Athena Headache – Episode 003

A brand new episode of Athena Headache is here, bringing you the best Midwestern music that is experimental, improv, weird, and everything inbetween. Brian hosts this one, and sticks mostly in Ohio and vicinity for the playlist, but stays away from the Athens-heavy lineup of the first two episodes. You will hear from everyone from Pete Fosco to Mark McGuire to Lisa Bella Donna. Play it in the background while you are doing some other stuff, put it in your headphones real loud, or enjoy on a long car ride. See you again soon. Go support the new Aquabear compilations at

Pete Fosco – “Concurrence”
Tiger Village – “Modern Drummer”
Mark McGuire – “02/21/2019”
Powers/Rolin – “4/15/19 at Maple Lanes”
Zack Kouns – “Evergreen in Winter”
Lisa Bella Donna – “Paraphonic Praeludium”
Neutrals – “Boston”

6 Bs and a P – Karmic Clapback – Episode 72

We’re back! The Browns have gone 1-31 the last two years, so we didn’t do as many episodes. And what do we get upon our return? A tie. Which is not a loss. Brian and Ian discuss the off-season, the draft, Hard Knocks, and the first game of the season. Luke can’t make it because he could not get his modem on the Davone Bess Memorial Connection. We do get quick visits from Wiebe on the Broken Bandwagon and Bork Torkleson with a sideline report. Go Browns?!? 0-0-1! NOTE: This was recorded before the Browns loss to the Saints in Week 2.

6 Bs and a P: Righting Wrongs (s03e02)

Found this on Reddit.
Found this on Reddit.

6 Bs and a P: Righting Wrongs (s03e02)

Browns win! It was pretty unbelievable but the Cleveland Browns beat the New Orleans Saints, Wiebe even calls them a “well coached, competent team” which is quite the compliment. And not just any win, this might have been the biggest in years. It was only the second time these Cleveland Browns won their home opener since their return in 1999. The crew discusses the win and whether this can keep happening. GO BROWNS.

An Update From the Bear

bear_sleeping_on_backHey Aquabears! Sorry for the lack of non 6 Bs and a P content on the website, life got busy (as it does). Aquabear has a lot of fun things in store though as we had into our 10th year in 2014. Look for a few new FREE online compilations from the archives along with more new projects as we get into the new year. As always we are putting out a call for anyone who wants to put content together for the site. If you want to write, post, shoot photos, or anything about Ohio music and art drop us a line at Aquabear is always looking for new folks to be involved. As far as podcasts we suggest you listen to 6 Bs and a P as football season continues and I will also have a brand new episode (#4!) of The Moose Is Loose podcast in the next couple weeks featuring lots of great Ohio music. Look for an Athens Holiday Show sometime in December and go see some local music.


6 B’s and a P: Season 2, Episode 5 (Week 4)

Browns win! Lucy is more excited than she lets on.
Browns win! Lucy is more excited than she lets on.

6 B’s and a P: Season 2, Episode 5 (Week 4):

The Browns win again! The unfamiliar territory of success causes this podcast to have one of it’s most Not Safe For Work episodes ever, blamed squarely on not being used to pride and Bernie Kosar’s porno daughter. Sorry kids, don’t listen to this one. Honestly, kids really shouldn’t listen. Anyway… the Browns win again beating the Cincinnati Bengals 17-6 and improving to 2 and 2 on the season and a tie for first (oh my god) place in the AFC North with the Bengals and that other team of terrible people who used to be the Browns. Even more importantly that means the Pittsburgh Steelers are in last place with and 0-4 record on the year. We celebrate by talking about all kinds of stuff including the newest Cleveland Brown and winner of greatest name ever Foshwitt “Fozzy” Whittaker, this week’s photo features Lucy, Brian and Sherri’s Bassett Hound. GO BROWNS!

