skip ahead to your personal favorite. Enjoy, and keep Ohio weird!

NMF15: Thursday

Cory Branan (3:33)
Megan Wormz Bihn (6:22)
Dead Hand of Man (9:38)
Elephant Revival (15:57)
Speaking Suns (19:27)
Weedghost (23:21)
Trampled by Turtles (49:15)
Ezra Furman (53:30)

Ohio Bands at the 2015 Nelsonville Music Festival

Nelsonville Music Festival
NMF 2014 – photo by Scotty Hall


A bunch of Ohio bands are playing this weekend at the Nelsonville Music Festival (May 28th-31st). A few of them will also appear on this year’s Aquabear Legion Volume 5 Double LP. Don’t miss this amazing festival and all the great bands involved. Now in its 11th year.

Here’s a list of Ohio bands performing at the NMF15

* Connections – Columbus (Featured on ABL Vol. 5)
Good English – Dayton
Bummers – Columbus
* The D-Rays – Athens (Featured on ABL Vol. 5)
* Speaking Suns – Yellow Springs (Featured on ABL Vol. 5)
* Weird Science – Athens (Featured on ABL Vol. 5)
* Dead Hand Of Man – Athens (Featured on ABL Vol. 5)
The Summoners – Athens
The Wild Honeybees – Athens
Chris Biester – Athens
Ryan Jewell – Columbus
Scott Hedrick – Athens
Ben Stalets – Toledo
Mike Elliott – Athens
The Teardrops – Athens
Bram Riddlebarger – Athens
Chris Monday – Athens
Nathan & Brendan Moore – Athens
Megan Wormz Bihn – Athens
* Weedghost – Athens/Fairborn (Featured on ABL Vol. 5)
Stuart’s Afterschool Bands – Athens County
Heatwave Dance Party – Columbus
Dj Barticus – Athens
John E. Clift – Columbus


Bassholes – Asheville, NC
Adam Torres – Austin, TX
Michael Hurley – Portland, OR

Aquabear presents Andrew Bryant, The Gunshy, + Mike Elliott at Donkey This Friday!

Andrew Bryant (of Water Liars) plays Friday night at Donkey with The Gunshy and Mike ElliottAquabear is putting on a great show this Friday, April 17th at Donkey Coffee at 17 W. Washington St. in Athens, Ohio! Oxford, Mississippi’s Andrew Bryant (of the amazing Water Liars) comes to town to play songs from his brand new album This is the Life and is joined by Chicago’s The Gunshy and Athens, Ohio’s own Mike Elliott. Show starts at 8:00pm and tickets are $5 in advance at Haffa’s Records in Uptown Athens or $6 at the door.

Bryant describes his own background this way, “I was born 34 years ago in Oxford, Mississippi, to a sawmill father and a church piano playing mother. One taught me how to work and the other how to sing, and I try to do both as much as possible. Maybe the work isn’t as backbreaking as it was for me when I was younger and maybe the songs have changed, but I learned a lot in those day about what it takes to keep going, to not give up. I learned how to sing when my soul was down. Now I find that I just can’t quit.” He has been making music his whole life but has released 6 solo albums (including this year’s beautiful record This is the Life which you can buy right here) and made a few more with his band Water Liars.

Whether alone or with a piecemeal band, Matt Arbogast has spent a good part of the last ten years on the road. His most recent effort Silent Songs is largely a reflection of his decision a few years ago to take a break from touring and, ultimately, to return. Silent Songs is The Gunshy’s first full-length record since 2007’s There’s No Love In This War. That record, based on letters Arbogast’s grandfather wrote to his grandmother during World War II, earned attention from quite a few folks. From Magnet and The Onion to a 45 minute interview on NPR’s The Story, the album was well received and seemed to stick with its listeners. Enough so that NPR did a follow up interview with Arbogast the following Memorial Day. Arbogast and company have shared stages with Elliott Smith, Andrew WK, Mountain Goats, Magnolia Electric Co., William Elliott Whitmore, Deer Tick, Lucero, Murder By Death, Langhorne Slim, Frank Turner, and many others.

Mike Elliott is one of Brian’s favorite songwriters in the world and a longtime supporter and lifetime Aquabear Legion member. Mike hails from Athens and plays out and puts out records with his band Supernobody that join an extensive catalog of solo albums. If you haven’t seen Mike play, you should. And if you have, then I hope to see you there anyway.


6 Bs and a P: Season 3 Wrap Up Spectacular

At least the Browns can't lose in the offseason! Oh wait...
At least the Browns can’t lose in the offseason! Oh wait…

6 Bs and a P: Getaway Stew: A Season 3 Finale Spectacular:

So we recording this awhile ago and you will figure that out based on multiple incorrect and out of date references. Nevertheless, the 6b1p crew returns in it’s full co-host form, like a Voltron that just gets drunk and complains instead of actually doing something. We cover the season, off season, hope, despair, and make an attempt at logical reasoning all while hosting some year end awards and several funny segments. Look for a draft special in the coming months and we will be back for Season 4 (if Aquabear renews our deal) in August. Until then you can find all of us in Dwayne Bowe jerseys talking about how we think Josh McCown has enough in the tank still in the right system. Go Browns!

Shilpa Ray at Smiling Skull This Saturday: An Aquabear Interview

Shilpa Ray
Shilpa Ray plays The Smiling Skull this Saturday, March 21 with Blam Blams and Dana

Our good friends over at Blackout our presenting a great show this Saturday, March 21st when Shilpa Ray comes to her “second home” of Athens, Ohio for a night of rock and roll. (attend on the facebook here) Shilpa is no stranger to Athens have played here many times over the years in various incarnations and she is heading back from a SXSW tour in promotion of a new EP (stream it here) and an upcoming full length, both put out by the fine folks at Northern Spy Records. In addition to singing backup vocals for Nick Cave and putting on some great records (including one on Cave’s own label) she has made time for new material including an EP of Lou Reed and Dinah Washington covers. We had a chance to talk with Shilpa while she was out on the road and thought we would share. Go this show.

Tickets are on sale in advance by clicking here! Blam Blams (athens) and Dana (columbus) will open the show.

AQUABEAR: You’ve been a staple in Athens music scene since the days of Beat the Devil and now for years as a solo artist and with the Happy Hookers, what makes Athens special for you?

SHILPA RAY: I’ve always loved the music scene there. It heavy on Rock n Roll and you down get that in Brooklyn much. I’ve also been adopted by various people in Athens so it really is like my second home.

AB: What’s your favorite Athens show memory? Or Ohio memory overall?
SR: There’s a few. Some are painful so I’ll stick the fun shallow ones instead. Let’s see… When Dirty Johnny of the Makebelieves dressed up as Curious George for Halloween and started rolling around stage with someone dressed as Snow White. That was visually stunning. Getting trapped in a snow storm. When our van broke down and we played as a CCR cover band to pay for the repairs. The after parties. ALWAYS the after parties

AB: Favorite Ohio band from over the years?
SR: The Makebelieves, Dropdead Sons, We March

AB:Tell us about the new LP, Last Year’s Savage.
SR: I wrote and recorded it through years of severe depression. It’s pretty raw and heavy.

AB: With the Make Up EP, what made you decide to release a cover EP? How did you select the songs?
SR: This is my story and I’m sticking to it: Make Up – I had an epiphany about this song when I was in Palermo around Christmas time after the Bad Seeds tour. Lou had died late October. I found out 10 minutes before I had to play solo before a sold out crowd at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. Needless to say his passing had a massive effect on me. He was my childhood hero. Europe was hard to grasp for me in a lot of ways. The culture, language barriers,the overload of dairy and ghettos of freshly placed refugees from countries, some I had never heard of before. I was exhausted and getting drunk outside a bar where you can get Marsala for a Euro, basically all I could afford. There were tons of kids dancing in the streets getting high and happy, when this stray yellow lab comes up to me and starts swaying back and forth. The song Make Up came on and I started swaying with the dog. It was one of those rare moments I felt alright.

What A Difference A Day Makes – We had decided to go to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame during a tour stop in Cleveland. I was pretty cynical about the whole thing and tour hadn’t been smooth. I had to send a dude home for being a brat in Kansas City among other places and was feeling pretty exposed as the bad guy. It was a stressful situation and trying to justify my actions in the passive aggressive world of music where no one’s making any money felt daunting. I separated myself from the group, the costumes, the Katy Perry and the Beyonce and hung out in the listening booth for hours. Dinah Washington came on and put every wannabe singer, myself included, to shame. What a voice! She draws her breath so long and never loses the listener. I had to challenge myself with this one. I hope I can sing like her someday.

AB: You are out on tour right now, are you debuting new material? If so what is it like to play those songs in front of audience after working on the album?
SR: Yes! It’s kind of freaky cause it’s never as tight as the rest of the set. It can be a mind fuck at times, to sing, play, remember and get judged all at the same time.

AB: What are you listening to right now?
SR: This very second? Chris Bell – I Am The Cosmos (editors note: hell yeah)

Make Up is available via Northern Spy Records!

Tour Dates:
3/17-3/19 Austin, TX —SXSW
3/20 Hot Springs, AK — VOV Festival
3/21 Athens, OH — Smiling Skull Saloon

We Did It! Aquabear Legion Volume 5 Double LP Coming Summer 2015!

A sneak peak (about half way done) of Charlie Touvell's artwork for the inside of the upcoming Aquabear Volume 5 double LP!
A sneak peak (about half way done) of Charlie Touvell’s artwork for the inside of the upcoming Aquabear Volume 5 double LP!

Wow. The Aquabear Legion would like to thank all of you who supported our recent project, a massive 24 band/song double LP release of all Ohio bands. With a pre-order and donation page through Indiegogo we raised 110% of our goal (and still have 5 days to go), an amazing $5,491 from 135 contributors. We still have a few days left to raise some more money and for you to pre-order your copy, plus there are awesome extras like colored vinyl, hoodies, and unbelievable limited edition prints from Charlie Touvell of the Aquabear fighting a sea creature (see the halfway done version above). Here’s the link, get your copy.

The songs are being mastered with Bernie Nau at Peachfork Studios down in Meigs County and artwork and layout is being finalized in the next week or so, we are hoping to scheduling a pressing and have everything ready to go to be sent out by the end of the month if not sooner! The plan now is to have this album out and ready to go in June 2015, we of course will keep everyone up to date as the schedule progresses.

Aquabear Legion Volume 5 will include music from 24 Ohio bands on 2 LPs:
The 1984 Draft, Black Owls, Connections, Dead Hand of Man, Dead Winds of Summer, The D-Rays, The Guitars, Herzog, Hookers Made Out of Cocaine, Hyrrokkin, Joseph Airport, Kid Tested, The Kyle Sowashes, The Motel Beds, Murderedman, Nick Tolford & Company, She Bears, Speaking Suns, Sport Fishing USA, Supernobody, Unmonumental, Weedghost, Weird Science, and WV White.

Putting this record out means an awful lot to Aquabear and we could not be more excited to share it with you all. Help us spread the work and share this link, just 5 days to go!

Aquabear 2LP Track List, Support and Pre-Order Now

ABLV-Cover-Back-webTo celebrate our 10th birthday the Aquabear decided to release a double LP featuring 24 Ohio bands and set up an Indiegogo page to collect pre-orders and support to help make it happen. The Aquabear is thrilled to be at 56% of our goal with 34 days remaining and a total of $2801 of $5000 raised! Thanks to all who have supported this project, so far 68 of you have directly contributed to making this thing happen. You are awesome.We need to keep spreading the word to reach our goal, there is still a lot more to go. If you can share this link, and tell anyone you think might like two records of Ohio music we would be thankful. Look for some sketches from Charlie of the liner note art (that will become the awesome limited edition prints that start at the $75 level w/ a record) coming soon.

Below is the track order for the compilation, it’s subject to change of course but it is a really good sequence so it probably won’t. Share the link and support an awesome project.


Joseph Airport  “If I Had An Airplane (I’d Be There)”*
Herzog  “Oh No”
Sport Fishing USA  “Feeling So Strange”*
Connections  “Everybody High”*
Supernobody  “Quicker Than the Eye”*
Weedghost  “Excerpt from I”

WV White  “Multiple Bathrooms”
Motel Beds  “Stay Out of Riverdale”*
Unmonumental  “Sword”*
The D-Rays  “High Tide”*
The Guitars  “She’s Got Your Heart”
Nick Tolford & Company  “Cancel Your Plans”

Weird Science  “Gimmie Some Time”*
Kid Tested  “#1 Hit”
Hyrrokkin  “Astrionics”
Murderedman  “Love Under Ground”*
The Kyle Sowashes  “A Faster Asshole”*
Dead Winds of Summer  “He’s Gone Man”*

Dead Hand of Man  “Dark Invader”*
Hookers Made Out of Cocaine  “Milky Way”*
Speaking Suns  “Sleeper”
She Bears  “Beach Fires”
Black Owls  “Whorehouse Joke”*
The 1984 Draft  “Scarlet & Cream”

*currently unreleased and exclusive to the comp

Are You in the Aquabear 125? Support & Pre-Order a Double LP of 24 Ohio Bands

Aquabear 2015 will feature 24 Ohio bands on 2 LPs, donate now and spread the word! (cover art painting by Emily Beveridge)
Aquabear 2015 will feature 24 Ohio bands on 2 LPs, donate now and spread the word! (cover art painting by Emily Beveridge)

To celebrate our 10th birthday Aquabear Legion wanted to release a double LP vinyl compilation of 24 Ohio bands, but we need your support. To fund the release of this compilation Aquabear has set up an Indiegogo page where you can pre-order your copy of the double LP release along with a lot of awesome extras. In less than 2 weeks we have raised 25% of our goal from 32 contributors, but there is still a long way to go. We think we need around 125 people to support this release and reach our goal, are you one of the Aquabear 125? You can directly support the release of this compilation buy pre-ordering your copy and donating now. In addition to the record you can get lots of great extras including limited edition prints by Charlie Touvell (based on the art for the liner notes), colored vinyl, hoodies, t-shirts, and even a new perk: a show from Dayton’s The 1984 Draft (at the appropriate level of $84). We must reach our $5,000 goal by February 13th and currently have $1,235 raised.

We are looking for everyone out there who loves Ohio music, records, and independent rock and roll. Please share this link and help us spread the word, give whatever you can, and tell friends, family, and music lovers in your life.

Aquabear 2015 will include music from 24 Ohio bands on 2 LPs:
The 1984 Draft, Black Owls, Connections, Dead Hand of Man, Dead Winds of Summer, The D-Rays, The Guitars, Herzog, Hookers Made Out of Cocaine, Hyrrokkin, Joseph Airport, Kid Tested, The Kyle Sowashes, The Motel Beds, Murderedman, Nick Tolford & Company, She Bears, Speaking Suns, Sport Fishing USA, Supernobody, Unmonumental, Weedghost, Weird Science, and WV White.

The Aquabear Legion would like to thank our 32 contributors so far for this project, you guys are the best:
Brian Wiebe, David Massimini, Leslie Jankowski, Dave Frush, Sherri Oliver, Carl Raponi, Bill L’Heureux, Chris Pyle, Scott Summerfield, J.R. Fisher, David Butler, Ben Penry, Matthew Cutter, Heath Seifert, Dan Majesky, Arielle Banaszak, Dustin Cell, Eli Alban, Sean Redefer, Mike White, Jessy Lancaster, Michael Bart, Anonymous, Randy Demidovich, Darren Fox, Suzanne Sloo, Blue Eagle Music, Bobby Rosenstock, Jadey Gilmore, Bryan Gibson, Ken & Pam Koscho, and Luke Edwards

6 Bs and a P: The Butt Runs, Not the Football Runs (Season 3, Episode 15)

That;s about right.
That’s about right.

6 Bs and a P: The Butt Runs, Not the Football Runs (Season 3, Episode 15)

Man, the Browns are not very good. From 6-3 to now 7-8 with a loss to the Panthers (who are also not very good), the playoffs seem but a distant fever dream. The 6b1p crew (Brian, Kris, and Sherri) do a quick holiday show where the discussion covers the game, the season, cakes, tweets, being different, and the Solstice. Happy birthday Kris Poland and Dr. James Be! One more this season, with a chance to go to 8-8 and knock the Ravens out of the playoffs, GO BROWNS!

6 Bs and a P: Dollarsigns Moneysacks (Season 3, Episode 14)

John Footballs
John Footballs

6 Bs and a P: Dollarsigns Moneysacks (Season 3, Episode 14)

Well that was terrible. The Browns lose to the Bengals 30-0 in one of the worst games ever. Johnny Football played an awful game. Brian, Kris, and Dave discuss the game, the season, the future, and everybody Hotseats. Don Pardo even shows up. Go Browns?

Aquabear Will Release Double LP Compilation in 2015, Pre-order on Indiegogo Now

The Aquabear (painted here by Athens artist Emily Beveridge) will release a double LP, 24 song vinyl comp in Spring 2015.
The Aquabear (painted here by Athens artist Emily Beveridge) will release a double LP, 24 song vinyl comp in Spring 2015.

Since 2004, Aquabear has worked with over 200 bands and dozens of visual artists and filmmakers. And in that time produced 10 releases including compilations of Ohio music both physical and for free on But we REALLY want to put out some vinyl. And since we just celebrated our 10th birthday it seemed like a double LP is the way to go. 24 songs from 24 of Ohio’s best bands on 2 LPs. Printed, pressed, designed, and played in Ohio. You can support this project and pre-order your copy at our Indiegogo page here. Please help us spread the word folks!

To help raise money and make some more things in the process we are partnering we a couple local artists for some really cool special items. Charlie Touvell will be making some limited edition prints based on his artwork for the record’s liner notes and even some custom drawings too. We will be making some brand new hoodies and of course have t-shirts, colored vinyl, and countless random Aquabear items we might send along. We sincerely appreciate your support of this project.

Aquabear 2015 will include music from 24 Ohio bands on 2 LPs:
The 1984 Draft, Black Owls, Connections, Dead Hand of Man, Dead Winds of Summer, The D-Rays, The Guitars, Herzog, Hookers Made Out of Cocaine, Hyrrokkin, Joseph Airport, Kid Tested, The Kyle Sowashes, The Motel Beds, Murderedman, Nick Tolford & Company, She Bears, Speaking Suns, Sport Fishing USA, Supernobody, Unmonumental, Weedghost, Weird Science, and WV White.

We have always wanted to make a record, and these are some really amazing songs to do it with. The plan is that if this works we will keep doing it with more and more bands in the future. Here’s a video!

6 Bs and a P: Pills vs. Stats (Season 3, Episode 13)

Sorry Stampers.
Sorry Stampers.

6 Bs and a P: Stats vs. Pills (Season 3, Episode 13)

Welp, that seems to be it for Brian Hoyer. The Browns lose a close one to the Colts at home despite an incredible effort from the defense and Hoyer played yet another terrible game. It’s time for Johnny Football. 3 games left for the 7-6 Browns, who now need to win out and receive a lot of help to make the playoffs after being so close a few weeks back. The 6b1p crew discusses a game only 1 out of the 3 of them watched and get joined by the WolfeMann. Go Browns!

6 Bs and a P: Defensive Something (Season 3, Episode 12)

6 Bs and a P: Defensive Something (Season 3, Episode 12)

Well, there goes the hope. …Or does it? The Cleveland Browns play a terrible game and lose to the Buffalo Bills to fall to 7-5 and a three-way tie for last with Pittsburgh and Baltimore in the AFC North, all one and a half games behind the Bengals. And to top it all off Johnny Football makes his first appearance after Hoyer throws two interceptions. Football dives in for a meaningless touchdown on an exciting play and also gets run over by a large man and almost gives up a TD. The 6b1p crew talks about it all: Hoyer, Manziel, what a Buffalo Bill really is, Pie Town, and a whole lot more. Special guest: Snider. Go Browns!

6 Bs and a P: Ol’ Softleg Wins the Game (Season 3, Episode 11)


6 Bs and a P (Season 3, Episode 11)

The Browns win a game at the last second that (let’s be honest) they probably should not have won and was a pretty ugly victory. But with the playoffs in view and a historically tough division you need every win you can get. So, we will take this one no one at 6b1p is very picky. The crew talks about the Falcons game, what went wrong and what went right and then again about what went wrong. Pie Corner makes a triumphant return and deep secrets are revealed and this seemed like a great time for another Darker Linings Playbook too. Happy Thanksgiving to all and go Browns! Handfuls of pudding for everyone.

6 Bs and a P: Peapody (Season 3, Episode 10)

Damn right, shirt.
Damn right, shirt.

6 Bs and a P: Peapody (Season 3, Episode 10)

The Browns… lose. Bad. So long first place, it was sweet while it lasted but even we have to admit it felt a little weird and ominous. Like when the cheerleader starts dating a nerd in a high school movie and you kind of know it’s because of a bet some popular kids made. And on top of that, one of the most important places in the world, The Union in Athens, Ohio was severely damaged in a terrible fire on West Union Street early Sunday morning. The 6b1pers do what they do best even in the face of a devastating day: they talk about, try to be funny, record it and hope you give it a listen. GO BROWNS. THE UNION FOREVER.

A Sad Day in Athens, Ohio

photo from The Union's Facebook page
photo from The Union’s Facebook page

Today was a sad day in Athens, Ohio. In the early morning hours of Sunday, November 16th a fire broke out somewhere on West Union Street between Court Street and Congress. Extensive fire, smoke, and water has damaged buildings including The Union Bar and Grill, Jackie O’s Public House, Jack Neal Florists, Kismet, Campus Sundry, and Smoke Zone Smoke Shop. The Union and Jackie O’s both received considerable damage, as of now it appears that Jackie O’s kitchen and Public House will be closed indefinitely though the hope is the Brewery side will open soon. The Union received significant damage and more details will be known in the coming weeks. Aquabear Legion stands in full support of all of the business owners and people who lost their homes, a GoFundMe donation site is already up to help Union Street employees during this difficult time and more benefits and work is already in planning. You can read about all of the events here over at WOUB Public Media.

Simply put, the Aquabear Legion would not exist without the Union. It is an essential part of the Athens music community. It has hosted countless Aquabear shows and 6 of our County Fairs, not to mention served as the place for all underground rock and roll existing in our town and all that passed through.
When I came to Athens in 2001 as a Freshman at Ohio University I felt as I imagine a lot of kids feel: excited and confused to be out on my own and in general a little out of place. That feeling was short lived because I set foot in the Union after only being in town for a couple weeks. Instantly I felt at home. In the 13 years since then I have since graduated and made Athens my home that place has become a central location for some of the most important events in my life and led to countless friendships, creative collaborations, amazing shows, and even eventually to my own wedding. The Union is an institution. Having a space like that is essential to a vibrant community, for over 90 years people who were looking for all of the other folks who didn’t fit in found them by looking there.
The Union has been a central location to my life for the last 13 years and I cannot imagine where I would be without it. In terms of firsts alone: I had my first beer (at a bar) there and played music in front of people for the first time, and it was the first place I went to after graduating college and marrying my wife Sherri who would be found the night of our wedding in her wedding dress downstairs surrounded by all our friends. The list of great bands I saw there is endless, some from far away towns and cities and some from right down the street. I had the privilege to play shows there in every band and project I have been in and believe that I still will play on a stage at that building again.  I feel honored to be a part of that family and the Athens music community, and I believe that with the support of that community we will be able to rebuild the home base for Athens rock and roll and make sure that institution is there for generations to come.
My thoughts are with all of those affected at this time, especially those whose homes and businesses were destroyed and all of the wonderful people who will be dealing with the loss of work as a result of the damage. The damage to all of the businesses and housing is unbelievable, and the loss of The Union and Jackie O’s Public House in the immediate future will be huge for the Athens music community and the Athens community members who work in those places.

