Sometimes the Bear Eats You: Episode One

Howdy, Aquabear Legionnaires! Please enjoy this, the very first Aquabear Legion podcast. Your hosts Noah Andrews and Kris Poland give it their all as they struggle to name the podcast, take you on an abridged journey through Athens music history (1997-present), and get excited for both the County Fair and the Nelsonville Music Festival. Rock out to some of our favorite Aquabear bands and listen to two thirty-year-olds butcher the English language. Good times await when you click the link below.

Sometimes the Bear Eats You: Episode One


  1. Oh man, I think you’re onto something. Can someone write a “Sometimes the Bear Eats You” theme song?

  2. Gotta say that I like Aquabear Necessities best, then you’d already have the theme song written too!

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