The Moose Is Loose: Episode One

Well, Brian decided it was finally time to make his own podcast and he is excited to present the results of the first episode of The Moose Is Loose! This podcast will focus on Ohio music and is named after the first ever compilation project he put together in 2003 (which you can download for FREE here). This episode showcases some of Brian’s favorite songs from the Aquabear online compilations and features music from The Franchise, The Makebelieves, Dragline Brothers, We March, Mike Elliott, Machine Go Boom, Washout Corporation, Neo Nothing, Casual Future, The Math Squad, Casiotone Orchestra, Men of Gentle Birth, Blackark, Matt Collander, and Small Object a. Not much talking in this one (Brian is still perfecting his smooth NPR voice) but you will get to hear our host babble a bit about his history with Ohio music. The first of many episodes to come.

   The Moose Is Loose: Episode One

CALLING ALL ARTISTS! What do you think an Aquabear looks like?

the Aquabear in bronze by Lauren Winnen

The Aquabear Legion is looking for works of art in a variety of forms and types depicting interpretations of our mascot and namesake, the mythical Aquabear. Other than that there are not many limitations or rules, we just want to see what you think of when you think about an Aquabear.

We are hoping to gather all of these up for a big Aquabear art show in Athens in 2012, most likely during the 6th annual Aquabear County Fair on March 9-10, 2012. In addition, we hope to use this art to continue collaborating between Ohio musicians and Ohio artists by featuring it on our website and in other items to promote Aquabear Legion (pins, prints, t-shirts, handbills, etc.). Also, if you are so kind to donate your work to use (hey, we’re almost a non-profit now!) we are hoping to auction off or sell some of this work to raise funds.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or to RSVP that you plan on submitting. All entries for this round are due by March 1, 2012 but this will be an ongoing project so entries are always welcome. Feel free to pass this along to anyone else you think would be interested!

Aquabear Live at ARTS/West: Moon High, Time & Temperature, Dead Winds of Summer

Aquabear Legion’s Live at ARTS/West series returns TONIGHT (Friday, September 9) with a great lineup featuring Moon High and Time & Temperature from Columbus, Ohio and an opening set from Athens’ own Andrew Lampela’s project Dead Winds of Summer.

Moon High come back to Athens after the July release of their new record Six Suns (buy it here online, or come to the show!) and play in what we are honored to know is one of their favorite rooms. They have been playing around Ohio too including stops in Cincinnati and Cleveland, and gave us the fantastic “Autumn Leaves” for Aquabear Legion Volume 4.  Time & Temperature is Val Glenn and she writes and performs some great songs. Her new album Cream of the Low Tide is available for a free download from her bandcampPeople With Animal Heads says Val “has been able to create singer/songwriter music for people who are sick to death of singer/songwriter music”. That sounds good to us. Athens’ own Aquabear Legionnaire Andrew Lampela will open the night up with a set from his solo project Dead Winds of Summer. Get there early cause he likes to play before people come.

Music starts at 8:00pm sharp. ALL AGES / NO ALCOHOL.

Suggested $4 cover for bands and space.

ARTS/West is located at 132 West State Street in Athens, Ohio. Right up the road from Casa Cantina and uptown at the fork in the road by the West State Street cemetary. Parking round back, bring friends.

Videos after the jump.
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Aquabear in Columbus at Kobo THIS FRIDAY!

Friday at Kobo in Columbus!

Aquabear Legion heads up to Ohio’s capital city this Friday, April 22 for a show at Kobo (2590 North High Street, Columbus) for a very awesome show…

Black Owls (granville)
Hex Net (athens)
She Bears (columbus)
Moon High (columbus)
Alwood Sisters (columbus)

Everyone will play in that order with Alwood Sisters kicking the evening off and Black Owls closing it. Doors at 9pm and music starts around 9:30!
$5 for 21+ | $7 for 18+

Hope to see you there!

Aquabear Spring Break TONIGHT at Casa Cantina in Athens!