6 Bs and a P: The New Cronut (Season 3, Episode 9)


6 Bs and a P: The New Cronut (Season 3, Episode 9):

FIRST PLACE! This is insane! The Browns win their biggest game in a very long time defeating the Cincinnati Bengals on national TV! That put them into a tie with the Steelers for a couple days and then… the Steelers lost to the lowly Jets on Sunday and the Browns move into sole possession of first place since before the left and moved to Baltimore. Unbelievable. The 6b1p crew is pretty excited. GO BROWNS!

6 Bs and a P: Browns Browns Browns Browns Browns (Season 3, Episode 8)

The Browns are in first place, we just saw them win, and it was awesome.
The Browns are in first place, we just saw them win, and it was awesome.

6 Bs and a P: Browns Browns Browns Browns Browns (Season 3, Episode 8)

Man, this short Browns week has us a little behind here on 6b1p. This episode features the 6b1p crew actually going to and at the Browns vs. Buccaneers game, where the Browns win and our hosts discuss and analyze topics ranging from our Quarterbacks to their favorite parts about attending the game. It’s Brian’s birthday and we set the record for hosts I think. Not to mention a record setting amount of locations including a vacation house on icy Lake Erie, a parking lot in downtown Cleveland, and Brian and Sherri’s car ride home. And then after only 4 days rest the Browns go on the road and defeat the Bengals in Cincinnati to go into a tie for first place with the Steelers in the AFC North. HOLY CRAP. Episode 9 (working title: “FIRST PLACE”) will come next week. GO BROWNS!

6 Bs and a P: It’s a Mindbender (Season 3, Episode 7)

6 Bs and P: It’s a Mindbender (Season 3, Episode 7)

6b1p had to take a bye ourselves last week, since then the Browns lost to one of the worst teams in the league (Jaguars) and beat one of the worst teams of the league (Raiders) and are now 4-3. All four of our regular hosts are in studio for a week of celebration, depression, and analysis to try to figure out where the team is. Plus there is a live in-studio Broken Bandwagon, Pie Corner, and Tweets of the Week too. Don’t miss next week’s episode all of the 6b1p’ers will be in Cleveland at the game where hilarity will ensue.

6 Bs and a P: The Horse and the Whore (s03ep06)

This sums up the game
This sums up the game

6 Bs and a P: The Horse and the Whore (s03ep06):

BROWNS WIN AGAIN! No clue how this is happening. The 6b1p crew works hard to process these unfamiliar feelings and make sense of it all and in the process talk about football, pie, how much the hate the Steelers, Brian Hoyer, and much more. They even play a game of the Pierogi Mountain 6b1p Pittsburgh Lightning Round Trivia. And the “P” word is brought up (PLAYOFFS?!? YOU TALKING ABOUT PLAYOFFS?) and a certain Lord of the Vale makes a trip to the studio from Westeros. Brian, Ian, and Kris hold it down this week and Wiebe checks in with a Broken Bandwagon. GO BROWNS!

6 Bs and a P: The Arbiter of Pies (s03e05)

rob-ryan6 Bs and a P: The Arbiter of Pies (s03e05)

BROWNS WIN! They move to 2-2 with a win over the very terrible Tennessee Titans and their temporary quarterback, Clipboard Jesus. But, it doens’t matter… the won! Join the 6b1p regular crew (minus Wiebe and plus Dave) as they discuss the win, the current state of the team, Brian Hoyer, marshmallow filling, and even get a check in from some 6b1p’ers who went to the game down in Nashville. All your favorite segments are there: Tweet of the Week, Broken Bandwagon, Pie Corner, and the brand new Darker Linings Playbook. Plus, a look ahead to the return of the hated Steelers to Cleveland for next Sunday’s game.

6 Bs and a P: Muscle Hamster (s03e04)

It’s time for 6 Buccaneers and a Pirate! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

6 Bs and a P: Muscle Hamster (s03e04)

The Browns had a bye week this past Sunday and Aquabear Legion decided to order some alternate programming to fill our football podcast void. Join us for a special bye week edition of 6 Bs and a P, namely, another 6 Bs and a P about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In the studio this week is Brett Alligator, Kent Orangeman, New Ian, and of course Tampa Donnie. Go Bucs!

Legendary Peter Walker At The Union on Wednesday, October 1

PeterWalker2014This one is last minute and on a school night, but you should all totally come anyway, we promise you will not be sorry. Aquabear Legion, Andrew & Peacock present Peter Walker with Dead Winds of Summer and more at The Union in Athens on Wednesday, October 1st at 8:00pm. Tickets are $8 in advance and will be $10 at the door. You can soon purchase tickets at Haffa’s Records or you can purchase tickets online by clicking here (please note there is a $1.27 service fee for the online ticket).Peter Walker is an American folk guitarist noted for dynamic instrumental pieces inspired by the Indian Raga and Spanish flamenco traditions blended with traditional American folk and occasional rock influences. Walker’s debut LP Rainy Day Raga was released by Vanguard Records in 1966, followed by the release of Second Poem in 1968. Along with Sandy Bull, John Fahey, and Robbie Basho, Walker is considered one of the premier guitarists of his generation. On Second Poem, Walker plays guitar and sitar and is accompanied by flutist Jim Pepper (of The Free Spirits) along with violin, tabla, & tamboura. Walker is the missing link between Ravi Shankar and Timothy Leary in more ways than one….. We might even bring out some chairs so you can enjoy this show in comfort.

6 Bs and a P: Robot Ian or the Time Sherri Met Chomps at the Airport (s03e03)


6 Bs and a P: Robot Ian or the Time Sherri Met Chomps at the Airport (s03ep03)

It’s week 3 and the 3rd episode of our 3rd season at 6b1p, and the Browns lose another last second heartbreaker, this time to the hated Ravens. Kris Poland doesn’t make it this week (spoiler alert his segment is just some awesome Tecmo Bowl music) but the crew is joined by a friend from Cincinnati, Ohio who has a way better football team where he is. Plus more pie corner and a lightning round about everything from felony weapons charges to twitter handles. Browns are 1-2 heading into the bye week, we are gonna regroup, see you soon! Go Browns!

6 Bs and a P: Righting Wrongs (s03e02)

Found this on Reddit.
Found this on Reddit.

6 Bs and a P: Righting Wrongs (s03e02)

Browns win! It was pretty unbelievable but the Cleveland Browns beat the New Orleans Saints, Wiebe even calls them a “well coached, competent team” which is quite the compliment. And not just any win, this might have been the biggest in years. It was only the second time these Cleveland Browns won their home opener since their return in 1999. The crew discusses the win and whether this can keep happening. GO BROWNS.

6 Bs and a P: The Chains of Justice (S03EP01)

This actually happened last Sunday, a perfect metaphor.
This actually happened last Sunday, a perfect metaphor.

6 Bs and a P: The Chains of Justice (Season 3, Episode 1)

First game of the year was like a whole Browns season condensed into a three hour visual heart attack. One half they get outscored 27-3, and in the other they outscore the Steelers 27-3, but lose on a last second field goal. The crew of 6b1p hopes the 2014 Browns look a bit more like the ones we saw in the 2nd half of last week’s game. Plus, we debut another station ID spot from Browns legend and Pro Football Hall of Famer Leroy Kelly! There’s Tweets of the Weeks, Josh Gordon, Suspensions, Commercials, Silver linings, and Broken Bandwagons. GO BROWNS! Recorded: Sunday, September 7, 2014 Released: Wednesday, September 10, 2014 Season Three, Episode One: The Chains of Justice

6 Bs and a P: Mandatory Mini-Camp (S03EP0)

It's time for 6b1p... MANDATORY MINI-CAMP!
It’s time for 6b1p… MANDATORY MINI-CAMP!

6 Bs and a P: Mandatory Mini-Camp Season 3, Episode 0

It’s Browns pre-season! The good news is that the national media (at least for a little bit) was forced to also pay attention to the Browns as we decided whether Johnny Football could live up to his name. The bad news is this team still looks an awful lot like the Browns of the past decade. The 6b1p tries to laugh away the pain with it’s first ever MANDATORY MINI-CAMP, featuring lots of special guests! The topics of John Football himself, a new coach, the Steelers, and a guy who peed on Art Modell’s grave all get touched on along with a special lightning round of questions with all the guests and Tweets of the Week. GO BROWNS! Recorded: Monday, August 25, 2014 Released: Wednesday, September 3, 2014 Season Three, Episode Zero: Mandatory Mini-Camp

8th Annual Aquabear County Fair is September 5-6: 15 Ohio Bands, 2 Days, ALL FREE

8th annual Aquabear County Fair is this weekend: September 5-6 in Athens, Ohio and is FREE
8th annual Aquabear County Fair is this weekend: September 5-6 in Athens, Ohio and is FREE

It’s Aquabear County Fair time! Now in it’s 8th year (whoa), this annual Aquabear celebration of Ohio music will be in Athens, Ohio on Friday, September 5th (at The Union at 9:00pm) and on Saturday, September 6th (at Haffa’s Records at 3:00pm and The Union at 8:00pm) and it is all FREE. Poster above and full schedule (subject to change of course) is below. We can’t wait to see everyone, here’s the event on Facebook to attend and share.

2014 AQUABEAR COUNTY FAIR SCHEDULE (subject to change)

Friday, September 5th at 9:00pm
The Union (18. W. Union Street) – FREE!
9:15pm Summoners
10:15pm The Heartlanders
11:15pm Speaking Suns
12:15am WV White
1:15am The D-Rays

Saturday, September 6th at 3:00pm
Haffa’s Records (15 W. Union Street) – FREE!
3:00pm Chris Biester
3:45pm Adam Remnant
4:30pm Joe Anderl

Saturday, September 6th at 8:00pm
The Union (18. W. Union Street) – FREE!
8:00pm Weedghost
8:15pm Unmonumental
9:00pm Supernobody
10:00pm Dead Hand of Man
11:00pm The 1984 Draft
12:00am Connections
1:15am Hex Net

Helter Swelter at Ace of Cups Saturday with The Clean, TJSA, Scrawl, and more

The Clean are in Columbus at Ace of Cups Saturday for Helter Swelter.

There’s a great show at Ace of Cups Saturday you need to be at. Helter Swelter is Saturday, August 16th from 3pm-11pm at Ace of Cups and features legendary New Zealand rockers The Clean along with a lineup of some of Columbus, Ohio’s most well respected and influential bands including Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Scrawl, Unholy Two, Moviola, and more. Get tickets at the bar or click here! The Aquabear had a chance to talk with Jerry Dannemiller (Moviola, etc.) about putting the show together and some of his favorite music from ol’ Cowtown.

How did this show come together?
Marcy Mays (of Scrawl) owns Ace of Cups in Columbus. We’ve been friends for many years and she mentioned wanting to do an outdoor day festival in her parking lot for a couple years now. I helped book a few festivals in Columbus (4th and 4th Fest, Independents Day, Parking Lot Blowout) as well as a few shows here and there at Ace of Cups (Blues Control, Eugene Mirman, Magik Markers). We hatched the idea this past January over a few drinks. We had a great lineup of the local bands all set to go and Kellie Morgan (who I work with at the Wexner Center, that’s my day job) mentioned that the Clean were touring and the routing might be possible to add on a Columbus date. She knows Hamish Kilgour from the Clean (she used to work at Drag City) and the band was down with it. I made a few calls to their agent and they were locked in. It was too good a chance to pass up, and the Clean has never played in Columbus, though they have, in my view, had a strong influence and on many many bands from here. Almost a spiritual connection, if you believe in those type of things.

How did the lineup get chosen? When did all of these great Columbus bands get involved and how did that happen? I know that most of those bands don’t play out much…
Really Marcy and myself working through it. Needed to have a mix so it wasn’t all geezers. We’re all friends to one degree or another and I just asked? Really that simple. The Slave Apartments are some of my oldest friends in Columbus, getting Moviola to play just involves working around everybody’s crazy schedule with enough advance notice.

Who are your top 5 Columbus bands of all time?
Oh lord. Knowing that this list would likely change tomorrow:

– The Four Mints
– Bassholes
– Liquid Mystic Axis
– Rahsaan Roland Kirk
– V3

Who is your favorite Columbus bands right now?
Again, subject to daily change:

Cheater Slicks
Unholy Two
Psychedelic Horseshit
Mike Shiflet
Counter-Intuits (I-71)

What’s the lineup? Tickets?
Tickets are $10 online and at the bar until Friday afternoon, at which they go up to $15 and are only available at the bar.

Ace of Cups presents
Saturday, August 16, 2014
3pm—11pm outside in the Ace of Cups parking lot
Tickets @ and at Ace of Cups

Featuring performances by:
8:30 SCRAWL (performing “Plus, Also, Too”)
9:25 THE CLEAN (New Zealand legends!)

outdoor: Shang-a-lang stage inbetween bands, Ray Ray’s BBQ, and food trucks, beer!
inside: record swap all day and DJ George Brazil.

Presented in collaboration with Pale Rider and Straight to Video.

Anything else?
I hope folks can make it out. The weather is looking beautiful. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Girlz Rhythm n’ Rock Camp and Grrrls Rock Columbus which provide creative expression opportunities for young women regardless of means.

Aquabear Hosts William Hooker Trio at The Union on August 15

William Hooker Trio will play The Union on August 15th, tickets on sale now.
William Hooker Trio will play The Union on August 15th, tickets on sale now.

The Aquabear Legion mainly focuses on Ohio music but every once in a while we get a chance to bring in a non-Buckeye musician or band and cannot pass it up. William Hooker’s body of uninterrupted work beginning in the mid-seventies defines him as one of the most important composers and players in jazz. Aquabear presents the William Hooker Trio at The Union in Athens on Friday, August 15th at 9:00pm. Tickets will be only $5 in advance because we don’t want any excuses on this one You can buy them at Haffa’s in advance and they will be more at the door. As bandleader, Hooker has fielded ensembles in an incredibly diverse array of configurations. Each collaboration has brought a serious investigation of his compositional agenda and the science of the modern drum kit. His coming to little old Athens, Ohio on a Friday night to play for you dudes. Hooker’s trio includes an Ohian in Edward Ricart (of Aquabear favorites Hyrrokkin among many more) and DC underground jazz lynchpin Luke Stewart. This will be incredible and I suggest you don’t miss it.

His work is frequently grounded in a narrative context. Whether set against a silent film or anchored by a poetic theme, Hooker brings dramatic tension and human warmth to avant-garde jazz. His ability to find fertile ground for moving music in a variety of settings that obliterate genre distinctions offers a much-needed statement of social optimism in the arts.

William Hooker (drummer,composer and poet) has created works that range from jazz and “new” music to experimental genres. He has released over 60 CDs a a leader. Mr. Hooker has performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Atrium at Lincoln Center, Wadsworth Atheneum, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Walker Art Center,MTV, The Kitchen, Roulette, Real Art Ways. He has also presented his work at the JVC Jazz Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, Vancouver Jazz Festival, CMJ Music Festival,Vilnius Jazz Festival, Experimenta Argentina,The Knitting Factory and the Victoriaville Music Festival. William Hooker has received commissions and support from the New York State Council on the Arts, Meet the Composer, Tokio Marine Insurance Company and colleges and universities such as Oberlin, Fordham, Columbia, New York University, Boston University, Princeton, Dartmouth and many more. Accompanying musicians have included Billy Bang, David S. Ware, William Parker, Thurston Moore, David Soldier, Roy Campbell, DJ Spooky,Steven Bernstein, Zeena Parkins, Lee Ranaldo, Jason Hwang, Sabir Mateen, Elliott Sharp, David Murray, Ted Daniel, JD Parren and many more.

Edward Ricart is a guitarist and bassist presently located in Yellow Springs, OH. His creative outlets include avant-rock power trio Hyrrokkin; free jazz/noise rock quartet Haitian Rail; free-rock duo Matta Gawa; and the Edward Ricart Quartet, alongside Herb Robertson, Jason Ajemian, and Andrew Barker. He has also collaborated with William Hooker, Marshall Allen, Merzbow, Peter Brotzmann, Paul Dunmall, Andrea Parkins, and members of the rock groups Tortoise, Black Flag, and Fugazi, among many others.

A veteran of Washington DC’s creative music underground, his weekly New Atlantis series of concerts earned him the designation of ‘Avant Garde Savior’ and Best in DC by the Washington City Paper. The series blossomed into a vanguard record label, with an exemplary roster of rising stars and established legends. His work incorporates the processes of new music- including serialism, through-composition, and free improvisation, braced with the dissonant, polyrhythmic backbone of creative rock music

Luke Stewart is an emerging voice on the bass, whose efforts have a pronounced impact on the Washington DC community. As production manager at the storied WPFW radio station, Stewart has worked with Chuck Brown, Yusef Lateef, Randy Weston, Muhal Richard Abrams, Juma Sultan, and Amiri Baraka. He produced many successful programs including a month-long commemoration of Black Music Month. He also co-produced a month-long tribute to pianist Horace Tapscott Los Angeles based community organization UGMAA (Union of God’s Musicians and Artists Ascension). Also notable, he produced Washington, DC’s first live radio appearance of political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal on the program Jazz and Justice with Tom Porter.

Stewart has also helped establish, a DC-based jazz website, as its Avant Music Editor. Through the site, he helped launch a live jazz performance series dubbed the “DC Jazz Loft”, presenting talented jazz artists in and around the DC area. He has also presented other jazz performances in his “Red Door Loft” series, showcasing artists such as David Ornette Cherry, Ken Vandermark, Rob Mazurek’s Starlicker, Acid Birds, Khan Jamal, Juini Booth, and Elliot Levin. Stewart has played with Trio 000 since 2010 and has performed at many of DC’s historic venues including Bohemian Caverns, Twins Jazz, and HR-57.

Aquabear Pancake Breakfast is THIS SUNDAY!


Here's the menu for this Sunday's all local Aquabear Pancake Breakfast! Get tickets below or at the door and remember to bring a few extra bucks for upgrades!
Here’s the menu for this Sunday’s all local Aquabear Pancake Breakfast! Get tickets below or at the door and remember to bring a few extra bucks for upgrades!

The Aquabear Legion will present our 8th annual Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, August 10th from 1:00 pm-3:00 pm at UCM in Uptown Athens, Ohio (18 N. College Street). All money raised at the breakfast will go to pay bands at the 8th annual Aquabear County Fair which is September 5-6, 2014 at The Union Bar & GrillIt’s the best day of the year. A whole bunch of great local food and pancakes to support a whole bunch of great local music. We want to thank the following folks for making this event so delicious! Snowville Creamery, Sticky Pete’s Maple Syrup, Casa Nueva, Donkey Coffee, Shagbark Seed & Mill, Fullbrooks Cafe, Fluff Bakery & Catering, Pierogi Mountain, Jackie O’s Bake Shop, King Family Farm and many more!

$5 in advance here or at Haffa’s Records:

Aquabear Legion Pancake Breakfast – Sunday, August 10th

$6 at the door

*includes all you can eat pancakes made from Shagbark Seed & Mill spelt flour and coffee

PLUS: We will offer $1 UPGRADES for a slice of bacon, Casa Nueva soysage (vegetarian!), special Aquabear exclusive pierogi from Pierogi Mountain

Come out and support Ohio music and eat amazing food. And it’s the morning after the annual Athens Community Music Festival so it’s the perfect thing to do when you roll out of bed the next morning/afternoon.

Athens Community Music Festival: 32 acts on 6 stages THIS WEEKEND!

The 16th annual Athens Community Music Festival is this Saturday, August 9th. 32 Athens bands will perform at 6 stages around town.
The 16th annual Athens Community Music Festival is this Saturday, August 9th. 32 Athens bands will perform at 6 stages around town.

I am a bit biased, but Athens Ohio has an incredible community of musicians. Folks who have spent decades and years writing and playing music in our little town, but also putting on shows, putting up posters, and making things happen. One of the countless examples of that is the annual Athens Community Music Festival, each August tons of Athens bands play all around town for one night. This year ACMF turns sweet 16 on Saturday, August 9th in uptown Athens! 32 local acts play at 6 stages including The Union, Casa Cantina, Donkey Coffee, Smiling Skull, and two stages at Jackie O’s in the Public House and the Brewery side. Pay only $5 per venue, or $8 for an all venue pass and see some of the best music around right up the street. Plus you can join us all for the Aquabear Legion Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, August 10th from 1pm-3pm at UCM at 18 N. College Street in Athens. Here’s the schedule!

(“all venue passes” available at each of the participating venues, night of show.)

Proceeds benefit The Gathering Place, Arts/WEST, Athens Rock Camp for Girls and The Bryan Winland Memorial Arts & Music Scholarship.

(schedule subject to change)


7pm- Alayna Locke

7:45- Valerie Mash

8:30- Ragamuffin

9:15- Intermittent Animals


7pm- JJ Reed

8pm- JD Hutchison

9pm- Super Nobody

10pm- Speaking Suns

11pm- Blam Blams

12am- Sportfishing USA

1am- Blond

JACKIE O’s (Public House)

8pm: Corbin Marsh

9pm- Paranormals

10pm- Night Sweats

11pm- Whole Hearted Half-Wits

12am- Zapple Pie

1am- Bright at Night

JACKIE O’s (Brewery side)

8pm- The Curd Jergihns Vocal Group

9pm- Steve Zarate

10pm- Fever Dream

11pm- Watch Them Rot

12am- Unmonnumental

1am- County Pharaohs


9pm- Laura Nadeau

10pm- Summoners

11pm- Coal Cave Hallow Boys

12am- Fathers of The Revolution

1am- Dox City


9pm- Dead Hand of Man

10pm- Pegasister

11pm- Red Feathers

12am- Weird Science

1am- Slut Castle

Traysh Island is August 1-2 at 8550 Ohio in Chesterhill

Traysh Island II: Burning Mang is this weekend, August 1-2 at 8550 Ohio just outside of Chesterhill. Lots of incredible bands and people, you should go.

