6 Bs and a P: Season 2, Episode 2 (Week 1)

That didn't take long.
That didn't take long.
That didn’t take long.

6 Bs and a P – Season 2, Episode 2:

Well… that didn’t take long. The excitement that built to the kickoff of the Cleveland Browns 2013 season opener against the Miami Dolphins quickly came to an end as the Browns lost behind a dismal performance from our 75 year old Quarterback and baseball minor leaguer Brandon Weeden. Brian and company (Ian and Kris return and Sherri joins in this week too) try to remain positive by discussing such topics as the rice Ian is eating, Jordan Cameron, and whether the Browns deserve their fanbase. Comment below on this week’s (final) audience trivia question and make sure to check us out on Twitter and Facebook. Go Browns?


  1. “Oh, I’m sorry, not a touchdown, an interception.” -Kris Poland. Made me smile. I think Weeden should aim for 70-80 throws a game, just cause.

  2. C’mon now, guys. Maybe it won’t be so bad. Remember how shitty game one was last year? Weeden got like a 5.1 rating or whatever. We bounced back from that, kinda. Bounced back like off of an old weather-worn trampoline… keeping the dream of 8 and 8 alive!

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