Attention Athenians! Our wonderful town is extra sleepy this week so come out an enjoy YOUR well deserved break from all the craziness of the students with an awesome FREE show of Ohio rock and roll at Casa Cantina TONIGHT (Thursday, March 24) at 10:30.

We welcome Athens ex-pats In Silent Movies down from Columbus to join local acts The D-Rays (awesome loud and fast rock and roll, members of Speedknobs), and Poppycock (Athens legends who have returned for some awesome shows as of late). And if that wasn’t enough… we added a short set from Aquabear favorites the experimental/improv duo Weedghost!

Hope to see you there.

Best of Ohio Music 2010

I was very excited to come up with a list of my favorite music from Ohio this year, particularly because not too much on the national scene really blew me away this year. The following list however features some very, very good music and all of it comes at high suggestion for me. Great records from Megachurch, Super Desserts, Wheels On Fire, Sun God, This Moment In Black History, Whale Zombie, The Black Swans, Orchestraville, Manor Animals, Seascapes, and Weedghost. When possible we have included a link and where you could purchase a copy, though a few of these things may be out of print.

I know I missed a few (sorry), and I am putting them in arbitrary order as I cannot possibly rank anything. But, I did limit it to 11, because 10 just didn’t work…

Happy New Year from the Aquabear Legion! 2011 is gonna be pretty awesome.

Megachurch, Megachurch

Super Desserts, Banjo Forever

Wheels On Fire, Liar Liar
GET IT: Bompstore

Sun God / This Moment In Black History, The Paul EP
GET IT: Smog Veil Records

The Black Swans, Words Are Stupid
GET IT: St. Ives and Secretly Canadian Distribution

This Moment In Black History, Public Square
GET IT: Smog Veil Records

Whale Zombie, LP

Orchestraville, Poison Berries

Manor Animals, Rearranger EP
MORE INFO: Manor Animals Myspace

Seascapes, EP
MORE INFO: Seascapes Myspace

Weedghost, 2010 Tour Album
MORE INFO: Weedghost Myspace

    Aquabear and Blackout: Self Destruct Button, Hex Net, The Visitations, Valley Boys at The Union on 9/18/10

    Aquabear Legion and Athens-based Blackout Booking are throwing quite a show TONIGHT (Saturday, September 18) at The Union in Athens. The show features old Aquabear pals and Cleveland natives Self Destruct Button, The Vistiations (who hail from the OTHER Athens in Georgia), and local boys Hex Net (members of Dragline Bros.) and Valley Boys (members of Whale Zombie).

    Doors open at 9pm and music starts round 10. See you all there…


    Oh man, I cannot in any way at all think about my life without We March. When I came to Athens as an Ohio University freshman in 2001, We March was one of the first bands I saw down here and it made me feel instantly at home. These guys are the real deal. And we are honored to have them once again play their third Aquabear County Fair on Saturday, March 6th at The Union.

    Not only has We March seen most venues and towns the road has to offer, been written up in Maximum Rock and Roll, and broken bones while playing shows but they have been doing it FOR TEN YEARS plus. And they are still very, very good.

    Watch the video of them playing last year’s Blackoutfest from our friend Milo:

    COUNTY FAIR PREVIEW: Chris Biester

    Chris Biester is arguably the best damn musician in this town, so what better way to open up the Friday night Casa show then with a set from him? Chris hosts the weekly Wednesday Open Stage at Casa Cantina and melts all of our faces with the occasional Chickenpussy performance besides working as an artist at Passion Works Studio in uptown Athens. And of course, I cannot preview a Biester show without bringing up his former band, Athens legends Appalachian Death Ride. For those of you who have never heard ADR you should remedy that problem immediately.

    Watch Chris play solo and check out a great Appalachian Death Ride video for “The Serpent”  put together by Mike Elliott below and come see Mr. Biester play himself FOR FREE at the Aquabear County Fair on Friday, March 5th at Casa Cantina.


    There is one band that has played every Aquabear County Fair, and the even played the first Aquabear Showcase at The Wire in 2005. That band is Weedghost. They will be joining us at again at The Union on Saturday, March 6th.

