Water Witches -12:30
Hex Net – 11:30
Blond – 10:30
Summoners – 9:30
Dj Barticus – 8:30

Hellnaw -12:30
Weird Science -11:30
Slackluster -10:30
Dysfunktional Family -9:30
Dune – 8:30
Unmonumental – 7:30

FRIDAY MAY 27TH 8PM ($5 cover)
Watch Them Rot – 12:30
Rogues – 11:30
Bless The Child – 10:30
Under The Combine – 9:30

SATURDAY MAY 28TH 8PM ($5 cover)
The D-Rays – 12:30
The Snails – 11:30
Blam Blams – 10:30
S.W. Hedrick – 9:30

Downstairs doors open at 5PM (Wed.-Sat.)
The Union will be closed Sunday May 29th.


STBEYtoo is back for a final time this year with day four of the 2015 Nelsonville Music Festival. Sunday always has a bit of a different vibe than the rest of the festival. Most everyone there is very tired, surprisingly positive, yet a bit melancholy about the festival coming to an end. It’s a bittersweet realization that with Monday comes a return to the so-called real world. Nevertheless, this year features a festival first in a Q&A session with the festival’s organizers. There’s also some great tunes by Tim Easton, My Bubba, Hurray for the Riff Raff, a bunch of Adam Torres, and more. The weather got a little windy, so beware of pops and crackles. What follows is a list of performers and how many minutes into the podcast you’ll find recordings from their sets. Consume the podcast in its entirety or skip ahead to your personal favorite. See you next year for festies with your besties!

Listen NMF15 : Sunday

Q&A with the Stuart’s Gang (1:10)
Tim Easton (57:53)
Adam Torres (1:01:49)
My Bubba (1:10:29)
Good English (1:11:18)
Adam Torres (1:18:10)
Hurray for the Riff Raff (1:36:47)
Noel Lee Haggard (1:40:17)


STBEYtoo is back again with day three of the 2015 Nelsonville Music Festival. Saturday was a great day featuring quite a bit of sonic variety. From the musical Padawans of Stuart’s after school bands to the legendary Bassholes to the wildly popular St. Vincent, this one has every musical taste covered. Wait. That’s a lie. Most musical tastes. Whatever. What follows is a list of performers and how many minutes into the podcast you’ll find recordings from their sets. Consume the podcast in its entirety or skip ahead to your personal favorite. Enjoy, and check back soon for the final installment of Sometimes the Bear Eats You too’s coverage of NMF 2015. It’s only available right here on your one source for force!

Listen : NMF15 : Saturday

Dreaming of Soap (1:12)
Aaron’s Little Mixer (5:31)
The D-Rays (15:56)
Adam Torres (21:28)
My Bubba (27:15)
Sarah Neufeld (32:58)
Mike Elliott (39:01)
Todd Burge (41:25)
Soddy Daisy (43:27)
San Fermin (48:26)
Bummers (51:50)
Michael Hurley (54:12)
Bassholes (1:00:25)
The Budos Band (1:05:54)
Natural Child (1:14:59)
Scott Hedrick (1:20:38)
Oblivians (1:26:55)
St. Vincent (1:29:08)
Moon Hooch (1:41:44)


STBEYtoo is back with day two of the 2015 Nelsonville Music Festival. This one is jam packed with righteous tunes from beginning to end. So settle in, listen close, and enjoy both familiar favorites and some of the best bands you’ve never heard of. I believe it was Todd Jacops who suggested NMF’s motto should be, “Where you’ll find your next favorite band.” This collection of recordings truly proves the accuracy of that statement. From innovative high school students to grizzled music veterans, you’re guaranteed to find something that tickles your ear balls. What follows is a list of performers and how many minutes into the podcast you’ll find recordings from their sets. Consume the podcast in its entirety or skip ahead to your personal favorite. Listen early, and listen often.

NMF2015: Friday

Radio Falls (4:51)
The Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists (8:25)
Chris Monday (28:35)
The Summoners (32:38)
Samantha Crain (46:01)
Bram Riddlebarger (50:30)
Michael Hurley (52:50)
Mandolin Orange (58:54)
Nathan and Brendan Moore (1:03:03)
Clarke and the Himselfs (1:08:53)
Ben Sollee (1:15:16)
Weird Science (1:20:57)
Good English (1:26:50)
Ryan Jewell and Riley Walker (1:30:41)
Connections (1:56:23)
Built to Spill (1:59:20)
Riley Walker (2:10:35)
The Flaming Lips (2:24:56)
Wooden Indian Burial Ground (2:32:10)

STBEY TOO : Nelsonville Music Festival 2015 : Thursday

Has it been a whole year since the last Sometimes the Bear Eats You too? Yes, it has. Has the Earth completed a single orbit around the Sun since the last Nelsonville Music Festival. Again, yes. That must mean that it’s time for Aquabear Legion presents Sometimes the Bear Eats You too’s coverage of the 2015 Nelsonville Music Festival! Yay! In this first installment, you’ll hear some of the great artist that kicked off the festival on Thursday night. What follows is a list of performers and how many minutes into the podcast you’ll find recordings from their sets. Consume the podcast in its entirety or skip ahead to your personal favorite. Enjoy, and keep Ohio weird!

