6 Bs and a P: Episode Seven (Week Six)

The Browns finally win!

6 Bs and a P: Episode Seven (Week Six)

It has finally happened! The Browns win! Our host celebrates by opening up the phone lines and taking calls from fans of the show, make sure to earmuff any small children when the Angry Ohioan calls in. We all talk about the joyous occasion by talking about what was awesome (Billy Winn’s fumble recovery) and what was strange (the Browns plays blowing across the field?) and daydream about an 11-5 season. Plus we have another Browns trivia question and a tweet of the week too. Follow the show on Twitter¬†@6B1P¬†or leave a comment on here. Go Browns!

4 Replies to “6 Bs and a P: Episode Seven (Week Six)”

  1. I believe it was something along the lines of Sunday Night Football exclusively featuring Browns games. Either comedy writers hate Cleveland, or they’re just being lazy.

  2. You catch the 30 Rock slight on the Brownies the other week too? Jack’s trying to tank NBC and one of his strategies was only airing Browns games. Can’t remember the exact quote, but yeah…

  3. Did anyone catch the season four premiere of The League? Trent Richardson was drafted by the Double Entendres in a none too subtle jab at the Browns. Is playing for Cleveland really as bad as being on Andre’s fantasy team?

  4. Yeah, don’t want to win all of the Aquabear merit badges (don’t forget to send Kris home with one on his next trip out). Happy for a Browns win and happy for the return of podcast sound effects. Go Brownies! Go 6Bs&aP!

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