    Comprised of Andrew Lampela and Kris Poland, Weedghost has been making and looping noise for over 5 years. These fine folks also help out a ton with Aquabear and have spent time playing in The Arch Villans, Collapse, Kid Panda Hands, Dinner of Swords and the 1,000 bands Andrew has been in. Weedghost has also been part of the group of Athens musicians who hosted and played at the regular (and now semi-regular) ARTS/West Noise Nights.

    At this year’s County Fair Weedghost will be playing short sets inbetween bands at The Union on Saturday, March 6th and it wouldn’t be out of the question to see them at Casa Cantina on Friday, March 5th.

    Watch the video below:

    Aquabear Seeking Submissions and Contributors!

    The Aquabear Legion is looking for folks to contribute to our website!

    Submit your writing, photos, videos, reviews, or anything else related to Ohio music, art, or film. Want to write but don’t have an idea? No worries, we have lots of those too. Send us an e-mail at if you are interested in becoming an honorary Legionnaire!

    In other and related news we have a few new volunteers around these parts that are keeping the ‘Bear moving along. So a big Aquabear welcome to Stephen, Zach, and Laura! And this is also a great chance to thank Emily, Dan, Sherri, Kris, and Andrew for helping as they always do. You guys are awesome.

    INTERVIEW: She Bears

    She Bears are releasing their new record, I Found Myself Asleep tonight at Casa Cantina. Aquabear had a chance to talk to Stephen Pence about the band, their new album, boats, getting drunk, record contracts, and a lot more.

    It should be noted that an original idea for the interview was for me to send Stephen questions and then he would get really, really drunk and leave me voicemails answering them late at night. I thought it was a great idea, but the logistics fell apart  a bit after 13 voice mails and a lack of a good transcribing system. I am including some of the voicemail ramblings, which include contributions from: Stephen, Shea Stanley (a local hobo witch doctor who as of press time is not in the band), and Ryan  (who is in the band). Other folks left some messages too sorry if you were left out, also not all of those messages are transcribed here..

    Interview after the break….
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    Music Swap Meet at Stuart’s THIS SATURDAY!

    Aquabear Legion and Stuart’s Opera House are teaming up for another Music Swap Meet this Saturday, October 10th in the Stuart’s lobby (52 Public Square in Nelsonville) from 10am-5pm! Lots of great LP’s, CD’s, Gear, and a whole lot more all for sale, and FREE ADMISSION!

    If you are interested in reserving a table please e-mail for details or call the Stuart’s office at (740) 753-1924.

    It’s always a good time, hope to see you all out!

    Aquabear Puts Up Two New Comps FOR FREE! More comps to come this Fall!


    Aquabear Legion Volume 2 and Aquabear Legion Volume 3 are now available for FREE DOWNLOAD, and three more compilations will be joining those shortly too. All in celebration of Aquabear’s 5th anniversary! 5 years = 5 new and free compilations. Add those 5 to the 3 already up and you got yourself a whole lot of free downloads. These two compilations were originally released as physical CD’s, and are available here for the first time. Two out-of-print Cleveland area compilations from years past will be put up in the coming weeks (including one from 1997 originally released on cassette, and the fantastic Refugee Records compilation) and Brian’s own first compilation The Moose Is Loose (which dates back to 2003 and pre-dates Aquabear!). Get them here.

    PREVIEW: 11th Annual Athens Community Music Festival this Saturday

    One of my favorite nights of the year is coming up this weekend, the 11th annual Athens Community Music Festival. This night is Athens’ own version of SXSW with 38 Athens bands playing at 6 venues around town. Other weekends of music throughout the year in Athens have wonderful music (Blackoutfest, Nelsonville Music Festival, and of course the Aquabear County Fair), but this night is ALL Athens, while all of the other mentioned bring regional and national acts in as well. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but there is something special about all of that great live music happening in one night. And seriously, a wristband for all venues all night is ONLY $10 or you can go one venue for $5 and passes and tickets are available at each venue. Proceeds go towards helping local musicians in need and music education.