NMF15: Thursday

Cory Branan (3:33)
Megan Wormz Bihn (6:22)
Dead Hand of Man (9:38)
Elephant Revival (15:57)
Speaking Suns (19:27)
Weedghost (23:21)
Trampled by Turtles (49:15)
Ezra Furman (53:30)

Ohio Bands at the 2015 Nelsonville Music Festival

Nelsonville Music Festival
NMF 2014 – photo by Scotty Hall


A bunch of Ohio bands are playing this weekend at the Nelsonville Music Festival (May 28th-31st). A few of them will also appear on this year’s Aquabear Legion Volume 5 Double LP. Don’t miss this amazing festival and all the great bands involved. Now in its 11th year.

Here’s a list of Ohio bands performing at the NMF15

* Connections – Columbus (Featured on ABL Vol. 5)
Good English – Dayton
Bummers – Columbus
* The D-Rays – Athens (Featured on ABL Vol. 5)
* Speaking Suns – Yellow Springs (Featured on ABL Vol. 5)
* Weird Science – Athens (Featured on ABL Vol. 5)
* Dead Hand Of Man – Athens (Featured on ABL Vol. 5)
The Summoners – Athens
The Wild Honeybees – Athens
Chris Biester – Athens
Ryan Jewell – Columbus
Scott Hedrick – Athens
Ben Stalets – Toledo
Mike Elliott – Athens
The Teardrops – Athens
Bram Riddlebarger – Athens
Chris Monday – Athens
Nathan & Brendan Moore – Athens
Megan Wormz Bihn – Athens
* Weedghost – Athens/Fairborn (Featured on ABL Vol. 5)
Stuart’s Afterschool Bands – Athens County
Heatwave Dance Party – Columbus
Dj Barticus – Athens
John E. Clift – Columbus


Bassholes – Asheville, NC
Adam Torres – Austin, TX
Michael Hurley – Portland, OR

Sometimes The Bear Eats You: Episode 8

Sometimes the Bear Eats You: Episode 8

Sometimes the Bear Eats You is back for its second season of highlighting many of the cool things to see and do in our beloved state of Ohio. This episode sets its sights squarely on The Gem City, Dayton! We’re joined by Dayton’s own Dave Obenour to discuss music, food, craft beer, entertainment, and who would win in a no-holds-barred death match between historic Dayton icons. Noah talks with rising stars Motel Beds, and we learn a little something about rims to boot.

This episode features some great music from artists new and old. Some of these tunes are ones that I have personal connections to, so please forgive my wallowing in nostalgia. We also have some great modern stuff and two exclusive tracks that you can hear nowhere else! Our theme music remains “Full Blown AIDS” by Hutz. Tracks include “Darvocet” by Greenstick Fracture, “Human Detonator” by The Real Boy Genius, “Mister Me” by The Midget Fan Club, and “The Last Time” by Shut up in our opening all-punk block of songs. Next, we have a couple of world exclusives in “Saint Paul at the Helm of Wyoming” and “Quick to Illustrate January” from the Smug Brothers’ upcoming album On the Way to the Punchline! Finally, we get “Dumb Gold” by Motel Beds, “Unicorns Taste Like Magic” by Joe Anderl and the Universal Walkers, “Hello Dance” by Yakuza Heart Attack, and “Necrosis” by JFX.

Tune in next time as we’re joined by Noah’s brother-in-law Artie to focus on Oberlin, OH. Also, come back soon for a special STBEY Too that focuses entirely on Dayton’s own Rockstar Pro Wrestling! Dig it!

Sometimes the Bear Eats You Too: Brian Hates Rusted Root

Hello, internet! This pocket-sized episode of STBEY Too features Brian & Randy discussing the natural beauty of Maine, why Rusted Root is so damn terrible, and a fat kid’s YouTube food reviews. You may have heard the Rusted Root argument in a previous edition of STBEY Too, but the audio quality sucked. Now, you can hear it somewhat better. Also, listen to various hippies chatting, whistling and playing guitar in the background. I threw in some of Noah’s old loop tape recordings too because I love you that much. Enjoy!

