Create, Crank & Repeat: An Afternoon at Just A Jar

What kind of people would answer the door to this shockingly-mint green house in Marietta? What kind of people spend days carving and letter-pressing? As my friend and I pulled up to the home of Bobby Rosenstock and Sara Alway, I sort of hoped we’d step into a time warp: Bobby in suspenders and Sara in a circle skirt. With pink cheeks and drooped brows, they’d be gritty young warriors of the Industrial Revolution.

This is not who we met. Bobby greeted us sporting New Balances, a beanie and tan beard that blended right into his face. His green, ink-stained apron looked as natural on him as his jeans, which happened to be the exact color of his eyes . I guess he looked like your average letter-pressing, wood-carving NY/Portland/Philly to rural Ohio transplant. His wife, Sara, appeared to be a grown-up Lisa Loeb, with cat-eyed frames and perfectly lined eyes. She teaches design at Marietta College, and I suspect that many of her students have been crushing hard.

The two were having a dinner party that night, so Sara stayed upstairs and attempted chocolate mousse cake, and the boys and I headed downstairs.