The second installment of Traysh Island (titled Burning Mang) comes to 8550 Ohio this weekend August 1-2 just outside the little Appalachian town of Chesterhill. One of the more interesting gatherings of artists and musicians I’ve been at in the absolutely drop-jawed gorgeousness that only Southeast Ohio can bring, Traysh Island features live music and more for two days. The full schedule is waaaay below, but features everyone from Aquabear-ites and Ohio’s own Weedghost, Sport Fishing USA, and Speaking Suns to national acts like Kansas City’s Quadrigarum and Chicago’s Cooper Crain. 8550 OHIO ST RT 377, $10 admission (cash only) // $20 per tent (rsvp @

Aquabear had the chance to ask a few questions to 8550 Ohio’s Jason Ajemian who filled us in on how a bunch of guys from various big cities ended up in the middle of Southeast Ohio.

How did Traysh Island get started?
Jason Ajemian: TRAYSH ISLAND was initiated last spring as a ribbon cutting ceremony for Conrad Freiburg’s Woodshed, the first permanent sculpture at 8550 OHIO, where we have been holding artist residencies for nearly ten years. More recently we developed TRAYSH NEW YORK at the Knockdown Center in Queens, which will be an annual effort. We are also thinking of introducing a Chicago edition in 2015.

How did 8550 get started? What brought the whole thing to Chesterhill?
8550 OHIO was born out of Harold Arts, a not for profit organization founded in Chicago by Jaimie Branch, Joe Jeffers and Nick Wylie. Joe Jeffers is the grandson of Harold and Elizabeth Jeffers, who raised a 3200 acre tree farm in Chesterhill. Jeffers and his team rented this property for a few months every summer in order to host a juried group of emerging and mid-career artists and musicians to gather in the hills for the purpose of interdisciplinary production. The organization became two organizations in 2010, Wylie and others founding ACRE in Wisconsin, while Jeffers moved (literally) to 8550 OHIO (state route 377), which continues to offer residencies for artists and musicians. 8550 OHIO is now run by me, Rebecca Beachy, Joe Jeffers, Frank Van Duerm, with a lot of help from the artists who visit us.

How did you guys all start working together?
Joe and I started working together in 2007, at that time I was working @ Harold as a producer, making records for others and of course developing my own projects. We met in Chicago at various places you might see experimental music.

What kind of things are going on at 8550 year round?
Not much unfortunately, the property is available for rent.

What are the plans for the future? 
Next year will be the tenth year we’ve hosted artists out here, so we are taking that pretty seriously.
I dont want to say too much, but on the 8550 residency tip we plan to return to working with cultural partners to produce thematic residencies. We’re also hoping that Kelly Kaczynski’s stage may be done in time for TRAYSH ISLAND III : THE LEGEND OF MOLD MANG.

What band are you most excited for this weekend?
Im most excited for QUADRIGARUM, a Kansas city based group led by J Ashley Miller, will be building a “chariot” for their performance, which is a medieval looking device that strums two guitars with two captain’s wheels. Its probably the most spectacular thing on the menu.

Anything else?
TRAYSH ISLAND II: BURNING MANG is free for civil war reenactors. Here’s a radio interview we did for T-NY:



5pm     Chesterhill Singers with Milton Robertson (OHIO)
6pm      Jentle Ben presents Shy Music (Hamburg/Chicago)
10.5      Exotic Dancer (Chicago/Los Angeles/Athens)
1am      High, Lonesome and Broke: Campfire(New York/Los Angeles/Chicago)

More Bands Added to 8th Annual Aquabear County Fair

Joe Anderl and his band The 1984 Draft join the County Fair lineup from Dayton, Ohio
Joe Anderl and his band The 1984 Draft join the County Fair lineup from Dayton, Ohio

The 8th annual Aquabear County Fair is September 5-6, 2014 in Athens, Ohio with Connections and WVWhite heading down from Columbus for a FREE weekend of Ohio music. We are excited to announce another round of bands to join the two we have already announced! Dayton’s The 1984 Draft (Joe Anderl in new full band mode) joins Athens acts The D-Rays, The Heartlanders, Supernobody, and Ohio noise supergroup Weedghost. A few more acts still to come and the whole weekend is FREE. Shows will take place at The Union in Athens on Friday (The D-Rays, WVWhite, The Heartlanders, more TBA) and Saturday (Connections, The 1984 Draft, Supernobody, Weedghost, more TBA) and we will also host a special afternoon acoustic showcase at Haffa’s Records right across the street on Saturday afternoon! Joe Anderl (of 1984 NFL Draft) will be playing along with a few more still to be announced. More information on the Haffa’s show coming soon.

This whole weekend is FREE because we want everyone to come out and enjoy Ohio music and have one less excuse on why they are not watching awesome music. But, Aquabear still pays the bands because we think artists should get paid. We’re having our annual fundraiser (and an event I have dubbed “the best day of the year”) the Aquabear Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, August 10th from 1pm-3pm at UCM in Uptown Athens. All local food from such great partners as Snowville Creamery, Donkey Coffee, Casa Nueva, Shagbark Seed & Mill, Fluff Bakery & Catering, Pierogi Mountain, Fullbrooks Cafe, and many more. $5 in advance (look for tickets at Haffa’s soon, or buy them from us) or $6 at the door for all you can eat pancakes and coffee PLUS $1 upgrades will be available for an exclusive AquaBLUEbear Pierogi Mountain pierogi, local bacon, Casa soysage, and more. Come hang out and eat some killer pancakes.

6 Bs and a P: Special Offseason Late Draft Edition


6 Bs and a P: Special Offseason Late Draft Edition
Our quarterback of the future is passed out on a giant swan! It’s the Browns offseason! Despite a crazy 2014 featuring new coaches, GM’s, Johnny Footballs, and a movie with Kevin Costner…. we are now in the depths of that offseason. What better time to release an incredibly late special offseason edition 6 Bs and a P! The gang discusses all the changes, the movie Draft Day and how they did not see it, Johnny Football, and more. Listen and get your 6 Bs and a P fix until September rolls around for a third season. Go Browns!

Aquabear Pancake Breakfast is Sunday, August 10 in Athens


Aquabear's annual Pancake Breakfast is Sunday, August 10th at UCM in Athens, Ohio
Aquabear’s annual Pancake Breakfast is Sunday, August 10th at UCM in Athens, Ohio

The Aquabear Legion will present our 8th annual Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, August 10th from 1:00 pm-3:00 pm at UCM in Uptown Athens, Ohio (18 N. College Street). All money raised at the breakfast will go to pay bands at the 8th annual Aquabear County Fair which is September 5-6, 2014 at The Union Bar & GrillIt’s the best day of the year. A whole bunch of great local food and pancakes to support a whole bunch of great local music. We will have delicious food from: Snowville Creamery, Casa Nueva, Donkey Coffee, Shagbark Seed & Mill, Fullbrooks Cafe, Fluff Bakery & Catering, and many more!

$5 in advance

Aquabear Legion Pancake Breakfast – Sunday, August 10th

$6 at the door

*includes all you can eat pancakes made from Shagbark Seed & Mill spelt flour and coffee

PLUS: We will offer $1 UPGRADES for a slice of bacon, Casa Nueva soysage (vegetarian!), choice of lots of sweets + desserts, or special Aquabear exclusive pierogi from Pierogi Mountain

More info coming soon, come out and support Ohio music and eat amazing food. And it’s the morning after the annual Athens Community Music Festival so it’s the perfect thing to do when you roll out of bed the next morning/afternoon.

Connections, WV White, + More TBA for Aquabear County Fair #8 on September 5-6!

Connections will headline the 8th annual Aquabear County Fair on September 6 at The Union

The Aquabear County Fair will happen for the 8th time (whoa) on September 5-6, 2014 in Athens, Ohio. With this years event featuring two nights of ALL FREE Ohio music at The Union with another surprise or two to be announced. The Aquabear is excited to announce one band for each night already and both hail from up US 33 in Columbus, Ohio: Connections (on Saturday, September 6) and WV White (on Friday, September 5). Lots more bands to be announced as we get closer! And remember: this weekend is FREE cause we want you to come watch Ohio music but we do pay all the bands so donations are welcomed! We will be hosting our annual Aquabear Legion Pancake Breakfast in Athens this August, so be sure to check back for details on that delicious event. All proceeds from the Pancake Breakfast go to the Aquabear County Fair.

Sometimes the Bear Eats You Too: NMF 14 – Thursday

Sometimes the Bear Eats You Too is back and better than ever with three episodes from the 10th annual Nelsonville Music Festival! We begin with some of the great bands from Thursday night. This episode includes songs from D-Rays, unmonumental, Charles Walker and the Dynamites, Supernobody, Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas, Jason Isbell, and Saint Paul and the Broken Bones. You’ll also hear from some of the most influential names in Athens rock and roll: Scotty Hedrick, Brian Koscho, and Andrew Lampela. All that and the occasional quip from me, Kris P. Enjoy, and be sure to come back soon for more.


Photo Gallery:

Sometimes the Bear Eats You Too: NMF 14 – Friday

Jam-packed with more music than you can handle, it’s day two of the 2014 Nelsonville Music Festival. This episode features performances by Village of Spaces, Lily and Madeline, Shaky Graves, (Aquabear County Fair 2014 artist) WV White, Grupo Fantasma, Steve Gunn, Quilt, The Total Blam Blams, Kurt Vile, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Dinosaur Jr, and The Men. We also have some brief interviews with the mama who’ll cause you trauma Emily Prince, the foreign legionnaire Rick Dodgson, and everyone’s favorite Tim Peacock. This date was perhaps the most rockin’ day in NMF history. Have fun, and come back again for our final festival roundup episode.


Photo Gallery:


Sometimes the Bear Eats You Too: NMF 14 – Saturday & Sunday

Dealing with a bit of festival fatigue, a flat tire, and a fair amount of driving, I didn’t capture as much of the last two days of this year’s Nelsonville Music Festival as I wanted. Nevertheless, there is gold to be heard here. Crank this episode to hear sets from Motel Beds, Lucius, The No BS Brass Band, Saint Rich, Hiss Golden Messenger, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Valerie June, more Wooden Indian Burial Ground, and Shovels and Rope. You’ll also hear more from Andrew, Scotty, AJ’s beard, and Snowville Creamery’s own Warren Taylor. What more could you ask for? Songs from more bands probably. Maybe next year. Until then, enjoy the music. I’ll see you at the Aquabear Legion Pancake Breakfast and County Fair!


Photo Gallery:

19th annual Blackoutfest is This Weekend in Athens: April 17-19

19th annual Blackoutfest is at The Union in Athens this weekend: April 17-19 with over 30 bands!
19th annual Blackoutfest is at The Union in Athens this weekend: April 17-19 with over 30 bands!

Blackoutfest turns 19 this year and features one hell of a lineup to celebrate the occasion. 3 nights of music at Athens, Ohio’s rock and roll institution The Union featuring over 30 bands from all over the country, including some of Ohio’s finest. Things kick off Thursday, April 17th around 7:00pm and continue on Friday and Saturday too featuring music from Greg Ashley (Gris Gris), Lover! (ex-Lost Sounds), Shilpa Ray, Cheap Time, Buffalo Killers, Unwed Teenage Mothers, Motel Beds, Connections,The D Rays, Total Blam Blams, Hex Net, Weird Science, Washington Beach Bums, Final Rites, Mssrs, John Brothers Piano Company, Dead Hand of Man, Jason Frederick, Red Feathers and tons more! Tickets are on sale right now at Haffa’s Records (who will be celebrating Record Store Day on Saturday too, so go support your local record store) for $8 a night or $20 for the weekend. I cannot think of anything better you could do with your weekend.


LOVER! (ex-Lost Sounds/Reatards)




HEX NET (Athens)




and more


CHEAP TIME (Nashville TN)


THE D-RAYS (Athens)


LOPAN (Columbus)

MESSRS (Columbus)


and more






BLOODY SHOW (Columbus/Cleveland)

SPEAKING SUNS (Yellow Springs)

JASON FREDERICK (Cleveland/Chicago)



and more special guests to be announced…stay tuned!

6 Bs and a P: Who Wants to Know? Who Wants to Know? (Season 2, Episode 20)

This guy is a Browns coach now, previously he pulled that guy's heart out in the Temple of Doom.
This guy is a Browns coach now, previously he pulled that guy’s heart out in the Temple of Doom.

6 Bs and a P: Who Wants to Know? Who Wants to Know? (Season 2, Episode 20):

Well, we just couldn’t stay away long. Especially when the Browns hired a new coach THEN fired their GM and President (one of whom makes a final appearance on the show). The gang gets together in the off season to catch up on the happenings at Browns HQ, everything gets covered and most importantly Ian lets all of us know that he’s been going to the gym. And the Browns hired the guy above and his name is Jimmy Raye (Who wants to know? Who wants to know) and Brian, Brian, Ian, and Kris discuss how he scares the hell out of them. The normal 6b1p segments you love are back and a brand new game too, ‘What Would You Trade Brandon Weeden For?’. Enjoy!

Water Liars + More at Union in Athens on Tuesday, March 4

Water Liars, Supernobody, Adam Remnant, and Dead Winds of Summer at The Union on Tuesday, Mach 4
Water Liars, Supernobody, Adam Remnant, and Dead Winds of Summer at The Union on Tuesday, Mach 4

Aquabear Legion loves Ohio music, but sometimes we bend the rules on hosting shows when a band from another state is as mindblowingly awesome as Mississippi’s Water Liars. On Tuesday, March 4th, Aquabear teams up with Blackout Booking and Peacock Productions to welcome Water Liars to The Union along with Athens staples Supernobody, Adam Remnant, and Dead Winds of Summer. Water Liars are fresh off the release of their self-titled third LP on Fat Possum’s Big Legal Mess label. Joining Water Liars that night will be local Athens acts Supernobody, Adam Remnant, and Dead Winds of Summer. Tickets are $8 in advance and available at Haffa’s Records in Athens, Ohio and are $10 at the door. Music will begin around 9:00pm. Here’s the event on Facebook. Help us spread the word and come out to watch a fantastic night of live music in Athens, Ohio.

Here are the Water Liars performing “Backbone”

INTERVIEW: Dave Doughman on Swearing At Motorists New Album

Swearing At Motorists first new album in 8 years!

Swearing at Motorists is some of the finest rock and roll to come out of The Buckeye State. It is the project of Dave Doughman, and they have a brand new album called While Laughing, The Joker Tells The Truth ready to come out this March and they need your support to make it happen. Donate to the Kickstarter here and have the chance to support good people and music and win some cool stuff too including the record, a phone call from Dave, and even a badass Football-inspired SaM scarf. Aquabear caught up with Dave to discuss the album, Germany, Ohio rock and roll, and being a parent and trying to record music. Here’s a video for “Wasting Your Time”.

Tell me about the new record?
While Laughing, The Joker Tells The Truth is the first new full length album since Last Night Becomes This Morning in 2006.

What the gap between releases?
In 2007 my son was born and I decided that for me personally, it was better to change my focus from full time musician, to full time father, until he was old enough to understand my need to leave home for weeks on end to tour. He just started 1st grade, so it felt like the time was right to resume my music career…

What was the process for making this album?
Unlike previous albums, this time around i didn’t have the luxury of time and solitude. Songs were written and demos recorded while my son was asleep or at his mothers, at one time I joked about calling the album “Don’t Wake The Baby”. It was much more difficult, because I would have to turn my back on the muse at a moment’s notice, just because i was “in the zone” didn’t excuse me from my duties as a father. Also, I actually didn’t feel like being creative very often for a few years, as raising a child is an overwhelming and rewarding experience.

Why did you decide on Kickstarter as a platform? Why crowd sourcing?
I love Secretly Canadian, the label that has been releasing my records since 2000. We did 4 albums, 2 eps, and a singles compilation together, and i consider the owners as dear friends. But now that my son is my 1st priority, i need to record and tour around my family schedule, and not that of a label’s promotional cycle. Kickstarter seemed the logical solution. if a percentage of the folks who bought our previous albums are willing to pre-order this one, with special rewards as incentives, then i can release the album myself, and tour when it doesn’t interfere too much with my family life. I was fortunate enough that everyone involved in the making of the album agreed to let me pay them after the album was released. So the album is 100% finished, it only needs to manufactured. The Kickstarter goal of $15,000 will cover all the money i owe for recording studios, engineers, artwork, and to manufacture the first pressing of vinyl and cds.

What took you to Germany?
Swearing At Motorists have always been appreciated a bit more in Europe, so moving here made sense. I am able to play more shows without having to actually tour. I do quite a lot of weekend and one off shows. airfare and train tickets are fairly inexpensive, making it possible to just fly to London, or take a train to Utrecht for one night and actually make a profit.

You are a proud Ohioan, what are some of your favorite Ohio bands past and present?
Brainiac, Guided By Voices, and Breeders are the reason i moved back to Ohio in ’94 after living in California for several years. I wanted to live in Dayton, because it was a town that nurtured creativity. Currently i am digging the Motel Beds (band member Darryl Robbins made the video for our new song, Wasting Your Time), Oh Condor, and the Smug Brothers (former Swearing At Motorists drummer Don Thrasher’s new band)

What’s the plan for the next few months? Album? Tour? Coming to the states?
If the Kickstarter is successful , we will be self-releasing the new album in March. and regardless of the outcome of that campaign, we have a 2 week tour here in Europe January 31 to February 15 and will be flying to the US in March for a quick tour to SXSW and back. the Ohio shows will be March 7 at the Tree Bar in Columbus and March 8 at Rockstar Pro Wrestling Arena in Dayton.


Swearing At Motorists – Wasting Your Time from Swearing At Motorists on Vimeo.


Amazing Lineup for Benefit at Grog Shop This Saturday in Cleveland

Chargers Street Gang, Cobra Verde, This Moment In Black History, and Megachurch play a benefit for John Neely at the Grog Shop this Saturday, January 11.
Chargers Street Gang, Cobra Verde, This Moment In Black History, and Megachurch play a benefit for John Neely at the Grog Shop this Saturday, January 11.

If you are up Cleveland way on Saturday, January 11th be sure to head over to the Grog Shop for Chargers Street Gang, Cobra Verde, This Moment In Black History, and Megachurch, it’s a benefit show for John Neely. For a $10 suggested donation you will get to see four of Cleveland’s most incredible bands right in one place. Chargers Street Gang were Cleveland punks from the days this author was in high school, they broke up in 2003 and have only played a few times since. Cobra Verde is another fantastic Cleveland band started after the demise of John Petkovic’s previous band Death of Samantha, they are also known for backing Uncle Bob in Guided By Voices for a couple years and playing a Foreigner cover band on the OC once. This Moment In Black History take an always intriguing approach to the ideas of rock and roll, blasting it open with every genre and influence that its members bring (those guys also play/have played in Obnox, National Suicide Day, and Chargers Street Gang). And you know a show is going to be really crazy if Megachurch is the fourth of four bands listed. Go see awesome music for a good cause. Show starts at 9:00, doors at 8:00pm and it says its all ages. Grog Shop is located at 2785 Euclid Heights Blvd in Cleveland Heights, OH (on the corner of Euclid Hts and Coventry).

6 Bs and a P: Who Wants Cake? (Season 2, Episode 18)

The 6b1p crew (minus Wiebe) gets together in person to watch the Browns lose one more time.
The 6b1p crew (minus Wiebe) gets together in person to watch the Browns lose one more time.

6 Bs and a P: Who Wants Cake? (Season 2, Episode 18):

Sorry this one took a little while to get up! I am sure all 4 of you were very upset. The 6b1p crew goes live for the last Browns game of the year and record this in one room together! Of course the Browns lose to the Steelers in a terrible game while we are doing this but what would you expect? After a long holiday week of travel, family, friends, rock an roll, and partying our hosts and guests and co-hosts try to talk about interesting stuff while eating too much sugar. Being in one room makes it funny but also makes the audio kind of weird at points so sorry about that. And after the game the Browns fired Chud!?!?! Look for a special CHUDLESS episode of 6b1p soon. Thank god this season is over. Go Browns.

6 Bs and a P: Bluntitus (Season 2, Episode 17)


6 Bs and a P: Bluntitus (Season 2, Episode 17):

The Browns lose. Davone Bess Instagramed a picture of himself smoking a blunt next to a poster of Bob Marley. Lots of things happening in this special Holiday 6b1P! Ian gets put on the hot seat, we hear a classic Browns Christmas song, discuss the future, and even have a little Davone Bess lightning round trivia. The Browns may be bad, but this podcast is not. Go Browns!

6 Bs and a P: That’s Your Cookie (Season 2, Episode 16)

6b1p visits First Energy Stadium to watch the Browns lose in the cold. Sherri not pictured. Photo by Sherri.
6b1p visits First Energy Stadium to watch the Browns lose in the cold. Sherri not pictured. Photo by Sherri.

6 Bs and a P: That’s Your Cookie (Season 2, Episode 16):

The Browns lose again! But this time a bunch of 6b1p folks went to the game! As you see above Brian, Wiebe, and Michelle are there and Sherri was too (she took the picture). Everybody got cold and the Browns lost but it was still a good time. Brian talks about it here to Kris and Ian. Dave Obenour checks in with the first installment of Silver Linings Playbook and the Broken Bandwagon Fashion Consultant makes an appearance. The crew discusses peeing at a large sporting event, meathead sports fans, running backs, and more. We only have a few episodes left this season! Go Browns!

6 Bs and a P: The Shapeshifters Almost Return (Season 2, Episode 15)

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belicheck in simpler times.
Patriots Head Coach Bill Belicheck in simpler times.

6 Bs and a P: The Shapeshifters Almost Return (Season 2, Episode 15):

Just when you have finally given up hope on the Cleveland Browns… they win 59 minutes of a game against one of the best teams in the league, the New England Patriots. Problem is that there is 60 minutes in a professional football game, and the Browns gave up 12 unanswered points to the Pats in the last 61 seconds of this game. Browns lost 27-26 and drop to 4-9. Brian and Ian are joined by new guest Luke and do a live Q + A from the audience over the magic of the internet. Kris fills in for Wiebe on Broken Bandwagon and everyone tries to find things to talk about that aren’t the Browns.

Help Dogs + Honor Kimberly at The Union on Saturday with Athens’ Finest Rock & Roll

Friends of the Shelter Dogs benefit show at The Union on Saturday, December 7! Good cause, 6 bands, 5 bucks.
Friends of the Shelter Dogs benefit show at The Union on Saturday, December 7! Good cause, 6 bands, 5 bucks.

If you believe in a supporting a great cause (for an even better reason) all while listening to some of Athens, Ohio’s best rock and roll then Aquabear has a suggestion for your Saturday night. On Saturday, December 7th, The Union hosts a Friends of the Shelter Dogs benefit show with Weird Science, The D-Rays, County Pharaohs, DUNE, Dead Hand of Man, and Supernobody! The evening (and its charitable cause) are to honor the memory of Kimberly Fleming, a friend of many of the fine folks involved, Athens resident, and animal lover. Music starts at 9pm sharp (doors at 8:30) and $5 gets you 6 of Athens finest bands, with proceeds going to Friends of the Shelter Dogs in Athens County.