STBEY Too – Brian Hates Rusted Root

RECORD REVIEW: Wheels on Fire – Cherry Bomb EP

This album seems like a demonstration of how deeply Wheels On Fire can worm four
songs of their greaser surf-rock into your skull. It’s a cleaner break from the straighter
rock sound of Get Famous!, and more in line with beach riffs of Liar Liar. (So much so
that there’s a different version of a song off Liar Liar.) Cherry Bomb’s lead off, “Black
Wave,” starts the dig in your head with a dark beach-party sound, its catchiness only
covered up by the second track (“Broken Up”) and its insistence on including a kind
of ‘keyboard cat’ riff. The title track demonstrates Wheels on Fire’s experimentation with doo-wop harmonies, and the final song of the set is a stripped-down revision of Liar Liar’s “Go Give Your Love Away”. These are all good songs, and the descriptions, admittedly, are simple bastardizations of how you’ll experience them, or what they actually are.
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The Way It All Must End

by Bram Riddlebarger

Bram-RiddlebargerYour head bursting from sleep and sickness, you sit at the kitchen table and listen to Hank Williams moan from the stereo in the living room. Hank had just kicked it a week ago. His voice was more ghostly than ever.

You shake your head.

You wonder why Tom Robbins ended his books the way he does. Then you wonder why you thought Hank Williams had died just one week ago. Tom Robbins may have invaded your skull. It was possible. Telepathy or some crazy shit, you reckon. Maybe Tom Robbins is the cause of your throbbing brain. He could be up there, lurking like the ghost of Hank Williams between your ears.

You flip the station on the stereo until you find something loud. Thoughts of exorcism run through the sickness in your head. Is Robbins dancing? The throbbing, you notice, does have a slow, two-four backbeat-like pattern. Almost rockabilly, but surely this couldn’t be true. Have Hank Williams and his Drifting Cowboys decided to play One Last Show, Exclusive, for One Night Only, with Tom Robbins as the entire audience, inside your head? Why you ask? Even cowboys get the blues or what? Continue reading “The Way It All Must End”

Aquabear Legion’s 5th Birthday Party


Aquabear Legion is celebrating our 5th Anniversary with a concert and party at The Union on Saturday, November 21st! Come show support for Aquabear and Ohio music and join us for an awesome night.

The Makebelieves (Athens)

The Deathers (Cleveland)

The Hairy Hearts

godversussatan (Columbus/Athens/Lancaster)

Weedghost (Athens/Dayton)

  • Raffles all night for awesome prizes!
  • Cupcakes!
  • NEW Aquabear buttons and stickers!
  • $12 Aquabear t-shirts!

This night means a lot to us, hope to see you all there!

Support Ohio Music! Support Your Local Aquabear!

RECORD REVIEW: We March – Creator/Destroyer – Non-Prophet, 2007

– by Pencil –


Full length number three from Athen’s vanguard of punk/hardcore/garage/psyche, WE MARCH’s “Creator/Destroyer”, ranges from the speed and fury of 80’s H/C punk to scrappy garage stomp and murky psyched-out jams, but don’t think for one second that this is anything but the most scathing Punk record you’ve heard in a long time. While “the kids” are out there trying to recreate the past glory of these genres, WE MARCH manages to destroy them. Whether it’s uptempo ragers like “beep beep beep”  or “the choice” (from their 7’’)  or slower swaggering numbers like “never compromise” or “wash away”  you come away with the feeling that, just like the first wave of punks (who had no reference to what they were creating, unlike so much of the rehash of the past ten years), these guys don’t care about emulating their heros, just about creating music on their own terms, and for almost ten years (!) they’ve done just that. Released on their own NON-PROPHET record label “Creator/Destroyer” proves that even in the 21st century, punk can still be original, exciting and inspirational. Highly recommended.

Contact them:,

RECORD REVIEW: Percolator – Man is Not a Bird, 2007

– by Brian Wiebe


The relationships we have with music are as varied and complicated as the ones we have with people.  Sometimes a song or album is love at first listen—swooning as I hit repeat for the fifth, sixth, seventh time—enraptured in immediacy.  Other times, the relationship takes a little while to develop.  Maybe I haven’t heard the album in the right setting, or maybe I haven’t heard it enough, or maybe I just didn’t understand it right away.  But I keep listening until eventually a deeper respect forms because of the piece’s slowly unraveling mysteries and complexities.  Percolator has managed to do both.  Man is Not a Bird is an album that had me from the get go, and then kept growing on me.

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Venue Spotlight: ARTS/West

by Kris Poland –


Go West, Young Bands

There is a place on West State Street where Athens music lovers can see some of the area’s best musicians display their talents. It is a place where engaging local paintings and photographs adorn the walls and where community members meet to consolidate support for the arts. It is a place that has been an invaluable resource for area arts organizations and individual artists since its inception. But its staff is unlikely to serve you vegan burritos.

The place is ARTS/West, and Emily Prince hopes that it will increase its presence in the regional arts community for years to come. Prince is ARTS/West’s program specialist and directs many of this venue’s day-to-day activities. She describes her place of work as, “a venue and a little bit more.” Indeed. The administrative and artistic support that ARTS/West provides to Athens’ performing artists includes establishing press contacts and authoring press releases, organization of events, skilled instruction, technical equipment, as well as additional resources and services. A little bit more than a venue? Prince has a knack for understatement.

