Six Bs and a P: Episode One (Season Preview)

Six B’s and a P: Episode One

There’s yet another podcast on! How can this be? It be, baby. It be. BBBBBBP (pronounce it “Six Bees and a Pea” please) is here to share the eternal hope, crushing pain and unending frustration of being a Cleveland Browns fan. Lifelong Browns backer Brian Koscho will host this particular podcast after every single Browns game this season. This first, extended preseason episode highlights the roster, showcases the Browns’ many QBs over the recent years, and sets things up for the beginning of the upcoming season. Brian is joined by the always entertaining color commentary team of Randy Demidovich and Kris Poland this time around. Could this podcast be the lucky charm the Brownies need this season? Could it carry them to a winning record? A divisional championship? A Superbowl appearance? Tune in, and find out!


  1. Episode Two will hopefully be up late Wednesday night! Got back from Chicago late Sunday, worked late last night, and band practice tonight. But it’s almost ready to go… he really was terrible wasn’t he.

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