Sometimes the Bear Eats You: Episode Five

Hello again, internet! We’ve missed you so. In this very special fifth episode of Sometimes the Bear Eats You we focus our undivided attention toward our great state’s capital city. That’s right! It’s all Columbus all the time. No foolin’ this time. Your hosts Noah and Kris discuss jam bands, White Castle and semen. Noah interviews the talented Josh James of Joshua P. James and the Paper Planes fame. Also, we introduce a new segment as The Angry Ohioan joins us for the first time with a bit of political commentary. All this and plenty of great tunes exclusively from Columbus-based bands. Don’t forget to post comments listing your top three places to eat in Columbus. Now get to listening!

 Sometimes the Bear Eats You: Episode Five



  1. Thanks for listening, Chris! We love Ohio music and the musicians who make it. Feel free to send us some of your band’s tunes if you’d like us to play them on the podcast. Also, consider hitting us with your favorite places to eat in Columbus. There’s a prize in it for you. : )

  2. Great interview with Joshua P. James, funny to hear people from different cities talk about other cities that they are not from/don’t live in. I guess I am guilty of this myself, as I rarely get to some cities in Ohio enough to really know the true story about them. Anyway, Ohio has got some really really talented musicians and because I live/play music here I know C-Bus is super rich with talent. Thanks for highlighting some of them here!

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