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RECORD REVIEW: The X Bolex – This Time Next Year You’ll Be Oxidizing Stone – Tower Control, 2007

– by Brian Koscho –


The X Bolex began as a solo project for then Small Object a drummer Nate Scheible while he was still living in Athens, Ohio. But, The X Bolex is now a full band made up of  some of the greatest musicians in the Cleveland music scene. Nate also co-runs Zombie Proof Studios and recorded “This Time..” with fellow engineer Paul Maccarrone. In addition to Scheible (who has spent/spends time in Cleveland acts such as Self Destruct Button, Neo Nothing, The Washout Corporation, and Thee Scarcity of Tanks), the band is filled out by Matt Majesky (State of Ohio), Lou Arocho (Small Object a), and Dale Ursic (Homostupids, State of Ohio). Scheible’s songwriting has always been spectacular as have X Bolex’s previous albums, but there is something special that develops on their new record.

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RECORD REVIEW: Machine Go Boom – Music for Parents – Collectible Escalators, 2007

– by Brian Koscho


Cleveland’s Machine Go Boom has been one of my own personal favorite bands for years. Music For Parents is their second album after 2004’s Thank You Captain Obvious, both were recorded by Paul Maccarrone at Cleveland’s Zombie Proof Studios. Machine Go Boom’s music is an audio sugar rush, with band-leader Mikey Machine’s voice ranging from a beautiful swoon to the tone of a small child on Christmas morning after twelve cans of soda and an entire birthday cake. Mikey and the rest of MGB make music that really is a breath of fresh air.

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The Aquabear Rant #2: Your Band Is At Least that Lame, Too

by Dan Majesky

Dan-MajeskyI guess I’m supposed to tell everybody why local music is the new black. 3 years ago, I would have shot myself in the face for even thinking about defending that position. Now? Fuck it, I’m riding the wave of the future.

The hey-day of the low-level music tour is over. Gas prices were kept artificially low here for years, and now we eat the back-lash with A1 sauce. Used to be, anyone could tour for nothing and get paid decent.

Your average band on the road these days bleeds cash out their eyes. Mid-to-low-level touring bands usually have aces up their sleeves (aka cash cows back home or mounting credit card debt) if they go out for more than one week a year.

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The Aquabear Rant #1: Burn Baby Burn

by Rick Dodgson, Foreign Legion Correspondent

Rick Dodgson, Foreign Legion CorrespondentIt’s been a long time coming music lovers, but the end is nigh so raise your glasses and rejoice over the passing of the music industry as we have known it. Sony BMG, Universal, Warner Music and all the other corporate music money-pigs have been condemned to die, guilty of excessive greed and staggering cluelessness. 2008 will be the year of their destruction and I for one will be shedding no tears over their passing. Let’s face it, the major labels have been hanging around like rotting corpses for the past decade or more, putrid, wide-eyed and helpless in the face of new technologies and a disinterested MySpace generation. Stuck in an outmoded model of consumption, the majors have been desperate to recover the golden age of the 1970s with its pass-me-down groupies, mounds of cocaine and cash-cow platinum albums. But those days are long gone (unless you happen to be in Skeletonwitch). In 2007 you could make the top forty by selling just 20,000 CDs. That might sound like a lot to a Casual Future or a Southeast Engine, but in corporate terms those numbers speak only of failure.

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RECORD REVIEW: Southeast Engine – ” Wheel within a Wheel” – Misra, 2007


Adam Remnant, Southeast Engine’s principle penman and visionary, is a Dayton native living currently in that mythical berg of Athens, OH… a town often described as sleepy, dreamlike… you get the picture. Let me tell you about the Remnant’s house: piano, keyboard, drum here, drum there, harmonica, violin, organ… zounds of guitars. And that is not to mention the collective musical talent of the various characters often to be found lurking in and about the Remnant household on a given day: Adam Torres (backing vocals, guitar) lends a capable hand in the realization of Remnant’s musical vision, with distinct vocal harmonies that have become perhaps the most recognizable aspect of the band’s sound. Jesse Remnant (bass, keys), another Daytonite and recent addition to the band’s live lineup, and Leo DeLuca (drums), co-founding member and major hunk, round out the live band, which has recently completed its first tour as a quartet.

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RECORD REVIEW: Casual Future – “Footnotes in the City Lights”


On their debut album, Casual Future gets into character as musicians from the slacker set, slinging well-penned quips filled with cynicism and absurdity, while keeping pretty level heads.  It’s a well-balanced act owing much to lead singer Scott Spice’s almost ho-hum delivery, dancing drunkenly over lyrics finely calculated and clever.

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