The Black Swans Kickstart Vinyl Release of “Don’t Blame the Stars”

Columbus folk-rockers the Black Swans recently put the finishing touches on their long-gestating record Don’t Blame the Stars, which will be released on CD in late April by Misra Records. The album is tribute of sorts to the band’s late violinist Noel Sayre, whose final recordings are housed on the release. The band describes the record as “a batch of songs about placing faith in friendships, music, and yourself.”

In an effort to have the album released on vinyl, the group has turned to the increasingly popular funding platform Kickstarter to raise the funds needed for vinyl mastering and manufacturing. Any pledge of $20 or more garners the contributor a copy of the record on their format of choice, while higher pledge levels offer up perks such as limited edition 45’s, private house shows or the band writing and recording a song about a topic of your choosing. The group is looking to reach their $3,000 goal by March 21.

In the meantime, the Black Swans are on tour on the West Coast before making their way back East in February. A full list of tour dates is included after the break.

Jan. 11- Albuequerque, NM- Low Spirits

Jan. 12- Phoneix, AZ – Trunk Space

Jan. 13- San Diego, CA- Soda Bar

Jan. 14- L.A., CA – Museum of Public Fiction

Jan. 15- Santa Cruz, Ca- Crepe Place

Jan. 19- Merced, CA- Partisan

Jan. 20- Oakland, CA- Stork Club

Jan. 21- San Francisco, CA- Red Devil Lounge,

Jan. 22- San Francisco, CA- Rite Spot (early show 5pm-7pm)

Jan. 23- San Francisco, CA- Knockout

Jan. 26- Sacramento, CA- Luigi’s Fun Garden

Jan. 27- Chico, CA- Town Lounge

Jan. 29- Eugene, OR- Sam Bonds

Feb. 1- Portland, OR- The Woods

Feb. 3- Bellingham, WA- Acoustic Tavern

Feb. 4- Seattle, WA- Josephine

Feb. 5- Olympia, WA- house show

Feb. 7- Missoula, MT- Bandlander

Feb. 8- Bozeman, MT- Fuel Station

Feb. 11- Madison, WI- house show

Feb. 12- Champaign, IL- Canopy Club

Feb. 16-Brooklyn, NY- Zebulon

Feb.  17- Brooklyn, NY- Union Hall