19th annual Blackoutfest is This Weekend in Athens: April 17-19

19th annual Blackoutfest is at The Union in Athens this weekend: April 17-19 with over 30 bands!

19th annual Blackoutfest is at The Union in Athens this weekend: April 17-19 with over 30 bands!

Blackoutfest turns 19 this year and features one hell of a lineup to celebrate the occasion. 3 nights of music at Athens, Ohio’s rock and roll institution The Union featuring over 30 bands from all over the country, including some of Ohio’s finest. Things kick off Thursday, April 17th around 7:00pm and continue on Friday and Saturday too featuring music from Greg Ashley (Gris Gris), Lover! (ex-Lost Sounds), Shilpa Ray, Cheap Time, Buffalo Killers, Unwed Teenage Mothers, Motel Beds, Connections,The D Rays, Total Blam Blams, Hex Net, Weird Science, Washington Beach Bums, Final Rites, Mssrs, John Brothers Piano Company, Dead Hand of Man, Jason Frederick, Red Feathers and tons more! Tickets are on sale right now at Haffa’s Records (who will be celebrating Record Store Day on Saturday too, so go support your local record store) for $8 a night or $20 for the weekend. I cannot think of anything better you could do with your weekend.


LOVER! (ex-Lost Sounds/Reatards)




HEX NET (Athens)




and more


CHEAP TIME (Nashville TN)


THE D-RAYS (Athens)


LOPAN (Columbus)

MESSRS (Columbus)


and more






BLOODY SHOW (Columbus/Cleveland)

SPEAKING SUNS (Yellow Springs)

JASON FREDERICK (Cleveland/Chicago)



and more special guests to be announced…stay tuned!

Whores., Lo-Pan, Horseburner at The Union on Monday 3/24

1912073_633046380077283_1737558954_nThis coming Monday, March 24th may be a school night but if you like heavy rock and roll the Aquabear suggests you take a nap after dinner. Our friends Lo-Pan (from Columbus) are out and about in the Midwest with Atlanta’s Whores. and will be joined Aquabear’s favorite West Virginia stoner/sludge/metal band Horseburner at The Union on Monday. The show is only $5, doors open at 9pm and it’s 18+. Any group of bands that list Shellac, Black Sabbath, Karp, Helmet and Thin Lizzy is totally going to be an amazing night of music right? Tell your friends and help support good music. Here it is on Facebook.

6 Bs and a P: Who Wants to Know? Who Wants to Know? (Season 2, Episode 20)

This guy is a Browns coach now, previously he pulled that guy's heart out in the Temple of Doom.

This guy is a Browns coach now, previously he pulled that guy’s heart out in the Temple of Doom.

6 Bs and a P: Who Wants to Know? Who Wants to Know? (Season 2, Episode 20):

Well, we just couldn’t stay away long. Especially when the Browns hired a new coach THEN fired their GM and President (one of whom makes a final appearance on the show). The gang gets together in the off season to catch up on the happenings at Browns HQ, everything gets covered and most importantly Ian lets all of us know that he’s been going to the gym. And the Browns hired the guy above and his name is Jimmy Raye (Who wants to know? Who wants to know) and Brian, Brian, Ian, and Kris discuss how he scares the hell out of them. The normal 6b1p segments you love are back and a brand new game too, ‘What Would You Trade Brandon Weeden For?’. Enjoy!

Water Liars + More at Union in Athens on Tuesday, March 4

Water Liars, Supernobody, Adam Remnant, and Dead Winds of Summer at The Union on Tuesday, Mach 4

Water Liars, Supernobody, Adam Remnant, and Dead Winds of Summer at The Union on Tuesday, Mach 4

Aquabear Legion loves Ohio music, but sometimes we bend the rules on hosting shows when a band from another state is as mindblowingly awesome as Mississippi’s Water Liars. On Tuesday, March 4th, Aquabear teams up with Blackout Booking and Peacock Productions to welcome Water Liars to The Union along with Athens staples Supernobody, Adam Remnant, and Dead Winds of Summer. Water Liars are fresh off the release of their self-titled third LP on Fat Possum’s Big Legal Mess label. Joining Water Liars that night will be local Athens acts Supernobody, Adam Remnant, and Dead Winds of Summer. Tickets are $8 in advance and available at Haffa’s Records in Athens, Ohio and are $10 at the door. Music will begin around 9:00pm. Here’s the event on Facebook. Help us spread the word and come out to watch a fantastic night of live music in Athens, Ohio.

