Weekly wrap-up!

I’m so stoked Friday is here. Mostly because this weekend is going to be awesome.

Here’s some stuff you might have missed this week.

  • We held our fifth annual Pancake Breakfast, with the new addition of all-local food. Almost 70 people came to ARTS/West to eat delicious pancakes, listen to 78s, and hang out. Thanks to all who came and supported Aquabear!
  • Columbus shitgazers Psychedelic Horseshit get signed to FatCat Records, and Zach Long wonders who’s next
  • Athens Rock and/or Roll is back after a hiatus with some live Chickenpussy
  • ACRN previews the kind of, sort of halfway to Nelsonville Fest show that’s happening at Casa in Athens tonight
  • Kris Poland reviews the new Megachurch record; proclaims it “fucking awesome”; is correct
  • Did you see the amazing flyer for Donewaiting’s 8 Year Anniversary Show, going on tonight at Kobo?
  • Comic artist Jed Collins, who is designing the cover of our next comp (more on that soon!!) won a SPACE prize – first place in the webcomic category for his epic Champ 2010 series. Congrats, Jed!

So, about tonight. If you’re in Columbus, check out Donewaiting’s anniversary party. It looks to be awesome, with Phantods, Ghost Shirt, Time and Temperature, and Town Monster filling out the bill.

Athens friends, please don’t miss the Nelsonville Fest halfway party/benefit show/announcing of the headliners at Casa TONIGHT. Someday, your grandkids are going to want to know where you were when the fest’s headliners were announced, and they won’t be impressed with “a house party”. Helping to celebrate the coming of the fest are Duke Junior, Scubadog, and Whale Zombie. That’s reason enough to show up. See you there.