Sometimes The Bear Eats You Too: NMF13 Sunday

“It’s finally here! Highlights from the final day of this year’s Nelsonville Music Festival await your ears only at This episode features Supernobody, Jerry David Decicca, Field Report and Cotton Jones. Special thanks to Warren Taylor for the interview and Brian Wiebe for all of his help and recording expertise. Enjoy!”

Sometimes The Bear Eats You Too: NMF13 Sunday

Michael Hurley Bonus

Cotton Jones Bonus

Donkey Features Four Great Songwriters on Sunday

Lots of great shows happening here in Athens around the holidays, we’ll be talking about some of them in the next week here on Aquabear. Sunday, December 16 features four of the finest songwriters around all on one stage at Donkey Coffee: Matthew Milia (from Michigan’s Frontier Ruckus) and Michael Nau (from Maryland’s fantastic Cotton Jones, who will be playing this year’s Nelsonville Music Festival) will join Athens’ own Adam Remnant (Southeast Engine) and Athens’ own/Oregon’s current own Justin Gordon (Hoover Administration). Don’t miss this one folks. $7 at the door, show starts at 8:00pm.