ARTS/West 10th Anniversary All Weekend: Films by Brian Wiebe + Noise Show on Sunday

As if the 17th annual Athens Community Music Festival wasn’t enough, ARTS/West on the beautiful Westside of Athens, Ohio is celebrating 10 years this weekend with a whole slew of free events for the community on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Aquabear is helping with the festivities on Sunday, August 16th from 4pm-7pm with a special screening of some films by longtime Legionnaire Brian Wiebe (Brian’s doing an Indiegogo campaign for his upcoming feature A Good Person, which you should give your money too, more info below) including a few videos made for fellow Athens ex-pat and current Austinite Adam Torres, a few short films, and a trailer and teaser for his upcoming feature A Good Person. After the films are done it’s time for a Noise Show “reunion” of sorts with a whole bunch of experimental and improv music from the folks who did that same thing for years at ARTS/West beginning in 2005. Music from Kid Panda Hands (rare reunion set), Dinner of Swords, Scott Hedrick, Aaron Michael Butler, Weedghost, and more plus poetry from Wendy McVicker and some dance too? And it’s a potluck, so bring some food to share, especially popsicles for Andrew.

Filmmaker Brian Wiebe and Aquabear go way back, like literally all the way back. Currently based out of Chicago, Wiebe was a resident of Athens and Yellow Springs for years, and the ‘Bear is excited to screen some of his amazing work. Right now, Brian is raising money on Indiegogo to help him submit his upcoming feature A Good Person to film festivals all around the world and help get this thing out there. You can get all sorts of great stuff for supporting the campaign including posters, DVD’s, and more and for ONLY $3 you can watch the film right on your device of choosing when it comes out.

Here’s a video for “Dusty Wing Spirit” by Adam Torres from Brian Wiebe:

Sometimes The Bear Eats You Too: NMF13 Sunday

“It’s finally here! Highlights from the final day of this year’s Nelsonville Music Festival await your ears only at This episode features Supernobody, Jerry David Decicca, Field Report and Cotton Jones. Special thanks to Warren Taylor for the interview and Brian Wiebe for all of his help and recording expertise. Enjoy!”

Sometimes The Bear Eats You Too: NMF13 Sunday

Michael Hurley Bonus

Cotton Jones Bonus

6 Bs and a P: Episode Four (Week Three)

Six Bs and a P: Episode Four (Week Three)

Brian Michael is joined by another Brian Michael. All the way from Chicago, Illinois, by the magic of technology for the fourth episode of 6 Bs and a P. Brian Wiebe guests this week on a special “longer than 10-15 minutes” episode of our favorite football podcast on a music website, and Brian and Brian talk about the Browns for a long time. But they both thought it was funny, so here it us mostly uncut. Look, the Browns are 0-3 and yet neither Brian feels to sad about it… so all topics from Romeo Crennel to The D-level announcing teams gets covered. Wiebe gives you his Cleveland Browns “Tweet of the Week”, a new trivia question, and talks about how all Browns players should have mandatory dreadlocks. Enjoy, and as always GO BROWNS!

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INTERVIEW: Adam Torres and Brian Wiebe (from Aquabear Reader #1)

Breakneck Jane's Fifteen Minute Escape Poster

In 2007, Adam Torres released his hauntingly perfect album Nostra Nova. Adam performed solo as Nostra Nova and with others (including members of Southeast Engine and Five Deadly Venoms) while continuing to play in Southeast Engine as well. Athens Musician Network called Nostra Nova “the best locally produced record in a decade” adding “this record should be part of every Athenian’s collection.”

Filmmaker and good friend of the Aquabear Brian Wiebe made a video for the song “Breakneck Jane’s Fifteen Minute Escape” from Nostra Nova. Aquabear had a chance to talk to both Adam and Brian about the video and a lot more, you can find the full interview and  after the break.

This was originally published in Aquabear Reader #1 in Spring 2008.