Missy Pence Coleman (bassist in Athens’ own surf rockers The D-Rays) put the show together as a tribute to her late friend Kimberly Fleming. Fleming called Athens home for years and passed away last August, and as Missy put it, “just seemed we needed to do something for her here and there was a lot of interest right off the bat. She was an animal lover, and we wanted to do something good in her memory.” Coleman told Aquabear that the lineup came together pretty quickly, “I sent out a message to her old friends in bands here, which got the original bill going– us, County Pharaohs, Dune and Weird Science. Then a few more bands, Supernobody and Dead Hand of Man volunteered to play too, so it just took off.”

9:00 Supernobody
9:50 Dead Hand of Man
10:40 DUNE
11:30 County Pharaohs
12:20 The D-Rays
1:00 Weird Science

Help support a great organization, Friends of the Shelter Dogs, by seeing some great live music! Six bands for $5! Doors open at 8:30 and the show starts promptly at 9:00.

Friends of the Shelter Dogs is a group of Athens County, OH citizens dedicated to the welfare and rescue of dogs from the Athens County Dog Shelter.This show is also a local opportunity to remember our dear friend Kimberly Fleming. All of the proceeds of the show will go to FOSD in her name.


6 Bs and a P: The Teal Lining (Season 2, Episode 14)

Image from
Image from

6 Bs and a P: The Teal Lining (Season 2, Episode 14):

Even we are a bit surprised by how bad the Cleveland Browns are now, they lose to the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars in a terrible game. Our host and guests do everything they can to talk about things other than the game covering hard hitting topics like the Sunday Night Football theme song, the Jaguars awful helmets, and Quarterbacks in 2014. Listen and share. Go Browns!

6 Bs and a P: Van Dorn (Season 2, Episode 13)

6 Bs and a P: Van Dorn (Season 2, Episode 13):

The Browns looked bad this week. So what better time to make one of our good friends (who doesn’t watch or particularly like football) watch the Browns game in its entirety and come talk about it with us. Needless to say our friend Aaron cannot understand at all why we would root for this time and even has suggestions on other things Cleveland might be able to do instead of play football. We are joined also by Ian, Wiebe, Michelle, and Sherri to discuss how sad the game was and look for bright spots ourselves. When that fails we talk about crazy names. Go Browns?

An Update From the Bear

bear_sleeping_on_backHey Aquabears! Sorry for the lack of non 6 Bs and a P content on the website, life got busy (as it does). Aquabear has a lot of fun things in store though as we had into our 10th year in 2014. Look for a few new FREE online compilations from the archives along with more new projects as we get into the new year. As always we are putting out a call for anyone who wants to put content together for the site. If you want to write, post, shoot photos, or anything about Ohio music and art drop us a line at Aquabear is always looking for new folks to be involved. As far as podcasts we suggest you listen to 6 Bs and a P as football season continues and I will also have a brand new episode (#4!) of The Moose Is Loose podcast in the next couple weeks featuring lots of great Ohio music. Look for an Athens Holiday Show sometime in December and go see some local music.


6 Bs and a P: I’m No Football Chef (Season 2, Episode 12)

Rest in Peace Lucy, Go Browns!
This episode is dedicated to the memory of Lucy, the Bassett Hound. Go Browns!

6 Bs and a P: I’m No Football Chef (Season 2, Episode 12):

This week tragic news struck Aquabear Legion and 6b1p HQ, Brian and Sherri’s beloved Bassett Hound Lucy got sick suddenly and passed away. The Browns did not get the memo about winning one for the Goose and lose to a terrible looking Bengals team 41-20 in a near tornado, but we pay the sweet dog some tribute ourselves. The Browns even gave up 31 unanswered points in the 2nd quarter to show they were serious about being so awful. A new guest joins Brian, Ian, and Kris to discuss the game (Kris was there! It was sad!) and whether there is any hope left that has not been hopekilled.  Go Browns?

6 Bs and a P: Bye Week Super Spectacular (Season 2, Episode 11)

6 Bs and a P gets some fan art.
6 Bs and a P gets some fan art.

6 Bs and a P: Bye Week Super Spectacular (Season 2, Episode 11):

The Browns did not win or lose because they did not play! It’s the bye week, but the 6b1p crew is so cautiously optimistic they still wanted to have a show. Dave comes back to discuss the Browns season going into the bye with the usual suspects: Brian, Ian, Wiebe, and Kris. 6b1p has a special Bye Week Midseason Award Show with such categories as “Biggest Disappointment”, “Hunkiest Brown”, and “Most Hope Killed/Best Baseball Player”. There’s predictions, trivia, and even talk of the playoffs. Go Browns!

6 Bs and a P: We Do Do It (Season 2, Episode 10)

photo from
photo from

Season 2, Episode 10: We Do Do It:

BROWNS WIN! They beat the hated Ravens for the first time in the last 12 games! To celebrate our team all got a little too hammered (except Kris) and Brian + Brian even watched the game together in Chicago (where they also recorded their part from), all in all it makes for a crazy podcast. We have the most guests EVER as Brian is joined by 9 people and a dog throughout the episode. This one has everything: yelling, drinking, tweets, game reviews, and even a Minnesota Reverse Spelling Bee. We return next week with a special SUPER BYE-WEEK SPECTACULAR EPISODE as the Browns sit at 4-5, 2nd in the AFC North and one game out of the Wild Card. Whoa.

6 Bs and a P and 20 QB’s: (Season 2, Episode 9)


6 Bs and a P and 20 QB’s (Season 2, Episode 9):

They Browns lose again! But, hey it’s not so bad. Our 3rd quarterback of the year (and 20th since 1999) Jason Campbell actually didn’t look to bad, but I mean the Chiefs are undefeated so they did win. The crew discusses the idea of Brandon Weeden’s hopekilling having to inhabit another Browns starter to survive (this week Davone Bess?), Jason Campbell’s wedding, and a whole lot more. GO BROWNS!

6 Bs and a P: Aaron Rodgers the Hopegiver vs. Brandon Weeden the Hopekiller (Season 2, Episode 8)

(courtesy of WaitingForNext Year)
(courtesy of WaitingForNext Year)

6 Bs and a P: Aaron Rodgers the Hopegiver vs. Brandon Weeden the Hopekiller (Season 2, Episode 8):

The Browns lose to a much better football team this week, defeated by the Packers in Green Bay 31-13. For the first time 6B1P goes international, welcoming Dr. Rick Dogdson live from Sheboygan, Wisconsin (British Green Bay Packers fan) along with the usual group of guests (and self proclaimed co-Host(s) Ian). The guys try to figure out why Brandon Weeden sucks so bad and how we make it through. Plus, Rick gets put on the hotseat to test his knowledge of Cleveland, Ohio. This podcast does contain inappropriate language. Enjoy!

6 Bs and a P: A Bushel of Buddies (Season 2, Episode 7)

Ron Schwane/USA TODAY Sports
Ron Schwane/USA TODAY Sports

6 Bs and a P: Season 2, Episode 7:

That feels more like it: Browns lose! Brandon Weeden doesn’t do very well! But despite all of these obstacles the BBBBBBP Crew (Brian and a bushel of buddies) soldier on to make an enjoyable episode of the podcast. The guys talk about what they would get for Brandon Weeden for his 85th birthday this past Monday, Brian gets put on the hot seat, and Dave makes his first in-episode appearance. Listen, share, and enjoy. Some of our language isn’t appropriate.

6 Bs and a P: Season 2, Episode 6 (Week 5)

Image originally appearing on, uncredited.
Image originally appearing on, uncredited.

6 Bs and a P: Season 2, Episode 6:

The Browns win again! And in normal Cleveland sports fashion, a 3-2 record calls for a good old fashioned crash back to reality as Brian Hoyer goes down for the year to be replaced by Willis McGahee’s nephew Brandon Weeden. Brian, Ian, and Kris discuss the win, what losing Hoyer means for the Browns season, Lexxi Silver’s Twitter, and are even joined by a special guest in the second half of the show (hint: he sings “meeeeee, meeeeee, i can throw”). Plus, in the Tweet of the Week you will find out why Jason Pinkston is being held back from playing Blackjack. This episode is also not safe for work or children, but is not as bad as the last one. GO BROWNS!

6 B’s and a P: Season 2, Episode 5 (Week 4)

Browns win! Lucy is more excited than she lets on.
Browns win! Lucy is more excited than she lets on.

6 B’s and a P: Season 2, Episode 5 (Week 4):

The Browns win again! The unfamiliar territory of success causes this podcast to have one of it’s most Not Safe For Work episodes ever, blamed squarely on not being used to pride and Bernie Kosar’s porno daughter. Sorry kids, don’t listen to this one. Honestly, kids really shouldn’t listen. Anyway… the Browns win again beating the Cincinnati Bengals 17-6 and improving to 2 and 2 on the season and a tie for first (oh my god) place in the AFC North with the Bengals and that other team of terrible people who used to be the Browns. Even more importantly that means the Pittsburgh Steelers are in last place with and 0-4 record on the year. We celebrate by talking about all kinds of stuff including the newest Cleveland Brown and winner of greatest name ever Foshwitt “Fozzy” Whittaker, this week’s photo features Lucy, Brian and Sherri’s Bassett Hound. GO BROWNS!

6 Bs and a P: Season 2, Episode 4 (Week 3)

6 B & a P co-host Ian Wolfe meets Captain Cleveland in Minnesota and the Browns won!
6 B & a P co-host Ian Wolfe meets Captain Cleveland in Minnesota and the Browns won!

6 Bs and a P: Season 2, Episode 4:

THE BROWNS WIN! WOW! Despite a crazy week that involved a huge trade of arguably the Browns most exciting player, the team actually wins! Led by 3rd string Quarterback Brian Hoyer the Browns went into Minnesota and defeated the Vikings right in front of our co-host Ian (he went to the game). Brian missed the game because he was buying a used car from a guy named Mort but caught the end on the radio. Kris Poland, Ian Wolfe, and Brian Wiebe all join our host for commentary, analysis, and even a visit from Browns owner Jimmy Haslem and GM Michael Lombardi. GO BROWNS!

6 Bs and a P: Season 2, Episode 3 (Week 2)


6 Bs and a P: Season 2, Episode 3:

This week was familiar. A podcast recorded after a loss to the Ravens (for the 12th straight time) that pushes the Browns to 0-2 on the year. We recorded on Monday night and then on Wednesday the Browns made two shocking moves: first they announced our 3rd string Quarterback, Brian Hoyer will start this Sunday making him the 19th QB to start for the Browns since 1999 and then traded their best player Trent Richardson for a draft pick. It’s a rough day to be a Browns fan. Brian recorded a last minute intro and added it on before the episode we recorded on Monday. Enjoy a look back in time before these two terrible things happened. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

6 Bs and a P: Season 2, Episode 2 (Week 1)

That didn't take long.
That didn’t take long.

6 Bs and a P – Season 2, Episode 2:

Well… that didn’t take long. The excitement that built to the kickoff of the Cleveland Browns 2013 season opener against the Miami Dolphins quickly came to an end as the Browns lost behind a dismal performance from our 75 year old Quarterback and baseball minor leaguer Brandon Weeden. Brian and company (Ian and Kris return and Sherri joins in this week too) try to remain positive by discussing such topics as the rice Ian is eating, Jordan Cameron, and whether the Browns deserve their fanbase. Comment below on this week’s (final) audience trivia question and make sure to check us out on Twitter and Facebook. Go Browns?

Sometimes The Bear Eats You Too: NMF13 Sunday

“It’s finally here! Highlights from the final day of this year’s Nelsonville Music Festival await your ears only at This episode features Supernobody, Jerry David Decicca, Field Report and Cotton Jones. Special thanks to Warren Taylor for the interview and Brian Wiebe for all of his help and recording expertise. Enjoy!”

Sometimes The Bear Eats You Too: NMF13 Sunday

Michael Hurley Bonus

Cotton Jones Bonus

Aquabear County Fair is September 5-7: 14 Ohio Bands, All Free!

ABCF13Poster-webThe 7th annual Aquabear County Fair is THIS COMING WEEKEND: September 5-7 in beautiful Uptown Athens, Ohio. Things kick off on Thursday, September 5 at The Union at 10:00pm with Weird Science (athens), Palaces (cleveland), Princess (athens), and Night Stalker (athens). Friday, September 6 we move a few block away to Casa Cantina with music from The D-Rays (athens), Hyrrokkin (yellow springs), Supernobody (athens), and The Dead Hand of Man (athens). And we finish off the weekend back at The Union on Saturday, September 7 at 9:00pm with Wussy (cincinnati),  being joined by a slew of Athens bands including County Pharaohs, Hex Net, Unmonumental, Weedghost, and the night will close out with a performance from We March. ALL FREE. It’s on Facebook here, share this link, bring friends, support Ohio music



Traysh Island is August 24-25 in Chesterhill, Ohio

Ohio is home to some amazing artists: musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, and more. Sometimes Ohio even becomes a place to create for those in the big cities of Chicago and New York, Harold Arts does exactly this by hosting artist residencies on its property in Morgan County just outside the town of Chesterhill. The place is called 8550 Ohio 377 and that so happens to be its address too. Traysh Island is a two-day ribbon (this weekend August 24th and 25th)cutting and celebration for artist Conrad Freiburg’s Woodshed, an 11-sided stellar observatory he designed and constructed at 8550 Ohio 377. Jason Ajemian is curating the music with 17 bands playing from Brooklyn, Chicago, Lafayette Indiana and of course Ohio is well represented with groups from Athens and Yellow Springs. $15 a day for no camping, $30 for two days and no camping, $50 for two days and camping and you can buy tickets by clicking here.

Saturday, August 24:
Xenia Rubinos (brooklyn), Hex Net (athens), Hyrrokkin (yellow springs), Sy (chicago), Jamie Reeder (chicago), Mr 666 (chicago), Jason Ajemian’s High Life (whale), Jerome Maez (chicago), DJ Pluto (chicago)

Sunday, August 25:
Cave (chicago), Leverage Models (brooklyn), Sport Fishing USA (yellow springs), Bitchin Bajas (chicago), Unmonumental (athens), The Brave (chicago), Doberman (lafayette), Traysh Island Big Band (universe)

7th Annual Aquabear County Fair (9/5-9/7) Full Lineup: Palaces, Dead Hand of Man, Night Stalker Added

CountyFair090webThe 7th annual Aquabear County Fair is September 5-7 in Athens, Ohio! The weekend features 14 Ohio bands playing three nights for FREE and here’s the final lineup (times TBA):

Thursday, September 5 at The Union, 10pm
Weird Science (athens)
Palaces (cleveland)
Princess (athens)
Night Stalker (athens)

Friday, September 6 at Casa, 10pm
The D-Rays (athens)
Hyrrokkin (yellow springs)
Supernobody (athens)
Dead Hand of Man (athens)

Saturday, September 7 at The Union, 9pm
Wussy (cincinnati)
We March (athens)
County Pharaohs (athens)
Hex Net (athens)
Unmonumental (athens)
Weedghost (fairborn/athens)

All shows are FREE. We still pay the bands so if you’d like to help by making a donation let us know:

6 Bs and a P, Season 2: Pre-Season Special!

Go Browns! It's season two of 6 Bs and a P! Here's high school CHUD.
Go Browns! It’s season two of 6 Bs and a P! Here’s high school CHUD.

It’s that time of the year… almost

Cleveland Browns football! Which means that Brian and company are back with the Cleveland Browns podcast 6 Bs and a P! For the kickoff (pun intended) episode of the second season, Brian is joined by Ian and Kris to cover everything from the Browns offseason to the first pre-season game against the Rams. They also discuss Bernie Kosar, the pope, and listen to special segments from Wiebe (who is pro dancing) and Sherri (funny names). Go Browns! Next episode after week 1! Find 6 Bs and a P on Twitter and Facebook!

Sometimes The Bear Eats You Too: NMF13 Saturday

NMF-mural-2Two days down and two to go! That can only mean one thing. It’s time for the penultimate episode. STBEYtoo returns with highlight’s fromSaturday at this year’s Nelsonville Music Festival. We kick things off with songs from You Black Kettle, The Flying Clouds of South Caroline, Athens’ own Wheels on Fire, and Cotton Jones. This one ends strong with three great Ohio acts. Sundresses, County Pharaohs, and Wussy wrap the wet night up. Enjoy, and check back soon for the final episode featuring bands from the 2013 Nelsonville Music Festival. And to those artists who didn’t sign their release forms, get on it next year!

15th Annual Athens Community Music Festival is THIS SATURDAY!

The 15th annual Athens Community Music Festival is this Saturday in Uptown Athens! 36 bands at 6 venues for $8!

The 15th Annual Athens Community Music Festival is slated for THIS Saturday August 10th in Athens, Ohio at Casa Cantina, Donkey Coffee, Jackie O’s (Public House and Brewery side), The Smiling Skull Saloon and The Union. This year’s festival features 36 diverse local acts on 6 stages all over town. Don’t miss it! $5 will get you into any venue of your choice – OR – you may purchase an $8 all access pass at any of the participating venues (day of show). All proceeds from A.C.M.F. benefit Arts/WEST, The Gathering Place, and The Bryan Winland Memorial Arts & Music Scholarship. Please come out and show your support for LOCAL live music in Athens Ohio!

6:30 – Bingxin Huang
6:55 – Winter Wilson
7:20 – Austin McGrath
7:45 – Cory Love
8:10 – Aubree Riley
8:35 – The Geek Girls

1- Fathers of the Revolution
12- Unmonumental
11- County Pharaohs
10- Hex Net
9P- Rattletrap
8P- Adam Remnant
7P- The Dead Hand of Man

1- The Porters
12- Burning River Ramblers
11- Lennon Orchestra
10- Shamantis
9- Paranormals
8- Joey Hebdo and his drum
7- Leah Nairn

1- Black Spyral Dancer
12- Dysfunktional Family
11- Controlled Folly
10- Appalachiam Hillside Revolution
9- JJ Reed
8- Bad Castle

1- Weird Science
12- Princess
11- Wrongzai
10- Corbin Marsh Band
9- Dad Arm
8- Laura Nadeau

1- Method Air
12- Little Blind “Lightnin” Millie Jinkins & Her Litterbox Wranglers
11- Night Stalker
10- Slut Castle

We March and More Added to Aquabear County Fair: September 5-7

Athens' own We March join the Aquabear County Fair lineup and will close out The Union on Saturday, September 7
Athens’ own We March join the Aquabear County Fair lineup and will close out The Union on Saturday, September 7

The 7th annual Aquabear County Fair will take place in beautiful Athens, Ohio on the weekend of September 5-7, 2013! And the Aquabear has another round of bands to announce for this ALL FREE weekend of Ohio music featuring (after about a year off) the Athens legendary punk rockers We March who will close out The Union on Saturday night after Wussy’s set. Joining We March in this round of announcements as well are Hyrrokkin (yellow springs), County Pharaohs (athens), Hex Net (athens), and Princess (athens). The new announcements join a lineup that features Wussy (cincinnati), The D-Rays (athens), Weird Science (athens), Supernobody (athens), Unmonumental (athens), and Weedghost (athens/fairborn). More bands are still to be announced and the entire weekend is FREE. We gladly take donations to help pay the bands, drop us a line at if you’d like to help.

7th Annual Aquabear County Fair
Athens, Ohio –  ALL FREE

The Union, 10pm
with: Weird Science, Princess, and more

Casa Cantina, 10pm
with: Hyrokkin, The D-Rays, Supernobdy, and more

The Union, 9pm
with: Wussy, We March, County Pharaohs, Hex Net, Unmonumental, Weedghost

Aquabear Teams with Misra to Release Spineriders Album from Jason Molina’s High School Band, Benefits MEMA, Pre-Order Now

Misra Records, Aquabear Legion, Cleveland Continental, and more have teamed up to release Spineriders "Hello Future Tinglies"
Misra Records, Aquabear Legion, Cleveland Continental, and more have teamed up to release Spineriders “Hello Future Tinglies” a recording of the late Jason Molina’s (Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co.) Lorain, Ohio high school band. Proceeds benefit the Musicians Emergency Medical Association. Pre-order it now!

The world of music lost one of the finest songwriters and human beings we had when Lorain, Ohio’s own Jason Molina passed away this March. As we mentioned back then, Jason had many close personal connections to Aquabear Legion, Aquabear co-founder Todd Jacops grew up with Jason and played in bands with him including the original version of Songs: Ohia and their high school band Spineriders and we were left with heavy hearts. Almost immediately a decision was made to find some way to honor Jason’s memory. Given Aquabear’s mission it made sense to do something with the over 20 year old Spineriders recordings, Jason’s band before he was in Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. Aquabear started talking to our good friends Leo DeLuca (of Misra Records, Southeast Engine), fellow Spineriders Carl Raponi and Mike McCartney, and Dave Straub (of Cleveland Continental, and countless Cleveland bands over the years) and Misra Records offered to put out Spineriders Hello Future Tinglies as a limited edition cassette only release (its original format) as a benefit for the Musicians Emergency Medical Association, they are a wonderful non-profit organization that offers help and assistance to musicians in getting healthcare. Something that Jason and many other musicians and artists often cannot afford on their own. Please pre-order this amazing album and piece of Ohio music history, your purchase supports a just cause and the memory of one of the finest musicians to come out of Ohio. It comes with a download, and there is a special package with a limited print from Spinerider Carl Raponi. Help spread the word and share this post and link, you can also take a look at the article on Pitchfork from July 25. Thanks to all who made this happen.


Spineriders – Hello Future Tinglies

Todd Jacops
Mike McCartney
Jason Molina
Carl Raponi

Where From:
Lorain, OH

Year Formed:

Hello Future Tinglies 

Proceeds to the Musicians Emergency Medical Association

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, Jason Molina played bass and sang backup vocals in the Spineriders –– a Lorain, Ohio punk band attending nearby Admiral King High School. Our aim in unearthing Hello Future Tinglies is to provide an invaluable window into the life, circumstances and experiences of a young Northeast Ohio native whose extraordinary gift would grow, take form and awaken the world in innumerable ways.

Great artists rarely uncover their muse overnight. Inevitably, it is the summation of their life experience. Before Jason Molina was known as a beautiful, heart-wrenching songwriter, he was an angst-ridden teenage bass player. The Spineriders provide the context within which one of independent music’s most beloved artists was born.

The official release of this material is born out of a friendship between Todd Jacops (founding Spineriders and Songs: Ohia member) and Leo DeLuca (Misra Records manager) –– both Ohio natives. Todd played on the debut “Nor Cease Thou Never Now” 7” (Palace Records), the “One Pronunciation of Glory” 7” (Secretly Canadian’s second release), Songs: Ohia (debut LP), andHecla & Griper. After Jason passed away, and the original Spineriders were consulted, the two decided to excavate Hello Future Tinglies.

The 1991 recording is being issued on cassette –– an effort to stay true to the times. Spineriders drummer Carl Raponi produced a limited run of Jason Molina screen-prints for the occasion and Jacops created an online memorial at With the approval of the Molina family, all proceeds will go to the Musicians Emergency Medical Association ( We hope you enjoy this artifact.

