Sometimes the Bear Eats You: Episode Six

“It’s time to ring in the new with yet another perfectly cromulent episode of Sometimes the Bear Eats You! Oh, what a year it will be. We’re bringing you all new podcast shenanigans like only can. Ohio-born music sensation Hutz bestows upon us a wonderful new theme song. Noah and Matthu watch a horror flick. Freddy murders some teens. Kris chats about Akron with multi-instrument powerhouse Sean Djuricic of Interfuse, Tight Whips and National Suicide Day. Noah highlights some of his favorite Akron haunts. Kris talks to everyone’s favorite Foreign Legionnaire about his space rock opera’s debut and plans for future performances. Then the episode is pretty much done. Suck it, 2011. You’re dead to me now.


The songs featured in this episode are “Full Blown” by Hutz,  “I had to eat an entire joint because my wife is a horrible driver” by Concordia Discors, “My… That’s a Very Nice Handbag” by Interfuse, “Hessian Expressions” by The All Golden, “Song of Condemnation” by Rick Dodgson and “waistdeep in the meltdown” by Kid Panda Hands.”


 Sometimes the Bear Eats You: Episode Six







3 responses to “Sometimes the Bear Eats You: Episode Six”

  1. Dave

    Yeah, you know – something mainstream, like The Minutemen 😉

  2. Brian Koscho

    The new theme song is amazing.

  3. Once again, you guys come up with the perfect image to pair with a new episode of the STBEY podcast. Kudos!