Weedghost Tour Update: Yellow Springs, OH

We plan to continue to update the site with the on-the-road exploits of Weedghost as they trek across the upper Midwest. The boys should be on right about now at The Shire in Yellow Springs and then its off to Chicago. Andrew sent along the following communication:

“The trunk is packed, the obscene amount of merch is (almost) done and it’s off to the Shire in Yellow Springs for the second show of tour. Weedghost uber-fan Randy is joining us tonight, all but assuring good times. Beer stop!”
“The Shire is awesome. Tucked away outside of Yellow Springs, it’s like driving into another world. A calm, relaxing 18 pack of Modelo in cans world. We’re on in about an hour. Tonight’s the night, the official Weedghost 2010 tour riff gets busted out. Bet you’re glad you’re not here, huh?”

Stay tuned for more…