Reilly Lambert, an old, dear friend of Jason Molina, looks back on The Spineriders

The first time I met Jason Molina was at a local metal show at the Lorain, Ohio community center. It was around 1988 and we were all wearing jean jackets and sporting mullets. My friend Jeff had been talking about how cool Jason was for days. When we were first introduced, I expected him to be six-feet tall.

Jason was a genuinely great guy from the second we met. He commanded the room (in this instance, he commanded the sterile hallways of a Lorain community center) and possessed a confidence I saw over the years in many different places. It was as if he knew the venue by heart, leading me around to show me how things worked. Jason was at home where music was played. Looking back, I see that it was his passion that came across in meeting people and sharing his love of music.

One could say Lorain created the Spineriders, but that would be too poetic. It would give the Rust Belt a glory that it doesn’t deserve. The Spineriders were a result of the culture. Lorain was a factory town, and there were unspoken rules of conformity that begged for resistance. They knew what they wanted before they could express it. Barely old enough to drive, they had this amazing ambition to create something new.

I could go on about their punk and metal influences and even how Jason introduced blues folk to everyone in the band. However, doing that takes away from the music that these four kids created on the rusty shores of Lake Erie.

The band was Jason Molina on bass, Todd Jacops on guitar, Carl Raponi on drums, and Mike McCartney on guitar and vocals. Everyone who heard the Spineriders started a band. In Lorain, that was about fifteen of us.

The Spineriders made a name for themselves by competing in high school talent shows and battle of the bands competitions around Cleveland. I always got the idea that they did the high school talent shows on a lark, and they all seemed to have smirks on their faces as they played.  When they won a Battle of the Bands, they won studio time. Chris Keffer, a judge at one of the battles, produced their records. He introduced them to the studio, showing them how to work in it, and essentially becoming the fifth member of the band.

Their demo got them gigs at clubs around Cleveland. They even rented a community center in the area with other local bands. Somehow, they managed to get a decent enough crowd to cover the costs of both a P.A. and the room itself.

As they got older, their music got better, more intense. And with all high school bands, they eventually split up due to everyone in the band moving on after graduation. Todd went on to record more music with Jason on breaks from college. In 1994, they recorded songs that were completely different than what the Spineriders had produced. It was a new direction that would eventually evolve into Songs: Ohia. Todd and Mike played on early Songs: Ohia records: the debut “Nor Cease Thou Never Now” 7” (Palace Records), the “One Pronunciation of Glory” 7” (Secretly Canadian’s second release),Songs: Ohia (debut LP), and Hecla & Griper (Todd only). Carl went on to become a drum and bass DJ. Todd and Mike play in bands to this day.

I can go on for hours about how Lorain, Ohio is a shit town, but I won’t. Jason and I would talk about how much we hated it, about how we never wanted to go back. When I listen to the Spineriders now, I remember that period as such a creative time for the band and for everyone involved in the scene. Going to their shows and listening to their music gave me my best memories of Lorain. The background in music and the drive to be creative would shape them for years, especially Jason, who had ridiculous drive and creativity. He was prolific. I imagine Lorain is part of the darkness he always wrote about.

In 1993, I asked Jason what he wanted to be when he grew up. He’d just finished his first year at Oberlin College. He was disillusioned about school and dealing with financial aid. It was a sunny day. He was playing a beat-up acoustic guitar, fitted with nylon strings. There were only five strings on it and tuned in some odd way that he was fond of.

He stopped strumming, looked in my direction and said, “I want to be a rock star.”

– Reilly Lambert
May, 2013

Track List:

Side A:
1. Intro
2. Hello Future Tinglies
3. Instrumental 2
4. Thunder Junkie
5. Instrumental 8
6. Acid Man
7. Instrumental 3

Side B:
8. Instrumental 7
9. Stupid
10. Instrumental 5
11. Moon Syrup
12. Instrumental 1

Recorded by Chris Keffer • Magnetic North Studio • Cleveland, OH • 1991
Released in conjunction with Aquabear Legion and Cleveland Continental.

Sometimes The Bear Eats You Too: NMF13 Friday

Highlights from Friday night of the 2013 Nelsonville Music Festival are here and ready for the listening! This episode features Catherine MacLellan, Leah Nairn, Michael Hurley, JD Hutchison, The Hiders, Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer, Nick Tolford & Company, William Tyler, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Adam Remnant, Endless Boogie, Screaming Females, and Reigning Sound. That’s a metric butt load of music for the low, low price of absolutely nothing. Enjoy!

Wussy to Headline 7th Annual Aquabear County Fair: September 5-7

Cincinnati’s Wussy will headline the 7th annual Aquabear County Fair!

The 7th annual Aquabear County Fair will take place September 5-7, 2013 in beautiful uptown Athens, Ohio! This year’s Fair will feature tons of great Ohio bands playing all throughout the weekend in Athens FOR FREE and will be headlined by Cincinnati’s acclaimed rock and roll legends Wussy on Saturday, September 7th at The Union. Joining Wussy in this first round of announcements are some of Athens’ finest including The D-Rays, Weird Science, Supernobody, Unmonumental, and Weedghost (dates, venues, times to be announced), with a whole lot more to come. The weekend will kick off on Thursday, September 5th at The Union and continue on Friday, September 6 at Casa Cantina before closing out on Saturday, September 7th back at The Union. There will still be a few more shows and surprises to announce as we get closer. And again, this whole weekend is FREE. If you are an Ohio business interested in sponsoring the Aquabear County Fair to help pay some bands, send us an e-mail at, and if you are a person who thinks this all sounds like a good time and want to support Aquabear you can make a donation here, even a few bucks is a big help.

Check out Wussy’s full KEXP performance from 2012’s SXSW show at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop

Sometimes the Bear Eats You Too: NMF13 Thursday

Sometimes The Bear Eats You Too returns with coverage of the 2013 Nelsonville Music Festival! Thursday focused heavily on Athens bands with performances by JJ Reed, Unmonumental, Chris Biester, Hex Net, Weedghost, D-Rays and Makebelieves! Out of towners Old Light and Los Hacheros join the fun as well. Check back soon for highlights from the rest of the weekend’s activities.


Matt Presutti & Weedghost

Last week, Matt Presutti (The Makebelieves, The Snails, Transmissions from Moonbase Alpha) earned his MFA in print making from the University of South Dakota in the lovely little town of Vermillion, SD. He kindly invited Aquabear Legionnaires Weedghost to provide musical accompaniment to his gallery opening entitled “Locus Nocturna: A History of Curiosity” at LumoStudios & Gallery on Friday, April 26th. Weedghost’s drones were the perfect match to Presutti’s explorations of fact, myth, and unexplained phenomena. Our time spent in Vermillion was filled with old and new friends, beautiful scenery, Hamm’s, Ice Hole, pinball, gamelan, transcribing, the biggest pork chops we’ve ever seen, a mustachioed cat, radioactive Catholics, and one Egyptian assault rifle. Please enjoy the pictures.

Blackoutfest Turns 18 in Athens This Weekend!

blackout2013Athens own Blackoutfest turns legal age this year, celebrating 18 years of Scott Winland bringing awesome underground rock and roll to Athens for a weekend each year for one big party of music. The 18th annual Blackoutfest will take place THIS WEEKEND (Thursday, April 11 – Saturday, April 13) at The Union in Athens, Ohio. 30 bands over three nights including music from Cheap Time, Natural Child, Greg Ashley Band, Birthday Suits, and Useless Eaters and some great Ohio bands like Grafton, EYE, and Unholy Two along with the usual Athens mainstays too. Tickets are on sale at Haffa’s Records in Athens right now, or you can buy them at the door.

Aquabear Legion is honored to co-sponsor Friday  night (April 12th) of Blackoutfest with music from Natural Child, Birthday Suits, EYE, Grafton, The D-Rays, Hex Net, Unholy Two, Homemade Drugs, Hook & Eye and Unmonumental. Starts at 6:00pm SHARP.  We’ll have some free pizza at the start of Friday night from Avalanche courtesy of the Aquabear, so come early.. plus free Aquabear stickers for all! And there is a guitar raffle all weekend (you could win a badass guitar from United Lutherie made just for the show) and sweet screenprinted posters from Jason Frederick. Come out, see bands, support rock and roll, and buy some stuff. And the brand new Splooge Magazine is co-sponsoring Saturday night!

Schedule below and you can attend on Facebook here.

Thursday PRE-PARTY!!! 8PM // $5
Weird Science
Buring Itch
County Pharoahs
Fat Elvis
Sportfishing USA
Shower Beers

Natural Child
Birthday Suits
The D-Rays
Hex Net
Unholy Two
Homemade Drugs
Hook & Eye

Saturday – SPLOOGEOUT!!! 4PM // $8
Cheap Time
Greg Ashley Band
Useless Eaters
Shockwave Riderz
Frankie Teardrop
Small Steps
Mom’s Weekend
Method Air

Jason Molina (1973-2013)

Jason Molina (right) and The Spineriders (Todd on guitar and Carl on Drums, Mike McCartney not pictured) in a Lorain, Ohio garage.

This weekend the world of music was saddened at the news of Jason Molina’s passing. Jason was an Ohioan (and fellow Lorainite) and was an amazing songwriter, musician, and human being making beautiful music throughout his life under his name along with the projects Magnolia Electric Co. and Songs:Ohia. Our thoughts are with his family and friends during this difficult time. Here at Aquabear Legion the news was especially devastating. Aquabear was started by myself and Todd Jacops back in 2004, and Todd grew up with Jason in Lorain and they were very close friends. Jason and Todd (along with Carl Raponi and Mike McCartney) started their musical careers in The Spineriders and Todd later joined Jason in his first years with Songs:Ohia, playing on the self titled “Black Album” and touring across the country. They were very close friends, spending their formative years in the halls of Admiral King (a school I would later attend myself) and playing in rock and roll bands, so as you can imagine this already crushing reality was even harder to comprehend. I cannot even begin to imagine how hard this is for Jay’s family and friends.

Myself, I only met Jason a few times. But his impact and influence on me were far reaching, in fact you can see it right here on this website. Jason Molina was not only an amazing songwriter, I could identify with his point of view because he was from the same place as me. Finding out at the age of 16 that someone who was from Lorain could be a musician and put out records and tour the country was like lightning. In addition to a deep appreciation of his music and a peripheral connection through very close friends and a couple handshakes over the years, I also was connected to Jason through the same ways one is to anyone from their hometown: his father was my junior high Science teacher at Lorain Middle School and his sister married one of my brother’s best friends. It was always amazing to me when friends of mine would find out (often because it was something I could gloat about in regard to my hometown) that I had met Jason Molina and we were from the same face, and then watch them get blown away when they found out Todd Jacops had played drums on that first Songs:Ohia album. That was the impact Songs:Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. had on people who loved music, those songs hold some powerful weight to anyone who listens and it is a shared experience between me and most all of my friends and peers.  These were songs that I listened to in times of great pain (the final Magnolia Electric Co. album Josephine was on repeat for me during the loss of my own grandmother a few years back) and in times of joy (the fantastic “The Dark Don’t Hide It” closed on the mix cd I gave my wife Sherri for our first anniversary, while the next track on What Comes After the Blues “The Night Shift Lullaby” opened the one I gave her on our second anniversary). This was one of our generation’s finest songwriters, one hell of a musician, and from my encounters and those whose opinions I trust well, an amazing human being.

It’s been a tough week here. And while I think losing someone you care about is an incredibly difficult process, those who made a real impact are never far from your mind. The amount of beautiful songs left behind by Jay are plentiful, albums and albums of wonderful music to remember him with, along countless b-sides and live bootlegs and what I’m sure will be even more of those to come. His art will not be lost, this is music that will continue to survive on and on, with countless other 16 year olds finding copies of Jason’s albums at crucial moments in the their life.

Thank you Jason for your songs. Rest in peace friend.

“Thunder Junkie” by The Spineriders
featured on the Refugee Records Compilation.

REVIEW: Founding Fathers “Rapid Transit”


Founding Fathers, “Rapid Transit”
Snax, 2013

I’ve read a lot on the topic of increasingly non-geographical musical landscapes. Those days of 70’s, 80’s, or even 90’s scenes in cities across the country spawning great bands, venues, labels that shaped my own musical development have been replaced by an internet age where the concept of belonging to a geographic place of permanence is less necessary. Bands pack up and head to Brooklyn, Chicago, Portland, or Austin leaving behind hometown music scenes that may not exist as strongly anymore or they may have had little involvement in. One of Aquabear’s goals has always been to focus on that strong geographic permanence of the state of Ohio and the great music and art in produces. Now before I start getting all philosophical about my work with Aquabear Legion I will promise you that this introductory paragraph has something to do with this record review.

Founding Fathers new album Rapid Transit has an LP insert with an old promotional map of Northeast Ohio with the slogan “Rapid Transit is Rapid Growth!” across the top. Below the map are the following words: WRITTEN, RECORDED, MASTERED, CUT, PRINTED, AND PRESSED IN CLEVELAND, OHIO. The album’s name itself coming from city’s public transportation system of rail and bus, a photo of which graces the cover (by Rose Marancil and painted by Jake Kelly). This record is a great example of why the concept of geography plays an important role in the creative pursuits of musicians that reside in that community. Its songs take a journey around Cleveland’s musical past, present, and future not unlike the Rapid Transit system itself. Growing up in Lorain (west of Cleveland) I spent a lot of time listening to bands from the area during my formative years and there was also something about bands from Cleveland that I never could put a finger on. Founding Fathers are made up of some of Cleveland’s most talented folks: John Neely and Stanton Thatcher played together in Tokyo Storm Warning and Neely and fellow John (Kalman) worked at the Grog Shop for years and Kalman’s band Roue still remains of the city’s most missed projects. The three are joined on bass by Carol  Schumacher Yachanin (Tough & Lovely, Reigning Sound, Detroit Cobras) and together create a pretty amazing record from start to finish.

Rapid Transit sounds immediately familiar drawing on touchstones ranging from Archers of Loaf and Dinosaur Jr. but with a heavy dose of a certain sound that comes from the geographic influence mentioned earlier. A lot of that feeling also comes courtesy of Paul Maccarrone (formely of the legendary Zombie Proof Studios and currently of The Black Eye) who recorded and mixed this record (along a long list of other Cleveland essentials over the years). Opener “Flower Plower” storms out of the gate but its the second song “Sailing Stones” that is the standout for me, recalling for me mid 90’s Yo La Tengo with several moments of perfect harmonization that only come along once in a great while. Songs like “Latest American Hero”, “Secret Win”, and “Dancey Pants” are carried by riffs that switch back and forth, soaring and angling into each other drawing to mind other Cleveland bands of days past like Sun God, Machine Go Boom, The Franchise, and State of Ohio. “Chasing Shadows” is a fitting end to the record leaving the listener with just a few more melodies and progressions to hum along to the rest of the day.

There is always something great happening musically in Cleveland but lately it seems as if new music and new projects or coming out all the time. New bands with familiar friends (The Safeties, Classic Sand, Palaces, and more) are popping up and the Lottery League is readying itself again to mix up some of the city’s finest musicians into a whole new crop of bands. This city is full of some of the most talented people I have ever met and they all seem to be putting out some incredible stuff these days, with the potential of more and more to come. I highly recommend this album.

REVIEW: Connections “Private Airplane”


Connections, “Private Airplane”
Anyway Records, 2013

Take a quick glance at the cover of Connections’ debut LP and you’ll surely notice a hot pink biplane soaring across an empty sky. It’s a seemingly calculated piece of iconography that links this record to Dayton, OH, the birthplace of aviation and the ancestral home of legendary Ohio rockers Guided By Voices. Located an hour east via I-70, in the relative metropolis of Columbus, this group of local music scene veterans have managed to channel the same sort of energy that Robert Pollard and company began tapping into almost 30 years ago.

For singer Kevin Elliot and guitarist Andy Hampel, the association is far from superficial. Four track recordings made by the pair’s high school band 84 Nash found their way into the hands of Pollard, resulting in the release of their debut full length on GBV’s own Rockathon Records in 1998. Drummer Adam Elliot’s group Times New Viking toured alongside the recently reunited ‘classic lineup.’ And if their previous musical output is any indication, guitarist Dave Capaldi (of El Jesus de Magico) and bassist Philip Kim (of Andrew Graham & Swarming Branch) have definitely listened to Bee Thousand.

Private Airplane possesses a sort of polished scruffiness, echoing the lo-fi roots of some of its key personnel without assaulting your ears with distorted blasts of tape hiss. The thrashing chords of “Miller’s Grove” and noisy hooks of “Casuals” sound as if they were written in beer can-strewn basements and hastily recorded using equipment identical to that which birthed albums like Under the Bushes Under the Stars. By the same token, short, divergent interludes like “Sister City” and “Capital of Strange Cravings” might have been fleshed out over the course of a few smoke breaks. And while Kevin Elliot may not have Uncle Bob’s vocal presence, the band’s unison delivery shares the consistent aspiration of treating a Thursday night bar crowd like a densely packed arena.

That’s not to say that Connections are entirely derivative of their most conspicuous influence. From the woozy chords of “Cindy” to the earnest sentimentality of “I Can Fix Memories,” the group consistently finds new ways to wrap their thoughts into succinct, pop-indebted rock songs. There’s a visceral feel to the half hour of music presented on the album, divided into bite-sized pieces that, while easily digestible on their own, are enhanced when placed in the context of the record itself. It’s a testament to Adam Smith’s production work which along with Adam Elliott’s understated rhythms, help unify the LP’s 15 varying tracks into a cohesive whole.

Amid all the muddy guitar tones and muffled cymbal crashes, there’s a palpable sense of midwestern nostalgia that finds the group’s romanticized small town recollections clashing with contemporary urban realities. It’s a source of inspiration that easily lends itself to uncovering universal truths, much like those exposed by their elders down the road in Dayton. Boarding their Private Airplanes, Connections achieve catharsis through a very specific strain of concise musical expression, giving a salty salute to their forbearers while proving that the club is still open.

You can find this record at your finest local record store.

Aquabear Pancake Breakfast is Sunday, February 17 in Athens!

418215_10150561270104691_417437864_nThe best day of the whole year is almost upon us, Aquabear Legion Pancake Breakfast day! Sunday, February 17th at 1:00pm at UCM at 18 N. College St. in Athens, Ohio. Once again we are partnering with some great local food producers to make this meal ALL LOCAL including Shagbark Seed & Mill, Snowville Creamery, Sticky Pete’s Maple Syrup, Donkey Coffee, Fluff Bakery & Catering, Jackie O’s Pub and Brewery, and King Family Farm. All proceeds benefit the 7th annual Aquabear County Fair in Fall 2013, money raised will pay the bands for playing and keep all the shows free. Tickets are $5 in advance (look for them this week on the website here and at Haffa’s Records) or $6 at the door, and your ticket includes an all local meal with: ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT pancakes with Sticky Pete’s Maple Syrup and homemade Snowville butter, Donkey Coffee, various treats, along with bacon upgrades for $1. The breakfast will run from 1:00pm-4:00pm.

Hope to see you there, and please help us spread the word. Attend on Facebook.

Sometimes The Bear Eats You Too: Rockstar Pro Wrestling

logoSometimes the Bear Eats You Too is back and better than ever!  This time we’re focusing entirely on Dayton’s own independent professional wrestling promotion, Rockstar Pro Wrestling. I spoke with the man known simply as Michael and The Great American Beast in Rockstar Pro Arena at 1106 East 3rd Street in Dayton. We talked at length about the indie pro wrestling circuit, the challenges of training under Cody Hawk, fan involvement, music, and more. Check out Rockstar on Friday, January 18th at 7:00 PM for the Mesh vs Flesh Steel Cage Match between the undefeated “Relentless” Ron Mathis and Cody Hawk, “Dark Star” Matt Taylor vs “Shogun” Aaron Williams in an I Quit Match, former tag team partners C. Dub and Gee Gee battle in a Punk Rock is Dead Match, plus much more! February brings an all-ages Battle of the Bands plus a screening of Nigel McGuinness’ documentary. Check out for more information.

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Sometimes The Bear Eats You Too: Rockstar Pro Wrestling

Best of Ohio 2012: Part Five

volume-2-comp-250x250Aquabear is kicking off a brand new year-end tradition by asking some of the state’s best musicians and music related folks to share their favorite Ohio music finds and experiences of the year. Look for a whole bunch of these before the start of 2013! Here’s the fifth batch featuring Paul Maccarrone (Cleveland – Zombie Proof, Curtis Frey (Cleveland – We March, Palaces),  Josh Antonuccio (3 Elliott Studio), Noah Andrews (Cleveland – Aquabear Legion/Sometimes The Bear Eats You, 5unday 5essions), and Eddie Ashworth (Athens – Ohio University Professor, Producer, Engineer, Mixer). Look for more in the coming weeks and please share, if you would like to participate drop us a line at


Paul Maccarrone
Cleveland  (Zombie Proof)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
Obnox – “Rojo”  (12XU): I still have no idea why I like this so much since I’m not a fan of noise or free jazz in general. Bim started throwing curves here. Wetbrain (Bloodclot) This demo doesn’t even touch them live, but it’s good introduction. McShitz “Wish The Morning Never Came.” (self-released) My favorite of 2012. I still play this every Sunday morning. They hired some prog-metal jerk to print the cover and he turned out to be a deadbeat. Perfect for a band that never actually released a record while they were active, but frustrating nonetheless.

Favorite new Ohio band
New? What do you mean? Safeties, Smooth Brain, Murdered Man, Family Dollar, Royal Blood, Homeowners, Black Puddle Noise, Banging Fragiles.

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year
Homostupids playing Class at the end of December. Sorry, they’re still the best live band in Cleveland. Neck and neck for second are Bad Noids @ Class before George went on vacation, Obnox on Halloween @ the WCSB show (Cleveland Public Theater), This Moment In Black History and Homeowners both here in my living room.

What are you most excited about for 2013?
Safeties. Whenever they finish that recording it’s going to be amazing. I heard that the Inmates recorded something new and I’ve never heard anything bad from them. Steve Peffer and Kevin Jaworski got together with Brandon from Brown Sugar and wrote five songs together. If they find someone to put vocals on it, I’m sure it’ll be a crusher. I’d like to see Homeowners put something official out this year. I’m psyched to record Royal Blood  and Shitbox Jimmy this month. Both of these bands have the capability to lay down bizarre and timeless rock. Generally, I’m looking forward to being surprised once again by all of the talented nut jobs that play music in this town whether I know them or not. Obnox is putting out an E.P., a double 7″ and a double 12″  this year. All completely different from one another, all pissed, distorted, and with great heart. I’ve been accused of liking Bim’s music because he’s black, but I think he just writes better rock songs than most of the crackers around here. So there.

What have you been working on lately?
Cracked Cup – I get to work with Becket, and two Bad Noids (George and Mike), love it;. Tuk Peenerson & His Weinermen – I get to work with two Paint Chips (Richard and Maude) and Jack and Jim  from the Noise Mafia. Put a McShit on drums (Dave), and you have Dick Salad. An acquired taste, but more fun than I’ve had in years, for sure.

