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  • Athena Headache – Episode 001 | The Western Reserve – Episode 020

    Athena Headache – Episode 001 | The Western Reserve – Episode 020

    Aquabear Legion has brand new show titled Athena Headache that will focus on the fringes of Ohio and Midwestern music. Noise, experimental, improvisational, weird, strange, and everything in between. The hosts of the show will rotate and since Brian (who hosts Western Reserve) is doing the first one it only made sense to have the…

  • Venue Spotlight: ARTS/West

    by Kris Poland – Go West, Young Bands There is a place on West State Street where Athens music lovers can see some of the area’s best musicians display their talents. It is a place where engaging local paintings and photographs adorn the walls and where community members meet to consolidate support for the arts.…

  • Thursday, May 21 – Russenorsk, Brian Harnetty & Prince/Jacops Duo – Live @ ARTS/West

    Russenorsk will be playing their latest album, “Comforts” in its entirety. Brian Harnetty uses archival music, field recordings, oral histories and radio programs as a foundation to his compositions. He has also collaborated with Bonnie “Prince” Billy. Dan Prince and Todd Jacops, from the epic ambient/noise/drone group Dinner of Swords will improvise. www.brianharnetty.com www.russenorsk.com www.myspace.com/dinnerofswords

  • Aquabear County Fair! March 5-7, 2009!

    The 3rd Annual Aquabear County Fair March 5-7, 2009 in beautiful Athens, Ohio Thursday, March 5th Kickoff at The (Bruce) Manor with Russenorsk Dinner of Swords Battle Rabbit 7pm Friday, March 6th Night One at Casa Cantina with Brainbow Casual Future Five Deadly Venoms Weedghost 10:30pm Saturday, March 7th L’Aqua Porter Film Festival at ARTS/West…

  • Sat 12/27 Aquabear X-Mas @ ARTS/West with (the) Giants of Gender!

    Come celebrate the holidays with Aquabear with an awesome show at ARTS/West. (the) Giants of Gender are absolutely amazing, if you are around Athens you have to check this show out.