Sometimes the Bear Eats You: Episode Four

STBEY is back after a brief delay with a fourth episode that manages to be equal parts raucous and somber. This time we focus on Ohio’s current capital city, Columbus! Listen to the rockin’ sounds of Wheels on Fire (even though they’re from Athens), Super Desserts and Narrow and the Brights. Laugh at three goons as special guest Dave Obenour joins us to discuss one of Noah’s top ten favorite albums. Shake your head in despair as Kris fails to accurately describe how to make Noah’s signature drink: The Rolling DDT. You know what, here’s the recipe for everyone out there who wants to taste the magic.
Mix in a Pint Glass:
Ice (to taste)
3 shots of Vodka (or 3 fingers if you wanna get loco)
10 oz. of Tonic Water
Splash of Grape Soda (Welch’s, Crush, or a nice Dr. Brown’s)
1 shot of Grenadine
Mix with a swizzle stick, and garnish with a fresh orange slice.
Have a couple of those beasts, then listen to the podcast. I assume it’s much more enjoyable when one is three sheets to the wind. Click below to listen.


  1. That first song (after Pomp & Circumstance) is Ambulance by Wheels on Fire. It’s also available on the Aquabear Legion Volume 4 comp.

    I really enjoyed making this episode and hope everyone who gives it a listen does as well. Noah did an amazing job putting the intro together. Those first 35 seconds might be my favorite bit of STBEY so far.

    Also, we sure do say “um” and “uh” a helluva lot. Here’s an idea. Count the number of “um”s and “uh”s in this episode, post a comment revealing that number, and win a prize!

    Finally, if you enjoyed Noah’s remix of the hilarious Bob Ducca, you must check out Bob Ducca’s Affirmation Nation over on Earwolf ( I guarantee at least a chuckle. No man can list things in a hilarious manner quite like this guy. Check it out!

  2. Wasn’t there at the beginning and didn’t realize Randy was from Ohio! That’s cool. Also, who was the first band you played? You may have said, but I can’t remember.

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