    In fact there are far to many bands and amazing musicians playing it is impossible not to write an article like this and be able to mention everyone, just pick some at random to see or do my preferred method of bouncing from venue to venue as quickly as possible.

    Full schedule and more preview after the break…
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    Fugazi: “Instrument” Screening on 4/9!

    Aquabear Legion is hosting a screening of Fugazi’s “Instrument” DVD at ARTS/West.
    Thursday, April 9th at 7:30pm

    $2 suggested donation
    *cover space, anything extra benefits Aquabear Legion


    A collaboration between filmmaker Jem Cohen and the Washington D.C band Fugazi, the project covers the ten-year period from the band’s inception in 1987 to 1997. Far from a traditional documentary, the project is a musical document: a portrait of musicians at work.

    The film takes its title from the Fugazi song of the same name, from their 1993 album, In on the Kill Taker. Editing of the film was done by both Cohen and the members of the band over the course of five years. It was shot from 1987 through 1998 on super 8, 16mm and video and is composed mainly of footage of concerts, interviews with the band members, practices, tours and time spent in the studio recording their 1995 album, Red Medicine. [3] The film also includes portraits of fans as well as interviews with them at various Fugazi shows around the United States throughout the years. The Instrument Soundtrack by Fugazi was released in conjunction with the film.

    Aquabear Reader #3! Submissions and Advertisers Needed!

    The Athens-based Ohio music, art, and film collective Aquabear Legion is starting to get ready for the third issue of our FREE magazine The Aquabear Reader and we need your help!

    The Aquabear Reader needs writers, photographers and anyone who wants to help to contact us. This is a 2,000 hard copy circulation magazine made right here in Athens and available all around town, in addition we also make the Reader available on our website as a .pdf.

    We are open to ideas for stories and features and also have a lot of our own if you need an idea.

    The Aquabear Reader remains a FREE publication because of support from our advertisers, if you are a local business or organization that would like to reach an audience from Athens and around Ohio while supporting a good cause and organization send us an e-mail to and we will send you information on our very reasonable advertising rates (starting at $50!).

    CONTACT US ASAP if you are interested we want issue 3 out before summer!

    You can also go take a look at the first two issues online here:

    E-mail us for more information at or visit our website at

    Support your local Aquabear!

    Aquabear County Fair! March 5-7, 2009!


    The 3rd Annual Aquabear County Fair
    March 5-7, 2009 in beautiful Athens, Ohio

    Thursday, March 5th
    Kickoff at The (Bruce) Manor

    Dinner of Swords
    Battle Rabbit

    Friday, March 6th
    Night One at Casa Cantina

    Casual Future
    Five Deadly Venoms

    Saturday, March 7th
    L’Aqua Porter Film Festival

    at ARTS/West
    Ohio films! 2pm

    Saturday, March 7th
    Night Two at The Union
    We March
    Dragline Bros.
    Flotation Walls
    She Bears
    Bram Riddlebarger and His Lonesome Self


    Based in Appalachian Ohio, The Aquabear Legion provides a community network for creative people. We are dedicated to supporting and enhancing independent music and art in our community and elsewhere. We focus on collaborative relationships to create opportunities for independent musicians and artists.

    Aquabear Pancake Breakfast @ ARTS/West on 1/25

    Aquabear Legion is holding a Pancake Breakfast in the basement of ARTS/West on Sunday, J
    anuary 25th from 2pm-5pm. This is our big fundraiser for the Aquabear County Fair on March 5-7, 2009 and we want everyone to come out and support local music and art! Come eat all the pancakes you have along with coffee, juice, and maybe even a little bacon. Tickets are ONLY $5! You can get them at the door or in advance by e-mailing us at

    Free Aquabear Show on Friday, 10/17 and Aquabear Night @ The Union on 10/24

    The Aquabear Legion is honored to have our monthly concert at ARTS/West be part of this year’s ART/oberfest. ART/oberfest is a community arts celebration here in Athens complete with all kinds of visual art, music, workshops, vendors, and more.

