Aquabear Puts Up Two New Comps FOR FREE! More comps to come this Fall!


Aquabear Legion Volume 2 and Aquabear Legion Volume 3 are now available for FREE DOWNLOAD, and three more compilations will be joining those shortly too. All in celebration of Aquabear’s 5th anniversary! 5 years = 5 new and free compilations. Add those 5 to the 3 already up and you got yourself a whole lot of free downloads. These two compilations were originally released as physical CD’s, and are available here for the first time. Two out-of-print Cleveland area compilations from years past will be put up in the coming weeks (including one from 1997 originally released on cassette, and the fantastic Refugee Records compilation) and Brian’s own first compilation The Moose Is Loose (which dates back to 2003 and pre-dates Aquabear!). Get them here.