Six Bs and a P: Episode Three (Week Two)

Six Bs and a P: Episode Three (Week Two)

Another week and another loss, but there is reason to be hopeful… the offense scored touchdowns! Join our host and special guest Kris Poland as they talk about a tough loss to the Cincinnati Bengals and some of the positive things they saw. But don’t worry, there’s enough to be mad and/or sad about including over 100 yards in penalties, no secondary at all, Pat Shurmur, and a punt return touchdown by Pacman Jones.  Comment and share, answer this week’s trivia question too. And follow us on Twitter over at @6B1P. Go Browns!


5 responses to “Six Bs and a P: Episode Three (Week Two)”

  1. You lied to me, Brian. You said episode four would be posted by the time I got up in the morning. I’ve been up for an hour. Still nothing. Don’t worry. I still love you anyway.

  2. Wiebe, a winner is you!

  3. Former Browns QB Brian Wiebe

    Trivia Answer:

    RB Trent Richardson is the first #Browns rookie to rush for 100 yards since Lee Suggs ran for 186 against the Bengals on Dec. 28, 2003

  4. In spite of inevitable blowback, I must remind you that Pac-Man is hyphenated. Wocka wocka!

  5. Dave O.

    If we coulda had last week’s defense and this week’s offense for both games, we’d be 2-0 right now. Still, like you said – lots of positive things coming out of that loss. Primarily, I don’t feel near as despondent about Weeden anymore. Still not sure that I think it’s a good idea to go with an untested 28-year old rookie, but you go with what they give you I guess. Go Browns!