What are you listening to right now?
Old mix tapes that people have made me. I’ve been transferring them to CD and playing them in-between bands @ The Grog Shop and Now That’s Class where I’ve been working doing sound.

Curtis Frey
Cleveland  (We March, Palaces)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
Founding Fathers “Rapid Transit”, This Moment in Black History “Higher Deffer”, Obnox stuff. Obnox’s Soundcloud page,  “Black Mail Librarian”  (Paul Maccarrone’s soundcloud) is pretty awesome. I don’t buy records anymore, I don’t have anything to play em on, i just listen to shit on the internet. People would give me records and I would just fuck em up. People don’t give me records anymore.

Favorite new Ohio band
The band I had with Nate Scheible and Eben Nichols. Nate moved. Probably the best thing I’ve ever been apart of.

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year
This Moment In Black History @ the black eye. Kill the Hippies/Founding Fathers @ The Black Eye.

What are you most excited about for 2013?
I don’t get excited about things that haven’t happened yet.

What have you been working on lately?
Playing keyboard in Palaces with Dave Straub, Eben Nichols, Roseanna Safos, and Jesse Alison. We March shows in February. Keeping Variants going with Eben either by recording or getting a new drummer. Also gonna be working on getting a label started with Dave and hopefully others to digitally release our old bands’ stuff and release digital singles of our new projects. Of course, we’d like to eventually release stuff physically as well, but you know…poverty.

Josh Antonuccio
Athens  (3 Elliott Studio)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
Got to work on some wonderful Ohio albums in 2012 including releases by Southeast Engine, Old Hundred, and Human Cannonball.

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year
There are so many great bands in Athens right now.  I’ve been digging shows by Hexnet and The D-Rays.  WeldyFest at O’Hooley’s was an amazing assembly of talent and saw a fantastic show on Dec. 16th at Donkey Coffee with Justin Gordon, Adam Remnant of Southeast Engine, Michael Nau of Cotton Jones, and Matthew Milia of Frontier Ruckus.

What are you most excited about for 2013?
Nelsonville Music Festival with Wilco and John Prine and heading back down to Austin,TX for South by Southwest.  Rumor is that Nick Cave is playing.  Very psyched for that.  Also, looking forward to the new Nick Tolford album.

What have you been working on lately?
Producing and engineering great albums for 2013, including new Ohio releases by Chris Shaw, Mike Elliott, The Antivillians, and Joey Hebdo.   Also, new music collaborations are in the works with some of my favorite Athens’ musicians.

What are you listening to right now?
Neil Young and Crazy Horse “Psychedelic Pill”, Grizzly Bear “Shields”, Walkmen “Heaven”, Japandroids “Celebration Rock”, The Antlers “Undersea”, JD McPherson “Signs an Signfiers”, Bill Fay “Life Is People”, Bruce Springsteen “Wrecking Ball”, Window Twins “Wish”, D’Angelo “Voodoo”, Jackson Browne “Waiting for the Sky”, Graham Nash “Songs for Beginners”, Big Boi “Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors”, Elmo Hope – “Trio and Quintet”

Noah Andrews
Cleveland  (Bark & Hiss, Editions Mego, Aquabear Legion, 5unday 5essions)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
Emeralds – Just To Feel Something, Wesley Bright and the Hi-Lites – Get It Right/Love (I Got It) 45″, Black Unicorn – Rediscovering Infinity, Machine Gun Kelly – Lace Up, Weedghost – “Rooneysghost”, Trouble Books – Concatenating Fields, Boquet Machine Box – live album , Piano & Elektron – “The Hornet & The Velodrome”

Favorite new Ohio band
The Ohio Players

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year
Giant Claw – at the Noise Cave by Rubber City Noise for Ingenuity-fest 2012

What are you most excited about for 2013?
The ending of recorded time and the unlimited possibilities of the future.

What have you been working on lately?
Matthu Stull, but he’s a dunce. I’d rather record/produce myself.

What are you listening to right now?
The Halloween re-issues on Death Waltz

Eddie Ashworth
Athens  (Ohio University Assistant Professor, Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
Real Women: Mt Carmel, Let’s Go Eat the Factory & Class Clown Spots a UFO: Guided by Voices, Arrow: Heartless Bastards

Favorite new Ohio band
Sportfishing U.S.A., HellNaw, Burning River Ramblers, Hex Net

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year
Gotta be honest: Concert for Weldy (Qiet, Amish Electric Chair, Controlled Folly, HellNaw, SassafraZ, Burning River Ramblers, Corbin Marsh, The Porters, Jeff Ellis, Rachel Figley and Ben Leeson, Almost Any Colour, Broken Ring, Maza Blaska) at Jackie O’s in December. Made me feel good to live Athens.

What are you most excited about for 2013?
Wilco at Nelsonville Music Festival.

What have you been working on lately?
Anyway, wrapping up the new album by the great WV singer/songwriter Jeff Ellis, mixing with local hip-hop artist Erik Paul, working on some new material with Columbus-based Maza Blaska, recording Silent Lions from Toledo next month, and am in discussion right now to produce a couple of artists that I’m very excited to work with, but can’t talk about it quite yet.

What are you listening to right now?
Lonerism: Tame Impala (2012), Throw it to the Universe: The Soundtrack of Our Lives (2012), Resurrection: Brian Vander Ark (2003), Silver Age: Bob Mould (2012), Propellor Time: Robyn Hitchcock (2010)


Best of Ohio 2012: Part Four

volume-2-comp-250x250Aquabear is kicking off a brand new year-end tradition by asking some of the state’s best musicians and music related folks to share their favorite Ohio music finds and experiences of the year. Look for a whole bunch of these before the start of 2013! Here’s the second batch featuring Kyle Sowash (Columbus – The Kyle Sowashes), Chris Lute (Athens – Weird Science, Dark Circles Records),  Zach Long (Chicago – Time Out Chicago, ALARM Magazine), Todd Carman (Athens – Skumplast), Brian Ostrander (Columbus – Kobo Live). Look for more in the coming weeks and please share, if you would like to participate drop us a line at

Kyle Sowash
Columbus  (The Kyle Sowashes)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
Connections – “Private Airplane”, GBV – “Class Clown Spots a UFO”, GBV – “Bears For Lunch”, The Whiles – “Somber Honey”, Washington Beach Bums – “Party!”

Best new Ohio band

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year?
Afghan Whigs/Wussy @ Bogarts, Cincinnati, OH 10.25.12
or Crooked FIngers/ John Vanderslice @ Tree Bar 11.6.12

What are you most excited about for 2013?

If you are a musician what have you been working on lately?
Just working on songs for a new record and drinking soda pops with my buddies.

What are you listening to right now?
RIGHT now? Bob Mould – The Silver Age


Chris Lute
Athens (Weird Science, Dark Circles Records)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
Paleoweltschmerz by Jay Harmon and the Francis Bacon Band, Homemade Drugs LP by Homemade Drugs, Volume Consume by Tribe of The Mountain, Teen Age by Nathan Moore, Vodou – Fittness

Best new Ohio band
Frankie Teardrop

What are you most excited about for 2013?
Working on new projects. Recording more bands more often. Nelsonville Music Festival.

If you are a musician what have you been working on lately?
Just began working on a project called Elton Johnny with Maureen Neer and Chris Lee. This is a very open-ended project that is based on live improvisation interacting with prerecorded loops, combing elements of Dub, Ambient Electronic, and Garage Rock. I am very excited to work with these guys to refine our process and expand our sonic palette with the incorporation of organ, theremin, etc. Essentially, this project is all about fluidity and progression, creating structure without confinement. We get to play whatever we want, as long as we are in sync with our prerecorded loops (of us playing whatever we want).

Also, recording with Frankie Teardrop, Finishing up an album with Bonzai, and recording for a solo album.

What are you listening to right now?
The Gun Club right now. Lately – Velvet Underground, Elvis Costello, The oh sees, Die Antwerd, Squarepusher

Zach Long
Chicago (Time Out Chicago, ALARM Magazine)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
Black Swans – Occasion for Song

Jerry DeCicca returns for another round of tugging at your heartstrings, armed with a batch of tunes that manage to be morose without coming off as mopey. Centered around the tragic death of former bandmate Noel Sayre, DeCicca forms a fitting tribute to his fallen friend with a record that surrounds the singer’s tender baritone with delicate arrangements. The tuneful tragedy of tracks like “Where Are You Tonight?” and “Bad Dream” makes this an album fit for the good times as well as the bad.

Guided By Voices – Class Clown Spots A UFO
The second installment in Guided By Voices trifecta of 2012 releases is the most varied of the bunch, finding the newly reformed group embracing the same kind of sporadic eclecticism that birthed Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes. There’s no arguing with the band’s pop rock earworms (“Keep It In Motion,” “Billy Wire”) or oddball interludes (“Worm w/ 7 Broken Hearts.”) As prolific as ever, the Dayton outfit seem to have picked up where the classic lineup left off in ’96. Keep it up, Uncle Bob.

Herzog – Cartoon Violence
Dialing up the distortion and singing about the mundane, the guys in Herzog sound like they’ve spent a bit of time with the music of Built to Spill and Pavement. Clocking in at just under half an hour, the Cleveland-based group don’t mince words, delivering a frantic, tightly constructed rock record that bounces from punk to shoegaze. Featuring members of the stoner rock group Megachurch, Herzog is at its best amid the pounding refrains of closing track “Alexander the Great.”

Hex Net – Future Holds
Providing the soundtrack to many a drunken night at Athens haunts like the Union or Casa Cantina, it should come as no surprise that the songs on Hex Net’s first full length release hold up under more sober scrutiny. In their recorded forms, there’s a newfound clarity to be found in Seth Riddleberger’s growling delivery and the group’s twisting surges of guitar and organ. True to form, the riffs still stick like glue and there’s no shortage of sonic weirdness—all part of a sound that you can’t help but become ensnared in.

Southeast Engine – Canannville EP
A concise companion to 2011’s Canary, the latest batch of songs from these Athens mainstays provides a tidy encapsulation of the group’s greatest strengths. Beginning with the jovial strains of “Old Oak Tree” and continuing with the jaunty bounce of the record’s title track, the band’s historical folk has never sounded more exuberant. The stirring finale of “C&O Railroad” finds singer Adam Remnant yearning for the days of old while, reaching for the track’s choruses with an earnest lilt that conveys the true importance of the past.

What are you most excited about for 2013?
I recently learned that Brainbow (one of my favorite Ohio bands back when I was in high school/college) will be releasing their second LP this January after years of inactivity. After that makes its debut, I’ll be looking forward to new records from Foxygen, Yo La Tengo, Low, (more) Guided By Voices and whatever Ty Segall puts out in the coming year.

Todd Carman
Athens  (Skumplast)

Best new Ohio band(s)
1.sega genocide
4.weird science

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year?
county pharaohs, d-rays, nick tolford and co. @ bowling alley!

Brian Ostrander
Columbus  (Kobo Live)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
The Kyle Sowashes – Somebody, Delay – Rushing Ceremony, Dolfish – I’d Rather Disappear Than Stay The Same, The Washington Beach Bums – Party!

Best new Ohio band

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year?
Anyway Records Weekend – Ace Of Cups 12/21 + 12/22
St. Lenox, Winter Makes Sailors, Obnox, New Bomb Turks, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, NECROPOLIS – covering Gaunt, Belreve, Jenny Mae, Kyle Sowashes, Moviola, County Pharaohs, Connections, Greenhorn

What are you most excited about for 2013?
Winter Makes Sailors full length release, Forward Ohio in Columbus, 18th Annual Blackoutfest in Athens, Nelsonville Music Festival

What are you listening to right now?
The Mountain Goats – Transcendental Youth
Water Liars – Phantom Limb
Craig Finn – Clear Heart Full Eyes

Best of Ohio 2012: Part Three

volume-2-comp-250x250Aquabear is kicking off a brand new year-end tradition by asking some of the state’s best musicians and music related folks to share their favorite Ohio music finds and experiences of the year. Look for a whole bunch of these before the start of 2013! Here’s the second batch featuring Nathan Moore (Yellow Springs/Athens – Sportfishing USA, Hex Net), Brett Helling (Columbus – The Cabdrivers, Winter Makes Sailors),  AJ Hitmar (Athens – Dark Circles Records), Dave Straub (Cleveland – Burger Boys, HOMeOwners, McShitz), Jessica Makosky (Athens – The Revulvas, Whip & Tickle). Look for more in the coming weeks and please share, if you would like to participate drop us a line at


Nathan Moore
Yellow Springs / Athens  (Sportfishing USA, Hex Net, Teen Age)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
Valleyboys – Chronic Youth. I’ve been nagging Chris Lute to put this out for two years, It was worth the wait, and it sounds GREAT!

Favorite new Ohio band
Hyrrokkin. This power trio is one of the most incredible bands I’ve ever seen. Instrumental, weird time signature rock, played by free-jazz aficionados. They are putting out a new full length soon.

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year
Pierced Arrows at the Union in Athens, OH in April. I couldn’t stop smiling during their set.

What are you most excited about for 2013?
Putting out a new full length Sport Fishing USA album!

What have you been working on lately?
Sport Fishing USA just finished tracking drums for a few brand new songs. We are overdubbing like hell. I’ve been spending a lot of time writing new songs and recording them on this little cassette 4-track machine. I love being limited to 4 tracks, it makes me write better songs.

What are you listening to right now?
“Mature Themes” by Ariel Pink. These songs are starting to make me insane though, I keep finding myself singing “bad breath on the cross eye guards” while I’m checking out at the grocery store.

Brett Helling
Columbus (The Cabdrivers, Winter Makes Sailors, The Kyle Sowashes, Swimsuit Edition)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
THE WHILES – “Somber Honey” Hands down my favorite album of the year…Ohio and beyond. It’s concise, warm, distant, melodic, and incredibly addictive. WATERSHED – “Brick And Mortar” Always been a big Watershed fan and it’s nice to see they’re still making great, punchy power-pop for all the right reasons. Joe Oestrich’s vocals are incredible. GUIDED BY VOICES – “The Bears For Lunch” Some very interesting songs on this one and Tobin really shines. I can honestly say I’ve never heard anything like “Finger Gang” and probably never will. A very noteworthy album for a band who has a career filled w/noteworthy albums.

Favorite new Ohio band
Bicentennial Bear(if they still count as new), Connections

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year
Wilco @ The LC (August)

What are you most excited about for 2013?
Should be full-length LP’s this year(finally) from two of the bands that I play guitar in: Winter Makes Sailors – “Moving On” and Swimsuit Edition – “Take A Dip”, The Cabdrivers, my songwriting/recording project should be doing more shows this year and maybe I’ll even write another song?? I accidentally put together a super-group to be my band and it’d be a shame if we didn’t at the very least play a bunch of shows. Nelsonville Music Festival – WILCO!!!  This could be the year that launches the festival into mega-festival status. Went last year and was very impressed and I hate music festivals.

What have you been working on lately?
I guess I sort of answered most of this in #4. Aside from those still playing w/The Kyle Sowashes on bass a lot and I’m guessing we’ll start writing the follow-up to “Somebody” soon. I’ve always been a fill-in for them but it looks like I’m gonna finally get to be on a record.

What are you listening to right now?
I’ve been in an Afghan Whigs phase. I’ve always liked them but just realized how incredible Black Love is and am obsessed w/”Summer’s Kiss”(track 10 or 11?). Ha, I just realized that they are from Ohio also. I suppose if some weird, music apocalypse happened that wiped out all music except Ohio music, my iPod would still be in pretty good shape.

AJ Hitmar
Athens  (Dark Circles Records)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
Homemade Drugs from Cincinnati just released their self-titled in November and it sounds great. Also Hundos, the Hundley brothers in Columbus, have made 3 albums this year, each with multiple collaborators. Weird Science in Athens finally released their debut online, rad tunes with the cover art to match.

Best new Ohio band?
I kind of have tunnelvision for the house scene in Athens, so I feel pretty out of the loop. Small Steps and Frankie Teardrop have been putting in some hard work recently though.

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year?
Big Whoop in Columbus was a blast. 35ish bands in two days in the dead heat of July, it was like a punk rock rite of passage. I’m not sure what the organizers have planned for Summer 2013, but I know I’ll be there.

What are you most excited about for 2013?
Dark Circles has a few releases lined up already which is exciting. I’ll be getting as much done in Ohio as I can…I plan on moving to Chicago in July.

If you are a musician what have you been working on lately?
I’ve spent the last few months mixing and mastering an album for a band I was in, Dawgtooth, and it’s just about ready to go. Two other projects of mine, Valleyboys and Vodou, just released albums online. There’s also Cophugger, which had two songs pressed onto a 7″ split earlier this year.

What are you listening to right now?
I’ve been listening to the Trojan Box Sets nonstop, all year. Also Darker My Love, Jaill, The Bats, The War on Drugs, Camp Lo, Caetano Veloso, Pantha Du Prince, Donald Byrd, Can, and Eskmo have all frequently met my ears this year.


Dave Straub
Cleveland (Burger Boys, HOMeOwners, McShitz)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
Off the top of my head the founding father’s LP. This is a good record but it is the only one I can think of that I had nothing to do with and I actually listened to.

Favorite new Ohio band
Murderedman but they may already be over with.

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year
Cassette Fest 2012 at Pats in the Flats. The highlight was Murderedman’s performance: involved lights , balloons, mirrors and hard rockin riffs. Homeowners played, Phyllis Dillenger, Wet Brain and some other crap. 10 -15 minute sets fun times.

What are you most excited about for 2013?
Lottery League

What have you been working on lately?
Upcoming Tuk Peenerson and his Wienerman split LP with Sloth. HOMeOwners debut release. PALACES new line up with Rosanna SAfos, Eben Nichols, Jesse Alison, Curtis Frey.

What are you listening to right now?
Goblin, Blouse, SoFt KIll, Litanic Mask, Zombi, THE Frustration and Pretty Things.

Jessica Makosky
Athens (The Revulvas, Whip & Tickle)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
Aquabear Legion & Disjointed Records 16 in 16.

Favorite new Ohio band

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year
Porch Stage at the Nelsonville Music Festival

What are you most excited about for 2013?
Recording an album (finally and hopefully) with The Revulvas

What have you been working on lately?
Different styles of drumming (music styles that is)

What are you listening to right now?
Desent/The White Spider (It’s Disjointed Mike’s latest solo project about crazy dudes climbing mountains and dying)

6 Bs and a P: Episode Sixteen (Week 16)

22001048_images_scs297496 Bs and a P: Episode Sixteen (Week 16)

Sorry for the delay! The holiday season, traveling, and a bunch of fine folks coming to Athens to visit all made it hard to get this one up in time. It also probably would have helped had the Browns given any sort of reason to get excited about making a podcast. They lose again to a much better Denver Broncos team last Sunday to fall to 5-10 on the season. In the process both Brandon Weeden, Colt McCoy, and Trent Richardson get hurt and Josh Cribbs creates a bit of a Twitter situation as well. Brian tries to make sense of a rough game and look forward to the end of the season game versus the Steelers and the NFL debut of Browns third string quarterback Thaddeus Lewis. Follow us on Twitter @6B1p and comment on here too. Go Browns!

Best of Ohio 2012: Part Two

volume-2-comp-250x250Aquabear is kicking off a brand new year-end tradition by asking some of the state’s best musicians and music related folks to share their favorite Ohio music finds and experiences of the year. Look for a whole bunch of these before the start of 2013! Here’s the second batch featuring David Obenour (Dayton – Ghettoblaster Magazine), Mike Makosky (Athens – Disjointed Records, Goodbye Goats, Skattoo), Ron Kretsch (Cleveland – Murderedman, Banging Fragiles), and James Harris (Athens – Manasseh Records). Look for more in the coming weeks and please share, if you would like to participate drop us a line at

David C. Obenour
Dayton (editor of Ghettoblaster Magazine)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012? All three Guided By Voices albums, Bassholes – Contains Bassholes Music…, Motel Beds – Dumb Gold, The Dopamines – Vices, Human Cannonball – Let’s Be Friends and probably a bunch more that I’m forgetting.

Favorite new Ohio band
Best new Ohio band? Hyrrokkin, jazz+Dischord=awesome.

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year
Afghan Whigs – Bogarts – 10/25. A band I’d always heard a lot about but had never really gotten around to, that’s all changed now.

What are you most excited about for 2013?
In descending order of probability: three more Guided By Voices albums, four more issues of Ghettoblaster and the Browns making the playoffs.

What have you been working on lately?
New issue of Ghettoblaster should be out in February!

What are you listening to right now?
Prince Paul – Negroes on Ice

Mike Makosky
Athens (Disjointed Records, Goodbye Goats, Skattoo)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
Aquabear/Disjointed 16 in 16

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year
I didn’t get out much this year, but the Skeletonwitch/Havoc show at The Union was pretty damn sweet.

What are you most excited about for 2013?
Most excited about either : getting my newest band project named and playing gigs! (its been 4 months of practice so far getting ready): or the release of my solo album – Descent ‘White spider’

What have you been working on lately?
I play in 4 different bands, some regularly, some not so much, also my solo album is about to be released.

What are you listening to right now?
I enjoy a wide range of music, my most listened to right now would be a close split between Sargeist ‘Let the devil in’ and Fela Kuti’s debut 1969 ‘Fela Fela Fela’, but Ghost ‘Opus Eponymous’ probably has the most plays for me in the past year.

Ron Kretsch
Cleveland (Banging Fragiles, Murderedman, Self Destruct Button)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
Little Bighorn’s “Chaperones” LP is my #1 by like a mile. Also the Drose 7″. Shitbox Jimmy’s album is pretty damn great too, as is the LP from Mike Uva and the Bad Eyes. Do I even NEED to mention “Attack On Memory?” I haven’t heard the new Mr. Gnome yet, but there’s every reason to assume that it’s just stupid fucking awesome. And the second All Dinosaurs album as well.

Best new Ohio band
Tough call. Goldmines maybe. Wesley Bright and the Hi-Lites sure did hit Northeast Ohio like a bomb this year. I’ve been liking Nights, Dead Sweaters and Shitbox Jimmy a whole lot too, but I’m not sure they’re new in 2012.

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year
I’m going to be an egodick and name a show I played on – Murderedman, Drose, Envenomist and Temple of Ur at The Summit in Columbus on October 12th. Despite copious problems with the power in that venue (and a soundguy so blase about them that it ultimately became as amusing as it was annoying), all the performances were illuminating. Except Murderedman’s because the power cord to my amp kept falling out of the goddamn wall. WTF, The Summit? Seriously WTF? But Drose totally slayed, what an eye-opening band they are.

What are you most excited about for 2013?
I’m excited that three bands I am in or used to be in will be releasing full-length albums in 2013. I’m excited to start bringing Drose to Cleveland so they can blow some minds up here. I’m jumping-out-of-my-skin excited for the third installment of the Cleveland Lottery League.

