Weekly wrap-up!

The Aquabear is running at full steam right now. We’re less than a week out from the 5th Annual Aquabear County Fair, pummeling through the paperwork in our quest to become a non-profit organization, and pulling together our latest comp, Aquabear Legion Volume 4 along with a Kickstarter (more on that very soon) project to fund the comp. Whoa!

Speaking of the comp, did you catch the sneak preview of the cover? Our friend and NYC comic artist, Jed Collins, did the illustration, and it’s definitely awesome. In other comp-related news, it was really nice to come home today to an Alwood Sisters CD, sitting in our mailbox. The Alwood Sisters are joining about 30 other Ohio bands on Volume 4.

This week in Ohio music:

Athens friends, you might need to bounce back and forth between Casa and The Union tonight. Casa is hosting a benefit for Athens Rock Camp for Girls, which is slated to take place later this spring (the camp, that is). You can catch the likes of Spooktober, Cop Hugger, Snarlas, and more in a somewhat rare bar appearance. It should be super fun, and it’s for a great cause. Also tonight is a super sweet show at the Union- Whale Zombie, Sport Fishing USA, and Flotation Walls! It’s gonna be seriously awesome.

Columbus, make sure to head to Bourbon Street on Saturday night to catch Athens’ own Whale Zombie and Spooktober. Tonight, Kobo features Old Hundred, Maza Blaska, and Winter Makes Sailors.

Cincinnati, head over to Southgate on Saturday to check out The Seedy Seeds record release party, featuring among a ton of other bands, Flotation Walls. Looks like a solid show!

There’s so much going on this weekend, and definitely way more than we could fit in this space. Get out there and support Ohio music!