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In-house Graphic Designer for Passion Works Studio. Co-founder and volunteer for art and music collective Aquabear Legion. Living in Athens, Ohio.

Sometimes The Bear Eats You: Episode 8

Sometimes the Bear Eats You: Episode 8

Sometimes the Bear Eats You is back for its second season of highlighting many of the cool things to see and do in our beloved state of Ohio. This episode sets its sights squarely on The Gem City, Dayton! We’re joined by Dayton’s own Dave Obenour to discuss music, food, craft beer, entertainment, and who would win in a no-holds-barred death match between historic Dayton icons. Noah talks with rising stars Motel Beds, and we learn a little something about rims to boot.

This episode features some great music from artists new and old. Some of these tunes are ones that I have personal connections to, so please forgive my wallowing in nostalgia. We also have some great modern stuff and two exclusive tracks that you can hear nowhere else! Our theme music remains “Full Blown AIDS” by Hutz. Tracks include “Darvocet” by Greenstick Fracture, “Human Detonator” by The Real Boy Genius, “Mister Me” by The Midget Fan Club, and “The Last Time” by Shut up in our opening all-punk block of songs. Next, we have a couple of world exclusives in “Saint Paul at the Helm of Wyoming” and “Quick to Illustrate January” from the Smug Brothers’ upcoming album On the Way to the Punchline! Finally, we get “Dumb Gold” by Motel Beds, “Unicorns Taste Like Magic” by Joe Anderl and the Universal Walkers, “Hello Dance” by Yakuza Heart Attack, and “Necrosis” by JFX.

Tune in next time as we’re joined by Noah’s brother-in-law Artie to focus on Oberlin, OH. Also, come back soon for a special STBEY Too that focuses entirely on Dayton’s own Rockstar Pro Wrestling! Dig it!

Moon High Songs

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