6 Bs and a P: The Pipe Dream Evaporates – Episode 70**

Another Browns season is upon us! And I never realized that Episode 69 was never posted (it is now) so listen to me proclaim this to be Episode 69 (it’s not) several times. Brian, Ian, and Wiebe discuss the Browns off season, draft, and the upcoming season all while having a few laughs and complaining. Go Browns!

6 Bs and a P: We Are Either Coming Strong Or We Are Not Coming At All – Episode 69

Oh yeah... Super Bowl...

This podcast features terrible language regularly. Hot off the press for Super Bowl Sunday…It’s the season finale! The Browns finish 1-15, but the 6b1p crew finds a way to maybe, maybe, maybe find a little hope. They discuss the season, look for hope, avoid the topic of football, and took too long to edit so at least a half dozen references will be out of date nonsense. Thanks to Wiebe for editing this one, we will see you for episode 70 right around the draft (a.k.a. Our Super Bowl). Go Browns!