Sometimes the Bear Eats You Too: 2011 Nelsonville Music Festival – Day 1

I arrive at the NMF with Andrew and Mackenzie and capture what I can before hopping on one of the extended golf carts to shuttle festival goers between the campground and the Historic Village of Robbins Crossing.

Featuring: Weedghost, Hex Net, Justin Townes Earle, Whale Zombie, Drakkar Sauna

Sometimes the Bear Eat You Too: Nelsonville Music Festival – Day 1

Videos: Wheedghost, Drakkar Suana


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  1. HEY! I was IN Rusted Root in the early 90’s! The best part of it was exploring my relationship with Mother Nature, along with all 27 of my musical partners also “Playing in the Band”, against the backdrop of harsh industrial economy in Pittsburgh while maintaining a solid fan-base of upper-middle-class-trust-funding-White kids who also enjoyed in cashing in on late 60’s nostalgia. Also being gay.

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