What have you been working on lately?
Both of my current bands, Banging Fragiles and Murderedman, are in the process of finishing recordings. Murderedman intend, fates allowing, to continue to hit the road as hard as we’re able to, as our past trips have been very encouraging. And when Banging Fragiles start getting out more, I sincerely think people are going to like what they see.

What are you listening to right now?
I’m listening to “Counting The Beat,” the lone album by a criminally overlooked 1980-81ish New Wave band from New Zealand called The Swingers that featured former Split Enz member Phillip Judd. It shoulda been a classic, goddammit!

James Harris
Athens (Manasseh Records)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
Southeast Engine’s Canaanville EP.

Favorite new Ohio band
I have to say ‘White Girl Raps Fast’ Bailee Moore. She’s a Bobcat, and Athens artists are always my favorite. Jesse Remnant’s Human Cannonball is fantastic too.

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year
Bruce Dalzell’s Open Mic shows in OU’s Front Room will always rank at the top of my list.

What are you most excited about for 2013?
Spending time with my new family, and hanging out with friends in Athens. To keep it related to music … early in 2013, I’ll be exploring tunes by Old Hundred and Maza Blaska.

What are you listening to right now?
‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ album has been on repeat. As has Dave Brubeck’s ‘Time Out.’ Earlier in the year, I was into Sam Cooke and dove back into Southeast Engine’s older albums. At the gym, it was Girl Talk on repeat and some old Dr. Dre mixes.


Best of Ohio 2012: Part One

volume-2-comp-250x250Aquabear is kicking off a brand new year-end tradition by asking some of the state’s best musicians and music related folks to share their favorite Ohio music finds and experiences of the year. Look for a whole bunch of these before the start of 2013! Here’s the first batch featuring Keith Hanlon (Columbus – The Black Swans, Scioto Records), Bram Riddlebarger (Athens – Author of Earplugs, Bram Riddlebarger & His Lonesome Band), Jimmy Kisor (Athens – Goodbye Goats, Decorative Injections Tattoos),  and Brian Rudell (Columbus – Sega Genocide, Seascapes, Spooktober). Look for more in the coming weeks and please share, if you would like to participate drop us a line at

Keith Hanlon
Columbus (The Black Swans, Scioto Records)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
(In no particular order) R. Ring: “Fallout and Fire” 7-inch (Misra Records), Jovan Karcic: “2010” (self-release) (FULL DISCLOSURE: I mixed the album, but it’s a beautiful, mysterious album of songs and instrumentals and I can’t stop listening to it), Mount Carmel – ‘Real Women’ (Slitbreeze), EYE: ‘Backdoor Jane’ 7-inch (Lost Weekend Records)

Best new Ohio band

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year
R. Ring playing in the basement of the Texas State Capital Building at a “secret” SXSW Misra Records showcase

What are you most excited about for 2013?
I want to start a rumor that Chris Beister is working on a solo album… I’d be all over that.

What have you been working on lately?
While on a break from playing with The Black Swans, I have begun recording a solo ambient album. I am collaborating with Jason Gonzales (The Regionals/Lilybandits) on an album (though we are not sure what it will be like when we’re done). I also engineered/mixed an album by psych-folk legend Ed Askew (produced by Jerry DeCicca of the Black Swans) that I hope will be released very soon.

My label, Scioto Records, is releasing 7-inch singles from PLVS VLTRA (Toko Yasuda from Enon and St. Vincent) and harpist Mary Lattimore (Kurt Vile/Thurston Moore). There will also be a cassette series called Analog Ambient (self-explanatory).

What are you listening to right now?
Fairport Convention’s “Unhalfbricking,” Big Joe Turner, lots of Sun Ra (mainly the later Chicago material like “Interstellar Low Ways” and “Angels and Demons at Play”), a great Chicago band called Sonnoi, Black Moth Super Rainbow and an awesome Japanese ambient artist named Moshimoss.

Bram Riddlebarger
Athens (author of Earplugs, Bram Riddlebarger & His Lonesome Band)

Best new Ohio band
TIE: D-rays & Weird Science

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year
Disjointed Fest 2012 and Weird Science on Dec. 9, 2012 at Casa Cantina

What are you most excited about for 2013?
Lots of good music in Athens. Seems to be a nice time for newer bands and new beer in Athens.

What have you been working on lately?
A new chapbook of poetry that will be done tomorrow and a new batch of songs that I hope to record with Mike at Disjointed Records.

What are you listening to right now?
Don Williams.

Jimmy Kisor
Athens (Goodbye Goats, owner of Decorative Injections Tattoo & Piercing)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
My favorite Ohio realese this year prob. the newest Prosanctus Infiri EP, (red streams of Flesh), from Columbus

Best new Ohio band
Best new ohio Band of course New or Old GoodBYe Goats

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year
Didnt go to many shows this year i guess Behemoth from Poland at Alarosa Villa

What are you most excited about for 2013?
Most excited about Raising my Kids, doing sweet and Better tattoos, maybe some finishing of the newest goats record and starting new music projects, oh yeah and Kicking everyone’s ass in the New Year

What have you been working on lately?
Writing new stuff for something that dosent suck hopefully

What are you listening to right now?
New Order, Nick Cave, the new God Seed (black Metal) and because its Winter tons of Bathory!!

Brian Rudell
Columbus (Sega Genocide, Seascapes, Spooktober)

What were your favorite Ohio releases from 2012?
“Like Shit” 7″ from Vacation (Cinci)

Best new Ohio band
Connections (Columbus)

Favorite Ohio show you saw this year
Make Waves Fest, it was at the Dude Locker here in Columbus. I’ve been to a lot of these DIY fests and sometimes they are kinda slapdash, but everything went awesome. Great mix of readings and bands.

What are you most excited about for 2013?
Ohio bands making and putting out more music videos on youtube and vimeo. Even bands that aren’t putting out records or playing shows too often can make awesome videos for nothing, then people can listen to them anytime they want.

What have you been working on lately?
I have been doing SEGA GENOCIDE stuff a lot, playing around Ohio. Jacob produced and engineered an album that I like a lot that we haven’t put out yet. Spooktober is still playing but only at houses, and Seascapes gets together once or twice a year.

What are you listening to right now?
I have tapes that float around in my car, Pretty Pretty(Columbus) is in there, Sonic Youth, Tribe Called Quest, Weird Al’s Bad hair day. Talk radio mostly.

Anyway Records Celebrates 20 Years at Ace of Cups

logoAnyway Records turns 20 this year and Bela Koe-Krompecher is throwing a big party over at Ace of Cups in Columbus to celebrate! Two nights of music (Friday and Saturday) featuring some of the best bands to come out of Ohio since the label’s beginning in 1992 including New Bomb Turks, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Moviola, Orchestraville, Necropolis (covering Gaunt), Obnox, Kyle Sowashes, Connections, County Pharaohs, Greenhorn, Jenny Mae, Winter Makes Sailors, St. Lenox, Belreve, and Chris Biester. Whew. That’s one hell of a lineup. And proceeds go to some real good causes: Peloton, Columbus Music Co-Op and NAMI Ohio. Read about the history of Anyway Records here.

FROM THE EVENT: “Starting in the pre-text world of vinyl records and shiny over-priced compact discs, Anyway Records was founded on the assumption that music is to be found in our own backyards and meant to be cheap and affordable, like the founders themselves. Jerry Wick and Bela Koe-Krompecher started Anyway Records under the guise as a project for Jerry’s excellent mid-western band Gaunt. Jerry left the label to concentrate on Gaunt and Bela continued to pour hours and beers into the label. We have worked with a variety of bands (mostly Ohio, mostly Columbus) including: Moviola, The Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Jenny Mae, V-3, Gaunt, Guided by Voices, Ass Ponys and Mike Rep. in the Naughts we have had the pleasure to work with: Ghost Shirt, Kyle Sowash, The Lindsay, Connections, Obnox, Winter Makes Sailors, Terribly Empty Pockets, the Whiles, and a few more. Here’s to 20 years!” Cheers from Aquabear!

9:00 – St. Lenox
9:30 – Winter Makes Sailors
10:00 – Obnox
10:30 – New Bomb Turks
11:30 – Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments
12:15 – NECROPOLIS – covering Gaunt

Chris Biester (from Appalachian Death Ride)

8:00 – Belreve
8:45 – Jenny Mae
9:15 – Kyle Sowashes
10:00 – Moviola
10:45 – County Pharaohs
11:30 – Connections
12:30 – Greenhorn

A Very Special Aquabear Christmas at Casa on Saturday!


Aquabear Legion will host its A Very Special Aquabear Christmas at Casa Cantina in Athens, Ohio on Saturday, December 22 at 10:30pm. The night will feature music from three great Athens bands: Weird Science, Princess, and Elton Johnny. Admission is $3 and proceeds will benefit the 2013 Aquabear County Fair which will celebrates its 7th year and will feature a full weekend of great Ohio music at venues around Athens for FREE!  And we should have some t-shirts and cd’s if you still need a gift for someone.

Aquabear Legion is based in Athens, Ohio and is a collective of Ohio musicians and artists. Since 2004, Aquabear has worked with over 150 bands and dozens of artists and filmmakers from the state of Ohio. We work to promote and support Ohio musicians by releasing compilations of music, putting on shows and events, hosting podcasts, and covering Ohio music on our website at To date Aquabear Legion has released 9 compilations of Ohio music, 8 of them are available for free stream or download on their website, and one is a physical release available for purchase, 2011’s Aquabear Legion Volume 4. The Aquabear Legion provides a community network for creative people. We are dedicated to supporting and enhancing independent music and art in our extended region. We focus on collaborative relationships to create opportunities for independent musicians and artists.

6 Bs and a P: Episode Fifteen (Week 15)


6 Bs and a P: Episode Fifteen (Week 15)

The Browns three game winning streak and slim playoff hopes come to end with a loss to the Washington Redskins in Week 15. Luckily, Brian got to go this game and even better yet he is joined by none other Brian Wiebe. The guys recorded this podcast while driving back to Athens after the heartbreaking loss and discuss everything from an awesome day at the stadium (despite the loss) to tailgating to (of course) the Browns quarterback options. And as always there’s trivia and a Tweet of the Week (sort of). Be sure to jump in the conversation and let us know what you think this team needs to do in the offseason, you can leave a comment below or tweet at us over @6B1P. Go Browns…

Donkey Features Four Great Songwriters on Sunday

Lots of great shows happening here in Athens around the holidays, we’ll be talking about some of them in the next week here on Aquabear. Sunday, December 16 features four of the finest songwriters around all on one stage at Donkey Coffee: Matthew Milia (from Michigan’s Frontier Ruckus) and Michael Nau (from Maryland’s fantastic Cotton Jones, who will be playing this year’s Nelsonville Music Festival) will join Athens’ own Adam Remnant (Southeast Engine) and Athens’ own/Oregon’s current own Justin Gordon (Hoover Administration). Don’t miss this one folks. $7 at the door, show starts at 8:00pm.

6 Bs and a P: Episode Fourteen (Week 14)

6 Bs and a P: Episode Fourteen (Week 14)

Another Win! Against a team that sort of looks like the Browns from a few years ago??? I’ll take it! Our host discusses the amazing and unbelievable fact that the Browns have not been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yet, asks for your predictions of where the team goes from here. Plus more trivia and tweets of the week too. And as always leave comments here and find us over on Twitter, @6B1P. Next week we are heading to the game as me and Brian Wiebe had to Cleveland Browns Stadium to sit in the Dawg Pound for the Redskins game. Go Browns!

NEW MUSIC: Valleyboys “Chronic Youth” for Free

Athens-based Dark Circles Records is a sweet label run by Chris Lute that has put out stuff by Whale Zombie, Homemade Drugs, and a few other Ohio acts. Dark Circles has two new Athens releases for FREE on the ol’ Bandcamp right now that you all should go stream and download. Chronic Youth is the new album from Valleyboys (and it has “Ghost” on it, also found on Aquabear Legion Volume 4) and it is joined by Fitness a new release from Athens project Vodou featuring Chris Lee (Melk), Charlie Milter (Weird Science, Valleyboys), and AJ Hitmar (Valleyboys, Cop Hugger). Go check them out and support sweet stuff.

Bram Riddlebarger Novel “Earplugs” Published + Release/Show at Casa Sunday

Athens’ own Bram Riddlebarger was one of the first folks involved with Aquabear Legion lending his songs, writing, and live performances to many a project over the years. Bram is releasing his first novel, Earplugs, was published on November 30, 2012 by Livingston Press. To celebrate the books release there is a party at Casa Cantina in Athens on Sunday, December 9 at 6:00pm and run through the night. Bram will read from the book from 7-8-pm, followed by a signing. Bands will start around 9pm. Hex Net and Weird Science will play as well as a stripped down Heartlanders set.

From Earplugs press info: “In this charming novel, a quest for earplugs tries to stave off old age, unrequited love, and the burden of change. But like dark ships appearing on the horizon of small-town ear canals, bobbing masts signal beginnings and ends. A town overtaken by a new order. Antique dealers selling off the living room. Relationships that ignite and do not last. Eau de Auld versus Odeur Nouveau, in brief.”

Go pick up the book at Casa on Sunday and Bram will sign it for you, if you can’t make it to that check at local places around town (Little Professor, Haffa’s), and if you are out of the area you can buy it on Amazon by clicking here.

Read: “The Way It All Must End” (originally published in The Aquabear Reader)


6 Bs and a P: Episode Thirteen (Week 13)

Is being Carson Palmer Brandon Weeden’s destiny? Sausages and all?

6 Bs and a P: Episode Thirteen (Week 13)

Browns win again! 2 in a row! 1st road win since September 2011, the Browns come through 20-17  over the terrible Oakland Raiders and improve to 4-8 on the year. Brian is joined on supercouch in the studio by 3 co-hosts this week: Brian Wiebe and Michelle Gnau visiting from Chicago, Illinois and is joined again by Sherri too. The team discusses the win, their favorite Browns, Shaun Rogers, hopes for next year’s draft, and Joe Haden hanging out with Lil’ Wayne. And devastating news shakes the show when we find out Frostee Rucker has deleted his Twitter. Plus more tweets of the week and a trivia question. Follow us @6B1P and comment on here. Go Browns!

Sometimes The Bear Eats You: Episode 8

Sometimes the Bear Eats You: Episode 8

Sometimes the Bear Eats You is back for its second season of highlighting many of the cool things to see and do in our beloved state of Ohio. This episode sets its sights squarely on The Gem City, Dayton! We’re joined by Dayton’s own Dave Obenour to discuss music, food, craft beer, entertainment, and who would win in a no-holds-barred death match between historic Dayton icons. Noah talks with rising stars Motel Beds, and we learn a little something about rims to boot.

This episode features some great music from artists new and old. Some of these tunes are ones that I have personal connections to, so please forgive my wallowing in nostalgia. We also have some great modern stuff and two exclusive tracks that you can hear nowhere else! Our theme music remains “Full Blown AIDS” by Hutz. Tracks include “Darvocet” by Greenstick Fracture, “Human Detonator” by The Real Boy Genius, “Mister Me” by The Midget Fan Club, and “The Last Time” by Shut up in our opening all-punk block of songs. Next, we have a couple of world exclusives in “Saint Paul at the Helm of Wyoming” and “Quick to Illustrate January” from the Smug Brothers’ upcoming album On the Way to the Punchline! Finally, we get “Dumb Gold” by Motel Beds, “Unicorns Taste Like Magic” by Joe Anderl and the Universal Walkers, “Hello Dance” by Yakuza Heart Attack, and “Necrosis” by JFX.

Tune in next time as we’re joined by Noah’s brother-in-law Artie to focus on Oberlin, OH. Also, come back soon for a special STBEY Too that focuses entirely on Dayton’s own Rockstar Pro Wrestling! Dig it!

6 B’s and a P: Episode Twelve (Week 12)

Illegal Use of Hands

6 B’s and a P: Episode Twelve (Week 12)

The Browns win for just the third time this year beating a hated Pittsburgh Steeler team reeling from injuries. But who cares! They win against their rival for only the 2nd time in the last 18 games and to celebrate Brian invites Kris Poland on to co-host this episode. The guys discuss how Brandon Weeden isn’t much better than Colt McCoy and give their wish lists for the rest of this season and next year. Plus, the crowd favorite Don Fleming Memorial Trivia Question and the always entertaining Frostee Rucker Tweet of the Week. Go Browns!

6 Bs and a P: Episode Eleven (Week 11)

The Browns lose again. But, Joe Haden has shoes that look like outer space.

6 Bs and a P: Episode Eleven (Week 11)

The Browns lose… again. This time, they take longer than normal doing it losing to the Dallas Cowboys 23-20 in Overtime. We think it’s Pat Shurmur’s fault mostly and once again try to be positive and talk about more positive things like Phil Taylor’s metal beard, Phil Dawson, and Frostee Rucker listening to Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack”. Brian is joined this week by his wife and converted Browns fan, Sherri and we think it will make you feel better than thinking about the Browns will. Go Browns! #fistpump #handsup Go Browns! Follow us on Twitter @6B1P.

Halfway to Nelsonville Music Festival Party

I am biased when it comes to the Nelsonville Music Festival and Stuart’s Opera House because I work there. But nevertheless, the Nelsonville Music Festival has grown to be one of the finest festivals around over the years and has been a big supporter of Ohio music. The have hosted everyone from Flaming Lips, Willie Nelson, and Guided By Voices to a huge list of Ohio bands from Wheels On Fire to Weedghost. Now in its 9th year, the 2013 Nelsonville Music Festival will take place May 30-June 2, 2013 and will no doubt be another amazing weekend of music. It’s almost halfway to this year’s fest, so Stuart’s is throwing a big party at Athens’ own Rollerbowl Lanes (28 Palmer Street) to celebrate on Saturday, December 1st!

The party will feature live music from Nick Tolford & Company (Columbus) and The D-Rays (Athens) and more along with beer, bowling (2 games are included with admission), a silent auction featuring lots of sweet stuff, and even some lineup announcements for next year’s Nelsonville Music Festival. Proceeds from the show and silent auction will put right back into the festival to continue making it awesome. Tickets are only $10 in advance or $15 at the door and you can get them online right here.

And if you are feeling like halfway is still to far… go take a listen to the Sometimes the Bear Eats You coverage from the 2012 Nelsonville Music Festival.

6 Bs and a P: Episode Ten (Week Nine)

6 Bs and a P: Episode Ten (Week Nine)
Oh man, what a horrible football game. The Browns lose again despite Kicker Phil Dawson’s attempt at beating the Baltimore Ravens on his own with 5 field goals, and fall to the hate Baltimore Ravens 25-15. The good news is that this week’s episode features the all-star roundtable crew of  host Brian Koscho joined by first-time guests (his wife Sherri and Matt Majesky who napped through the game in another room) and some of old favorites (Kris and Randy join us again). Hilarity manages to ensue, undaunted by the crapiness of the Cleveland Browns. Let us know what you think, comment on here or Tweet at us over on @6B1P. Go… Browns… I guess.

ACRN Looking For Ohio Music Submissions

ACRN, Ohio University’s only student-run radio station would like you to share/submit your bands’ music for our radio station’s local/regional section. They are looking for current local music from around Ohio and the region, so if you are in a band send some music along. If you’re interested, please send all media and media related news to or Include in the subject line the words “Local Music Submission” and in the body of the email a mediafire/bandcamp link and/or a zip/rar attachment as well as a description of the album/EP that includes release date information, label info and general band information.

6 Bs and a P: Episode Nine (Week Eight)

6 Bs and a P: Episode Nine (Week Eight)

BROWNS WIN! It wasn’t pretty (at all) but the important thing is the Cleveland Browns won another game and beat the San Diego Chargers 7-6 on a rainy, cold, windy day on Lake Erie. Just a quick episode this week from Brian, recorded right before he fell asleep the other night. He breaks down the win talks about the matchup this coming Sunday with the hated Ravens, Fake Pat Shurmur on Twitter, Frostee Rucker, lifting local gameday tv blackouts, and of course there’s a new trivia question and a tweet of the week too. Go Browns! Leave your comments, questions, and book club suggestions here in the comments or Tweet/follow us over @6B1P.

6 Bs and a P: Episode Eight (Week Seven)

The Browns lose again and Josh Cribbs loves this cartoon of Wolverine going through airport security.

6 Bs and a P: Episode Eight (Week Seven)

The Cleveland Browns lose again. What a difference a week makes. Brian welcomes co-host Kris Poland to discuss what’s wrong with this football team among other topics including Josh Cribbs’ Instagram account and electrocuted former Browns players. We have another (newly coined) Don Fleming Memorial Trivia Question and our Cleveland Browns Tweet of the Week. Find 6 Bs and a P on Twitter @6B1P and leave comments on here too. Go Browns!

Mike Watt and the Missingmen at The Union on Monday with Makebelieves!

Monday, October 22 at The Union Bar in Athens, Ohio | Mike Watt + The Missingmen and Makebelieves
I love Mike Watt (Minutemen, firehose, the new incarnation of The Stooges) and I don’t know what I would have done had I not heard the car engine start at the beginning of Double Nickels on the Dime. That changed my life. And now Mr. Watt is coming to my favorite rock and roll bar right here in Athens, Ohio and Athens’ own Makebelieves are getting back together for a rare appearance to open up the show! DO NOT MISS THIS ONE. Matt Presutti himself is flying in from South Dakota to play sweet riffs for all of you. See you there around 8pm (that’s what Facebook says). Tickets are available at Haffa’s Records in uptown Athens.

