The Western Reserve – Episode 1


Aquabear has a brand new podcast! The Western Reserve focuses on all things Ohio music: past, present, and future. Mostly music but also some talk and eventually some interviews, guests, special event coverage, and more. Hosted by Brian Koscho and Produced by Brian along with Todd Jacops who helps with some engineering too. Enjoy this first episode and look for more soon. Full playlist is below! E-mail me at to tell me what you like or don’t like or to send in some music.

Connections – “Kate”
Appalachian Death Ride – “The Serpent”
Supernobody – “Old Strange Power”
Adam Remnant – “When I Was a Boy”
Bill Fox – “Over and Away She Goes”
Leggy – “Kick the Habit”
Wussy – “She’s Killed Hundreds”
Drift Mouth – “Franklin County Nights”
X____X – “Black Leather Rock”
Murderedman – “Corvette”
Water Witches – “Sea More”
Sardaukar – “Concrete/Sudden Change”
Swarming Branch – “Zsaszur’s Real Estate Song”


Union Show

WEDNESDAY MAY 25TH 5PM (FREE SHOW) Water Witches -12:30 Hex Net – 11:30 Blond – 10:30 Summoners – 9:30 Dj Barticus – 8:30 THURSDAY MAY 26TH 5PM (FREE SHOW) Hellnaw -12:30 Weird Science -11:30 Slackluster -10:30 Dysfunktional Family -9:30 Dune…

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True. (from Getty Images)

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Bernie Bernie

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