6 B’s and a P: Episode Twelve (Week 12)

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6 B’s and a P: Episode Twelve (Week 12)

The Browns win for just the third time this year beating a hated Pittsburgh Steeler team reeling from injuries. But who cares! They win against their rival for only the 2nd time in the last 18 games and to celebrate Brian invites Kris Poland on to co-host this episode. The guys discuss how Brandon Weeden isn’t much better than Colt McCoy and give their wish lists for the rest of this season and next year. Plus, the crowd favorite Don Fleming Memorial Trivia Question and the always entertaining Frostee Rucker Tweet of the Week. Go Browns!

2 Replies to “6 B’s and a P: Episode Twelve (Week 12)”

  1. Also, I think the Browns have gotten in the habit of playing to not lose instead of playing to win. They got a lead and then did nothing. That seems like coaching to me.

  2. First off, I gotta say: I still believe in Brandon Weeden. If for no other reason than I think the Browns need to stick with one of their quarterback picks for more than a season, season and a half, and he’s the best I’ve seen since the year Derek Anderson was decent. Plus, if they go quarterback in the draft they might go Matt Barkley and that just seems like its got huge bust written all over it. And I like his goofy Pixar face.

    My wish list would go: 1. Fire Shurmur & Childress, hire Jon Gruden 2. Get a mean badass either at linebacker or safety. 3. Wide Receiver (Just looked up free agents and there are some badasses: Jennings, Bowe, Welker, Wallace, Amendola) 4. Bernie Kosar clone 5. Shannon Sharpe – don’t care what he does 6. In true Browns fan fashion – Geno Smith? 7. Dread locks. 8. Starbucks cake pops up all opponents’ asses.

    I am hopeful because Jimmy Haslem doesn’t strike me as a guy that likes to lose.

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