Here’s some info on Hyphenated-Man, the opera Watt is performing on his “2nd Heapin’ Helpin’ of 3rd Opera 2012 Tour” from his website:  “hyphenated-man” is the name of my third opera, “contemplating the engine room” (1997) being the first one and “the secondman’s middle stand” (2004) being the second. I expressly put together the missingmen (on guitar: tom watson and on drums: raul morales) for this proj a couple of years ago and now w/the mastering by john golden (august 19, 2010), I am so glad to say it has now been realized. it’s first release was october 6, 2010 in japan on parabolica records and then released everywhere else on my own clenchedwrench label on march 1, 2011..

whereas “…engine room” dealt w/my pop’s life in the navy as a metaphor for the story of the minutemen and “…middle stand” was a parallel to dante’s “comedia” dealing w/an illness that almost killed me in 2000, this third opera is quite different in that it has no standard narrative (libretto!) meaning no regular beginning-middle-end and is as it were “simultaneous” in the way a mirror from just inside my head – right in this middle-age moment of mine – was then shattered into thirty pieces and then each piece stuffed in the head to show a piece of my state of mind (or out-of-mind) as of now. “thirty tunes?” yes, they’re little ones… actually they’re “thirty parts” of one big tune. back in 2005, too heavy to really hear minutemen stuff for many years, I had to face myself and get the nerve up to hear it again when I agreed to let keith scheiron and tim irwin make the “we jam econo” documentary (many thanks to them and all who helped out on that). I even did a few gigs w/george hurley w/us as a duet doing some of the old tunes and it was trippy for me, like I was digging on how “econo” those tiny tunes were – no filler, right to point and distilled down to the bare nada. also, a big influence was those little creatures in those old hieronymus bosch paintings – I read a theory about them maybe being visualizations of proverbs or aphorisms and me, not knowing much about sixteenth century dutch/flemish culture, made up my own meanings! the main parallel I saw w/the minutemen was how many little trips could roll up into one big one. the other thing that came into play was this idea of dorothy (from that “the wizard of oz” movie) kind of tripping on what men do to “be” men – me, taking that perspective on the story and not caring whether mr baum – or the people who adapted his work for that film – intended it or not (though no disrespect to him or the others). so I piled those trips into one pile and that’s where this third opera came from.

oh, it was kind of trippy how this piece was actually made. I wrote all thirty parts on one of d. boon’s telecaster – the black one he got in kent, ohio in 1984. now I’m not a very good guitarist but tom watson was quite the righteous man in his patience and determination to take the palsy demos I gave him and bring them to the piece. he’d join me a my prac pad w/his guitar and me w/d. boon’s and while clearing up uncertainties by actually showing him where my fingers were on the neck, we both would play along and I would have raul try out different drum things so I could piece his parts together. I wanted him to stretch from what he was used to but still have it be natural for him. the main thing I was trying to do was get what I considered an “interesting conversation” between them musically. then in the middle of the “prac’n the 3rd opera” missingmen tour (trippy cuz not once in that whole tour did we play and 3rd opera songs for anyone but I would relentlessly pound the piece into tom and raul’s head every day while we were driving in the boat!), we took three days off in the middle (may 3 – 5, 2009) and put into studio g in brooklyn, ny w/one of my bass heroes tony maimone to record just the gutar and drums – no bass or spiel at all. in fact, tom and raul never heard one word or bass note ’till I spent a week doing that stuff in at the g w/tony during june of 2010 and then still not yet ’til he had did the final mix a month and a half after that while I was out on tour w/the stooges. damn, what would this piece be w/out bass brother tony! big respect, same for tom and raul. it might’ve came out of my head but these dear cats helped me big time realize it. I am truly grateful to them, truly.


Dude Locker 4 in Columbus This Saturday

Dude Locker 4 is in Columbus this Saturday, October 20 with Keelhaul, Lo-Pan, Bastards, Ampline, Hookers Made Out of Cocaine, Horseburner, Bridesmaid, and much more

Way back when the Aquabear was just a baby bear cub… one of the first folks we ended up working with and meeting in this crazy world of Ohio music was Joel Archibald (at the time of Lemon House Collective, The Husher, and a whole bunch of other things). Like minded people just end up finding each other right? Joel is still doing incredibly sweet stuff and has been involved with the happenings at Dude Locker (a wearhouse/work space in Columbus) since in started back in ’09 (along with Lo-Pan’s Jesse Bartz and Skot Thompson who are also pretty awesome dudes as well) and is helping to put on the 4th installment of a really badass lineup of music at a warehouse in Columbus. Dude Locker 4 takes place this Saturday, October 20 at 527 East Hudson Street in Columbus, Ohio. Tons of bands, a skate park, awesome food, record swap, vendors, and more. $5 donation for traveling bands and its BYOB. Some of the Aquabear’s favorite acts are slated to play starting at 2pm (in reverse order) with a new one every half hour:
Battle Axe, Keelhaul, Lo-Pan, Rebreathers, Bastards, HeevaHava, Hookers Made Out Of Cocaine, Sistered, Nervosas, Horseburner, Before The Eyewall, Neon Warship, Bridesmaid, October, Aspen (ck), John Lancaster, Red Sun, Ampline, VES, The Unclean, SRVVLST.
Go support good stuff and see alot of great bands, and you can attend and share on Facebook too.

6 Bs and a P: Episode Seven (Week Six)

The Browns finally win!

6 Bs and a P: Episode Seven (Week Six)

It has finally happened! The Browns win! Our host celebrates by opening up the phone lines and taking calls from fans of the show, make sure to earmuff any small children when the Angry Ohioan calls in. We all talk about the joyous occasion by talking about what was awesome (Billy Winn’s fumble recovery) and what was strange (the Browns plays blowing across the field?) and daydream about an 11-5 season. Plus we have another Browns trivia question and a tweet of the week too. Follow the show on Twitter @6B1P or leave a comment on here. Go Browns!

Rocket From The Tombs at Union Saturday Night!

Rocket From the Tombs, Obnox, and County Pharoahs at The Union on Saturday night. Poster by Jason Frederick

Big awesome show at The Union this Saturday, October 13. Cleveland legends Rocket From the Tombs will be joined by two of Ohio’s finest bands around: Obnox (featuring Lamont Thomas of This Moment in Black History,Bassholes) and The County Pharoahs (Chris Biester of Appalachian Death Ride, Scott Winland and Brandon Robinson of Dropdead Sons). Don’t miss this one. Tickets are available in advance at Haffa’s or at the door tomorrow night. Music starts at 10pm, don’t be late.

From the press release:

“The legendary Rocket From The Tombs, born in 1974, flamed out in 1975, have finally recorded a studio album, delivering “Barfly,” and closing the circle on an incredible journey.

The received wisdom (at least in America) goes that punk rock was invented in New York by the Ramones who reconfigured midwestern hard groove rock and 60s garage singles into a formula that defined punk: short, fast, catchy, and unstoppable. But in some weird parallel universe, punk might have traced its roots to Rocket From The Tombs, a Cleveland band that lasted less than eight months and never made a studio recording.

Three things went wrong for Rocket From The Tombs: a level of drug and alcohol abuse to worry even Keith Richard; a band volatility that rivaled that of The Troggs; and a turnover of drummers that would’ve flummoxed Spinal Tap.

One thing went right: in those eight months they wrote songs that would become punk anthems: “Ain’t It Fun,” “Sonic Reducer,” “Final Solution,” “So Cold,” “What Love Is,” “30 Seconds Over Tokyo,” “Amphetamine.” And they played them like there was no tomorrow. There *was* no tomorrow. They’d used up tomorrow. The band blew apart in July 1975 after an apocalyptic soundcheck that scared the bejeebers out of headliners Television. One faction went on to create the avant-garage rock group Pere Ubu, the other punk stalwarts The Dead Boys.

That might have been the end of the Rocket story except that over the next 25 years a frantic international trading of bootlegs bestowed on the band a legendary status. An album of live and rehearsal tapes, “The Day The Earth Met The Rocket From The Tombs” (2002), led to a nervous reunion in 2003. The core of the band – David Thomas, Cheetah Chrome and Craig Bell – remained from the old days. They were joined by Television’s Richard Lloyd who replaced Peter Laughner (died 1977). Pere Ubu’s drummer Steve Mehlman was drafted.

The fire still burned. For good and bad. Two tours produced extreme, brutal concerts, but also plenty of late night dust-ups in the parking lots of cheap roadside motels.

“We got that bad attitude thing in our blood,” singer David Thomas said. “Can’t shake it. But at least we’re not young, loud and snotty anymore. We’ve moved on. Now we’re *old*, loud and snotty.”

Taking that attitude in the studio produced “Barfly,” an unreconstructed, unapologetic re-affirmation of the power and glory of guitar rock: guitar solos traded between two masters of the craft, an inventive rhythm section devoted to midwestern groove mania, and a singer who learned all there is to learn from channeling Rob Tyner and Don Van Vliet. “I will amblify you,” Thomas growls in the middle of the album’s fierce opening track “I Sell Soul.” And whatever that might mean… he means it.

The bitter irony of “Romeo & Juliet,” the Cleveland / Detroit nexus of “Sister Love Train” / “Love Train Express,” the manic-obsessive drive of “Maelstrom,” the Robert Calvert sci fi dystopian romance of “Butcherhouse 4,” and the Bukowski grunge of “Pretty” reflect the 70s revisionism that is at the heart of the album’s production.

“Barfly’ delivers a sound that’s not dated or restricted to any passing fad or marketing infatuation. These men are ugly, old, and have not mellowed in any conceivable way. They’ve devoted their lives to raging against the boundaries, and they have been willing to pay the price. “Barfly” dismisses the last 37 years as a waste of time. Cuts it away without a second thought. That, in itself, makes “Barfly” worth the wait.”

OBNOX and COUNTY PHARAOHS are opening the show!!

buy your tickets at HAFFA’S RECORDS TODAY!!


6 Bs and a P: Episode Six (Week Five)

6 Bs and P: Episode Six (Week Five)

Well… Brian’s had enough. This week’s installment of 6 Bs and a P covers the now 0-5 Cleveland Browns, the only winless team in the NFL currently. The Browns are actually in the middle of an 11 game losing streak going back to last season, without a win since November 2011. This episode talks about what might be wrong, also Brian uses his grandparents 65th anniversary and a trip to Lorain as a vehicle for 65 (well.. 66) years of the Cleveland Browns franchise, we have another Tweet of the Week, an answer to the previous trivia question about a Browns stuttering quarterback, a new trivia question too, and wrap up with a quick preview of this Sunday’s Bengals game. Ugh. Go Browns. Follow us on Twitter @6B1P and leave comments here.

6 Bs and a P: Episode Five (Week Four)

6 Bs and P: Episode Five (Week Four)

Well, the Browns are 0-4. So why is Brian still not complaining too much? This can’t possibly go on for much longer. No guest on this quick episode reviewing last week’s loss to the hated Ravens and a preview of the Giants game this coming Sunday. We even talk about how Braylon Edwards was actually one of the Browns only good receivers since coming back in 1999. Trivia question moves forward another week since we didn’t get an answer… follow us on Twitter @6B1P. Go Browns!

Ohio’s Record Stores: Used Kids

photo from

This article originally was published in Issue 24 of Ghettoblaster Magazine, Thanks to Ghettoblaster and David Obenour for allowing us to republish this. This is the first in a series profiling Ohio’s record stores. If you are interested in writing about your favorite drop us a line at

Used Kids
1980 N. High Street. Columbus, OH
Words: David C. Obenour

Full disclosure, I’ve been going to Used Kids since my days of rabidly hunting down imported Oasis singles. Not too long ago in the greater scheme of things, but in my musical upbringing (and arguably fledgling addiction), they were a both a dealer and facilitator. $2.50, $5 and $7-$9 bins, you could easily come out with a messenger bag full of great new music for under $50. My friends and I would load up the car and make the two-hour drive south, parking in the nearby rough (though now gentrified) neighborhood to miss out on the city’s parking meters.

What I didn’t realize then was all the history behind my favorite record store. Started by Dan Dow and Ron House, like most record store clerks, the two spent their nights playing in bands and running D-I-Y record labels. Ron House played in Great Plains and Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments and Dan Dow played in The Gibson Bros. and ran OKra Records. Granted, all of these names are restricted to enthusiasm from a very select group, but were none-the-less regionally crucial in the establishment of the Columbus “scene” of the late 80’s and early 90’s. A few years later came another owner and cornerstone of Columbus’ musical past, Bela Koe-Krompecher, who ran Anyway Records and was man of the hour for Guided By Voices’ incredibly drunk from start to finish live release, Crying Your Knife Away.

“I started up Used Kids in 1986,” remembers sole remaining owner Dan Dow. “Ron and I both worked for another record store called Mole’s… I could actually briefly explain why it’s called Used Kids.” True to his word, Dan goes into a short explanation of Mole’s relationship with a record store down the block specializing in new releases, School Kids, where customers could take credit from for trading in old records at their shop. “Anyway, School Kids moved into an upstairs level spot and said, ‘Hey, why don’t you guys move downstairs for Moles and then people will get this concept better?’ Fortunately for me, the guy who owned Moles didn’t want to, but I did and Ron was working there too, so we both went down and literally overnight set it up and started.”

A lot’s changed since then. New buildings, new clerks, the new bands the new clerks are in, but perhaps most notably, with nearly 50,000 students coming and going every year, changing neighborhoods (again with the gentrification) and new clientele. “There’s been such a dramatic change that’s happened on campus in general over the past couple of years,” says Dow. “When I was a kid, High Street was the place to go. You could start at one end and visit all of the record stores and the restaurants and bars, but I think now a days kids will just hop on the bus and go down to the Target or the movie theater. What I tell people, and they kind of scratch their heads, but students to me are almost a detriment. I do better or just as well during the summer when they’re gone… the people who come in mostly want to avoid those people. They don’t want to get their shoes puked on at a football game. (laughs)”

Currently located across the street from the heart of OSU’s campus, why bother fighting rent battles, lack of parking (or at least the illusion of a lack of parking) and a largely unmindful neighborhood. “I’m kind of old fashioned and stuck in my ways. That might be something in the future, but I’m just so against change,” Dan replies. “I also kind of think that the minute I move off campus, suddenly those 50,000 students will decide it’s time to come back to High Street.”

Of course, a shift like that most likely won’t happen on it’s own. All of the chain stores and the kids frequenting them are strangling the life out of what High Street once was and what I was willing to drive two hours for. A handful of good record shops along with Stache’s/Little Brothers (the very venue Crying Your Knife Away was recorded at) have all recently closed. “You just got to think of new things to get people off their butt and up the stairs,” Dan says. “I’d like to stay there and make it a place to go to for other things, like live music and I don’t know… art shows? When they started doing that Record Store Day a couple of years ago we built a stage and it’s all local bands that we get for that day. Super Desserts just had their record release show here a couple of weeks ago, so yeah, I think we are as much as anybody… well probably more then anybody because there aren’t any other stores left. (laughs)”

That’s right, because reviving old haunts isn’t the only challenge facing independent record stores these days, in case you hadn’t heard. “Yeah, it’s been touch and go for the last few years but I think a couple of things, like the resurgence of vinyl and the internet, have helped immensely,” says Dan. “I think the internet stuff, particularly Amazon, is amazing. Just because there are so many places in America that don’t have record stores anymore. We aren’t selling popular items either. We’re selling world beat and classical, stuff that doesn’t actually sell in the store, so I’m not taking away from it. I have a fifteen-year-old niece that comes in one day a week and puts albums up for six hours and that’s enough.” It sure is nice to hear a good story from a mom and pop, or in this case an uncle and niece record shop these days.

Stolen Gear Benefit at The Union This Saturday

Help raise some money to replace stolen gear with some awesome music this Saturday at The Union!

Some jerks stole all of Dropdead Sons (Scott Winland, Chris Burget, Brandon Robinson, Chris Corbin) gear from their rehearsal space last week. Scott put together a really great show to help raise money to get that gear back. The Union in Athens, Ohio will host  a reunited Whale Zombie, The County Pharoahs, Wheels On Fire, Scubadog, and more on Saturday, September 29 starting at around 8pm.

Besides going to the show, you can donate via PayPal to or even send a check to Scott Winland to The Union, ATTN: Scott, 18 W. Union Street, Athens, OH, 45701. You can attend and share on Facebook too.

6 Bs and a P: Episode Four (Week Three)

Six Bs and a P: Episode Four (Week Three)

Brian Michael is joined by another Brian Michael. All the way from Chicago, Illinois, by the magic of technology for the fourth episode of 6 Bs and a P. Brian Wiebe guests this week on a special “longer than 10-15 minutes” episode of our favorite football podcast on a music website, and Brian and Brian talk about the Browns for a long time. But they both thought it was funny, so here it us mostly uncut. Look, the Browns are 0-3 and yet neither Brian feels to sad about it… so all topics from Romeo Crennel to The D-level announcing teams gets covered. Wiebe gives you his Cleveland Browns “Tweet of the Week”, a new trivia question, and talks about how all Browns players should have mandatory dreadlocks. Enjoy, and as always GO BROWNS!

Find us on Twitter @6B1P.

Six Bs and a P: Episode Three (Week Two)

Six Bs and a P: Episode Three (Week Two)

Another week and another loss, but there is reason to be hopeful… the offense scored touchdowns! Join our host and special guest Kris Poland as they talk about a tough loss to the Cincinnati Bengals and some of the positive things they saw. But don’t worry, there’s enough to be mad and/or sad about including over 100 yards in penalties, no secondary at all, Pat Shurmur, and a punt return touchdown by Pacman Jones.  Comment and share, answer this week’s trivia question too. And follow us on Twitter over at @6B1P. Go Browns!

Six Bs and a P: Episode Two (Week One)

Six Bs and a P: Episode Two (Week One)

Its only the second episode of 6 Bs and a P and Brian is already sad.

Well, that didn’t take long. The Browns are 0-1 already after a heartbreaking 17-16 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, despite a great defensive game and 4 interceptions from Michael Vick. Why you ask? How? Because Brandon Weeden threw 4 interceptions of his own and the Browns offense did not score a touchdown. Take a listen to a much shorter (10 minutes, everyone has enough time for that) episode of Six Bs and a P for a review of week one’s game and hopefully a few positive things to take away from this terrible, terrible game.

Follow the show on Twitter @6B1P, and remember to take a guess this week’s trivia question!

Six Bs and a P: Episode One (Season Preview)

Six B’s and a P: Episode One

There’s yet another podcast on! How can this be? It be, baby. It be. BBBBBBP (pronounce it “Six Bees and a Pea” please) is here to share the eternal hope, crushing pain and unending frustration of being a Cleveland Browns fan. Lifelong Browns backer Brian Koscho will host this particular podcast after every single Browns game this season. This first, extended preseason episode highlights the roster, showcases the Browns’ many QBs over the recent years, and sets things up for the beginning of the upcoming season. Brian is joined by the always entertaining color commentary team of Randy Demidovich and Kris Poland this time around. Could this podcast be the lucky charm the Brownies need this season? Could it carry them to a winning record? A divisional championship? A Superbowl appearance? Tune in, and find out!

NEW FREE COMPILATION: Aquabear’s 16 in 16

Way back on November 5, 2011 Aquabear Legion teamed up with Disjointed Studios to hatch the crazy plan of recording 16 different bands over the course of 16 straight hours with the intent of releasing these recordings as a free online Aquabear compilation. We are excited to finally share Aquabear Legion’s 16 in 16 with all of you for download or streaming. Special thanks to Disjointed (Mike, Jess, and Miles), Dale at Long Run Audio for the mastering, Max Wheeler/Gnarly As I Wanna Be for the artwork, and all of the bands who participated. 16 in 16 is Aquabear’s 9th release since 2004 and features bands from all across Ohio including: Bram Riddlebarger and His Lonesome Band, Saturn Missile Batteries, The Revulvas, Cophugger, Dune, Hookers Made out of Cocaine, Moon High, Skumplast, Octopus and Owl, State Park, Alex Henry/Nate Scheible Duo, Dead Winds of Summer, Weedghost, The Goodbye Goats, Casiotone Orchestra, and Remainder. Download it here, and feel free to make a donation to help support the Aquabear Legion.

The Black Swans Celebrate Release of ‘Occasion For Song’ at Rumba on Friday

Occasion For Song is out now on MISRA Records

One of Ohio’s finest bands (and a favorite round here at Aquabear HQ) The Black Swans will celebrate the release of their 5th full-length album Occasion For Song on THIS FRIDAY, August 24 at Rumba Cafe in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Fellow Columbus-ites Old Hundred and Dolfish wound out the bill, check it out on Facebook and then go in person. The album is available now and of course you can get it at the show, from MISRA Records, or at your local record store.

Even Pitchfork likes it.

And head on over to MISRA’s site and take a listen to the chilling “Portsmouth, Ohio” from Occasion For Song… and you will agree with us about just how unbelievable of a songwriter Mr. Jerry DeCicca is.

From MISRA Records:

“The Black Swans’ Occasion for Song, their 5th full-length, is a messy long-haul of emotions dealing with the death of founding member and violinist Noel Sayre, and the aftermath of memory, shock, and loss it created. It recalls lessons learned in 9th grade Health class — DABDA (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance). Without a textbook, however, The Black Swans are not so orderly. The guitars and banjo and vocals and drums and bass sound out dark thoughts, sad thoughts, silly thoughts, angry thoughts, and buckets of depression almost all at once. This is an album about loss, death, and trying to get to the acceptance at the end of grief.

The record begins with “Basket of Light” where DeCicca sings “I took a trip where the sun never sits/ but I’ve come back for a few more moments of joy”. It may be the album’s most hopeful personal moment.

The third track, “Portsmouth, Ohio,” chronicles the day Noel Sayre died in a swimming pool accident, with a journalistic eye and no sentimentality, taking the listener from the diving board to the I.C.U. to chicken salad sandwiches on the 4th of July. The swimming pool is featured on the album’s cover.

“Daily Affirmation” and “Fickle and Faded,” the album’s most light-hearted songs, feature the dry humor and playfulness in words and notes the Black Swans are known for whereas “Mask from Memory” may be oddest track the band has ever recorded. It imagines the singer creating a paper mache mask of his deceased friend to see the world through his eyes.

In the coda of the album’s closer, “Bad Day,” DeCicca sings, “Sometimes the occasion for song/ Is filled with reasons that are all wrong/ Don’t sing along” like he can barely get out of bed. But the harmonica, where the violin belongs, sounds as hopeful as it does forlorn.

Occasion for Song was recorded straight to analog in August 2010 in Columbus, Ohio at the famed Mus-i-col Recording Studio (see Numero Group’s Capsoul and Prix label reissues) by Adam Smith (CDR label head, Times New Viking engineer) and mixed at Tangerine Studios by Ben Vehorn (Modest Mouse, Love as Laughter).

The Black Swans’ last record, Don’t Blame the Stars, released in May 2011 on Misra Records, Pitchfork called “gorgeous sounding” and Paste beamed “singular and strong”. Those compliments are even truer here. Occasion for Song is the sound of a band coming to terms with its grief and the junk it brings. Gorgeous, raw, strange, and sincere.

1. Basket of Light
2. Bound to Be
3. Portsmouth, Ohio
4. Somewhere Else
5. Daily Affirmation
6. JD’s Blues
7. Where Are You Tonight?
8. Mask from Memory
9. Work Song
10. Shake Me Up
11. Fickle and Faded
12. Bad Dream


Jerry DeCicca: vocals, harmonica, guitar
Tyler “Turkeyfoot” Evans: banjo
Canaan Faulkner: bass, piano
Chris Forbes: electric guitar, nylon string guitar, tenor guitar
Keith Hanlon: drums, percussion
Jon Beard: B3 organ

Lost Weekend Records Summer Show at Ace of Cups This Weekend!

A winter picture for a summer show: Lost Weekend’s annual Summer Show at Ace of Cups in Columbus This Friday and Saturday

Columbus, Ohio’s Lost Weekend Records (one of many damn fine record stores in the capital city) will host their annual Summer Show this coming Friday and Saturday August 17th and 18th at Ace of Cups (2619 N. High). The yearly tradition is similar to their anniversary shows held in February, a bunch of awesome bands playing in one weekend. Doesn’t get much better than that. Columbus “supergroup” Connections (members of Times New Viking, 84 Nash, El Jesus de Magico), WV White, Nervosas, Altered States of United Snakes, The White Outs, and more will all play.

From the Facebook event:
“5 bands each night, music starting at 8:30 sharp each night. We have just about confirmed all our bands and look