Here are the Water Liars performing “Backbone”

INTERVIEW: Dave Doughman on Swearing At Motorists New Album


Swearing At Motorists first new album in 8 years!

Swearing at Motorists is some of the finest rock and roll to come out of The Buckeye State. It is the project of Dave Doughman, and they have a brand new album called While Laughing, The Joker Tells The Truth ready to come out this March and they need your support to make it happen. Donate to the Kickstarter here and have the chance to support good people and music and win some cool stuff too including the record, a phone call from Dave, and even a badass Football-inspired SaM scarf. Aquabear caught up with Dave to discuss the album, Germany, Ohio rock and roll, and being a parent and trying to record music. Here’s a video for “Wasting Your Time”.

Tell me about the new record?
While Laughing, The Joker Tells The Truth is the first new full length album since Last Night Becomes This Morning in 2006.

What the gap between releases?
In 2007 my son was born and I decided that for me personally, it was better to change my focus from full time musician, to full time father, until he was old enough to understand my need to leave home for weeks on end to tour. He just started 1st grade, so it felt like the time was right to resume my music career…

What was the process for making this album?
Unlike previous albums, this time around i didn’t have the luxury of time and solitude. Songs were written and demos recorded while my son was asleep or at his mothers, at one time I joked about calling the album “Don’t Wake The Baby”. It was much more difficult, because I would have to turn my back on the muse at a moment’s notice, just because i was “in the zone” didn’t excuse me from my duties as a father. Also, I actually didn’t feel like being creative very often for a few years, as raising a child is an overwhelming and rewarding experience.

Why did you decide on Kickstarter as a platform? Why crowd sourcing?
I love Secretly Canadian, the label that has been releasing my records since 2000. We did 4 albums, 2 eps, and a singles compilation together, and i consider the owners as dear friends. But now that my son is my 1st priority, i need to record and tour around my family schedule, and not that of a label’s promotional cycle. Kickstarter seemed the logical solution. if a percentage of the folks who bought our previous albums are willing to pre-order this one, with special rewards as incentives, then i can release the album myself, and tour when it doesn’t interfere too much with my family life. I was fortunate enough that everyone involved in the making of the album agreed to let me pay them after the album was released. So the album is 100% finished, it only needs to manufactured. The Kickstarter goal of $15,000 will cover all the money i owe for recording studios, engineers, artwork, and to manufacture the first pressing of vinyl and cds.

What took you to Germany?
Swearing At Motorists have always been appreciated a bit more in Europe, so moving here made sense. I am able to play more shows without having to actually tour. I do quite a lot of weekend and one off shows. airfare and train tickets are fairly inexpensive, making it possible to just fly to London, or take a train to Utrecht for one night and actually make a profit.

You are a proud Ohioan, what are some of your favorite Ohio bands past and present?
Brainiac, Guided By Voices, and Breeders are the reason i moved back to Ohio in ’94 after living in California for several years. I wanted to live in Dayton, because it was a town that nurtured creativity. Currently i am digging the Motel Beds (band member Darryl Robbins made the video for our new song, Wasting Your Time), Oh Condor, and the Smug Brothers (former Swearing At Motorists drummer Don Thrasher’s new band)

What’s the plan for the next few months? Album? Tour? Coming to the states?
If the Kickstarter is successful , we will be self-releasing the new album in March. and regardless of the outcome of that campaign, we have a 2 week tour here in Europe January 31 to February 15 and will be flying to the US in March for a quick tour to SXSW and back. the Ohio shows will be March 7 at the Tree Bar in Columbus and March 8 at Rockstar Pro Wrestling Arena in Dayton.


Swearing At Motorists – Wasting Your Time from Swearing At Motorists on Vimeo.