6 Bs and a P – Karmic Clapback – Episode 72

We’re back! The Browns have gone 1-31 the last two years, so we didn’t do as many episodes. And what do we get upon our return? A tie. Which is not a loss. Brian and Ian discuss the off-season, the draft, Hard Knocks, and the first game of the season. Luke can’t make it because he could not get his modem on the Davone Bess Memorial Connection. We do get quick visits from Wiebe on the Broken Bandwagon and Bork Torkleson with a sideline report. Go Browns?!? 0-0-1! NOTE: This was recorded before the Browns loss to the Saints in Week 2.

6 Bs and a P: Everyone Hates Collingsworth – Episode 68

Happy Holidays! We told you it would not be as long of a wait for the next episode of 6 Bs and a P, Dave. This is a quick one but packs all the hard hitting laughs and cutthroat analysis you have come to expect from 6 Bs and a P. On Episode 68 we mostly go live to Brian watching the Browns/Bengals game with the one and only Miles Down of Athens, Ohio. They discuss being fans of Ohio football teams, Tim Krumrie, beer, why the Browns might be bad, and how despite rooting for different teams we all hate Cris Collingsworth and his stupid face just the same. Go 49ers!

6 Bs and a P: Ol’ Softleg Wins the Game (Season 3, Episode 11)


6 Bs and a P (Season 3, Episode 11)

The Browns win a game at the last second that (let’s be honest) they probably should not have won and was a pretty ugly victory. But with the playoffs in view and a historically tough division you need every win you can get. So, we will take this one no one at 6b1p is very picky. The crew talks about the Falcons game, what went wrong and what went right and then again about what went wrong. Pie Corner makes a triumphant return and deep secrets are revealed and this seemed like a great time for another Darker Linings Playbook too. Happy Thanksgiving to all and go Browns! Handfuls of pudding for everyone.

6 B’s and a P: Season 2, Episode 5 (Week 4)

Browns win! Lucy is more excited than she lets on.
Browns win! Lucy is more excited than she lets on.

6 B’s and a P: Season 2, Episode 5 (Week 4):

The Browns win again! The unfamiliar territory of success causes this podcast to have one of it’s most Not Safe For Work episodes ever, blamed squarely on not being used to pride and Bernie Kosar’s porno daughter. Sorry kids, don’t listen to this one. Honestly, kids really shouldn’t listen. Anyway… the Browns win again beating the Cincinnati Bengals 17-6 and improving to 2 and 2 on the season and a tie for first (oh my god) place in the AFC North with the Bengals and that other team of terrible people who used to be the Browns. Even more importantly that means the Pittsburgh Steelers are in last place with and 0-4 record on the year. We celebrate by talking about all kinds of stuff including the newest Cleveland Brown and winner of greatest name ever Foshwitt “Fozzy” Whittaker, this week’s photo features Lucy, Brian and Sherri’s Bassett Hound. GO BROWNS!