6 Bs and a P, Season 2: Pre-Season Special!

Go Browns! It's season two of 6 Bs and a P! Here's high school CHUD.
Go Browns! It’s season two of 6 Bs and a P! Here’s high school CHUD.

It’s that time of the year… almost

Cleveland Browns football! Which means that Brian and company are back with the Cleveland Browns podcast 6 Bs and a P! For the kickoff (pun intended) episode of the second season, Brian is joined by Ian and Kris to cover everything from the Browns offseason to the first pre-season game against the Rams. They also discuss Bernie Kosar, the pope, and listen to special segments from Wiebe (who is pro dancing) and Sherri (funny names). Go Browns! Next episode after week 1! Find 6 Bs and a P on Twitter and Facebook!

3 Replies to “6 Bs and a P, Season 2: Pre-Season Special!”

  1. Has anyone answered the trivia question yet? I slacked and took awhile before actually finishing this one (sorry). 16 Browns and then the Bears have the most, yeah?

    PS – I want the fake email addresses to be a reoccurring bit. Funny stuff, Ian!

  2. Dayum, Brian Wiebe! Spraying knowledge all over our faces. I can’t wait to hear more from the “Shut up, idiot!” segment.

    Also, if it’s not called “Shut up, idiot!” might I suggest “Butts for sale”?

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