    We are helping kick the weekend off:

    Aquabear Live @ ART/oberfest
    Friday, October 17th
    132 W. State, Athens

    Bram Riddlebarger and His Lonesome Band
    Jesse Remnant


    Find out more about ART/oberfest at their blog

    Friday, October 24th
    Aquabear Night @ The Union
    We March
    and more.

    Aquabear Live @ ARTS/West on Saturday, 8/16 and Aquabear Record Swap on Sunday, 8/24


    Aquabear Legion continues our monthly showcase at ARTS/West on Saturday, August 16th… featuring a wonderful lineup of Athens music from:

    Mike Elliott

    Starts at 8pm sharp and it’s only 3 bucks! This will be one of the last shows in this area from our good friend Zephuros, so come out!

    Aquabear Record Swap on Sunday, August 24th! 1pm-6pm at ARTS/West, FREE ADMISSION! Come on out for our first ever Record Swap and find LP’s, CD’s, 7″, 45’s, Cassettes, Gear, and most importantly local music from local bands. Tables can be purchased for only $10! Send us an e-mail if you are interested. 6 vendors already! We’ll be playing records all afternoon as well. Donations will be encouraged at the door.

    Compilation Release Show: Sat. 7/26 @ Casa

    The Aquabear Legion is celebrating the release of yet another compilation (Volume 3!, our 5th overall..) on Saturday, July 26th at Casa Cantina here in Athens. The compilation features music from: We March, Southeast Engine, Machine Go Boom, Casual Future, Silo Circuit, Russenorsk, The Makebelieves, The Hiders, Woody Pines and The Lonesome Two, The X Bolex, 1point3, Kaslo, Mike Elliott, Spooktober, Men of Gentle Birth, Sun God, (the) Giants of Gender, and maybe even a few more.

    Machine Go Boom (Cleveland)
    Casual Future
    (Athens), 1point3 (Columbus)
    Weedghost (Athens)

    will be featured at the party on Saturday, July 26th at Casa. 10pm.

    The compilation will be available and there will be some other new Legion merchandise as well including buttons, stickers, and more. Come on out and help us celebrate and here some really great music.

    Aquabear Live @ ARTS/West on July 12!

    Aquabear’s monthly concert series Live @ ARTS/West continues with a great show on Saturday, July 12th at 8pm with Athens’ own Sad Bastards and Godversussatan (members of Men of Gentle Birth!). The show will of course take place at ARTS/West (132 West State Street in Athens), music will start at 8pm and its only 3 bucks! Come out and support local music and our new monthly series!

    And don’t forget…

    Saturday, July 26th
    Aquabear Legion Compilation Release
    @ Casa Cantina 10pm
    Machine Go Boom, Casual Future, 1point3, and Weedghost

    Saturday, August 16th 8pm
    Aquabear Live @ ARTS/West
    with Kaslo and more!

    Aquabear Legion Summer Events

    Aquabear Summer Schedule!
    Aquabear Legion has a lot going on this summer…

    6/28: Monthly Noise Show @ ARTS/West, 6pm

    7/12: Aquabear Monthly Show @ ARTS/West w/ Spooktober and Sad Bastards, 8pm

    7/26: CD Release @ Casa w/ Machine Go Boom, Casual Future, 1point3, Weedghost, 10:30pm

    7/27: Monthly Noise Show @ ARTS/West, 6pm

    8/16: Aquabear Monthly Show @ ARTS/West with TBA

    8/24: Aquabear Record Swap and Potluck @ ARTS/West (day after ACMF!), 2pm

    visit for more information:

    And if you are on Facebook you can become a fan here:
    http://www. facebook. com/pages/Aquabear-Legion/16073679690