6 Bs and a P: Episode Four (Week Three)

Six Bs and a P: Episode Four (Week Three)

Brian Michael is joined by another Brian Michael. All the way from Chicago, Illinois, by the magic of technology for the fourth episode of 6 Bs and a P. Brian Wiebe guests this week on a special “longer than 10-15 minutes” episode of our favorite football podcast on a music website, and Brian and Brian talk about the Browns for a long time. But they both thought it was funny, so here it us mostly uncut. Look, the Browns are 0-3 and yet neither Brian feels to sad about it… so all topics from Romeo Crennel to The D-level announcing teams gets covered. Wiebe gives you his Cleveland Browns “Tweet of the Week”, a new trivia question, and talks about how all Browns players should have mandatory dreadlocks. Enjoy, and as always GO BROWNS!

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  1. Sorry all! Life and work got in the way of an early podcast this week! Look for a new episode late tonight or sometime tomorrow and then next weeks episode on Wednesday. Sory for the delay and go browns!

  2. Any chance of the next episode in the next day or so or you plan on doing a 2-for-1 coming next week? I actually wasn’t able to catch the game being on cable so you’re really are my “one source for force” on last week.

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