Matt Presutti & Weedghost

Last week, Matt Presutti (The Makebelieves, The Snails, Transmissions from Moonbase Alpha) earned his MFA in print making from the University of South Dakota in the lovely little town of Vermillion, SD. He kindly invited Aquabear Legionnaires Weedghost to provide musical accompaniment to his gallery opening entitled “Locus Nocturna: A History of Curiosity” at LumoStudios & Gallery on Friday, April 26th. Weedghost’s drones were the perfect match to Presutti’s explorations of fact, myth, and unexplained phenomena. Our time spent in Vermillion was filled with old and new friends, beautiful scenery, Hamm’s, Ice Hole, pinball, gamelan, transcribing, the biggest pork chops we’ve ever seen, a mustachioed cat, radioactive Catholics, and one Egyptian assault rifle. Please enjoy the pictures.