6 Bs and a P: Episode Fifteen (Week 15)


6 Bs and a P: Episode Fifteen (Week 15)

The Browns three game winning streak and slim playoff hopes come to end with a loss to the Washington Redskins in Week 15. Luckily, Brian got to go this game and even better yet he is joined by none other Brian Wiebe. The guys recorded this podcast while driving back to Athens after the heartbreaking loss and discuss everything from an awesome day at the stadium (despite the loss) to tailgating to (of course) the Browns quarterback options. And as always there’s trivia and a Tweet of the Week (sort of). Be sure to jump in the conversation and let us know what you think this team needs to do in the offseason, you can leave a comment below or tweet at us over @6B1P. Go Browns…


  1. And as for the Browns breaking my heart – I grew up on a Christmas Tree Farm and every Sunday if the Browns game was on, my dad would give my brother and I the afternoon off from trimming trees to watch the game, but if the Browns game got blacked out it was back out to the field. Breaking my heart and my back!

  2. I was talking with a Bengals fan the other night he pointed out that we cut and run on people. When things aren’t working, we fire them, get new people and then don’t give them time to work out before starting the process over. That said, it’s hard to stick with some of these guys. Our coaching staff is bad and so is our quarterback.

    I guess my analogy on what we should do is this – you know the dishware you get from your parents’ attic when you’re broke and just starting out? Ugly, kinda broken, not enough saucers, etc? Sure you want to replace it, but you’re going to have to do it piece by piece and when you do it, you gotta make sure you’re getting something nicer and something that’s going to last you. Brandon Weeden was a kinda shitty bowl you bought at a thrift store that looked only a little bit better than your mom’s. Sure McCoy’s not the bowl you picture yourself using in 5 years, but there’s no point in getting a replacement that you’re probably just going to have to replace again just as soon.

    Basically, rebuild smart based off of what we can get and leave the rest in place, no matter how painful that may seem. Every year can’t be a fucking “from scratch” year.

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