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  • Athena Headache – Episode 003

    Athena Headache – Episode 003

    A brand new episode of Athena Headache is here, bringing you the best Midwestern music that is experimental, improv, weird, and everything inbetween. Brian hosts this one, and sticks mostly in Ohio and vicinity for the playlist, but stays away from the Athens-heavy lineup of the first two episodes. You will hear from everyone from…

  • Athena Headache – Episode 002

    Athena Headache – Episode 002

    Welcome to another episode of Athena Headache (number 2 if you are counting) here on Aquabear Legion, this podcast is the place for all of the weird, strange, noisy, improv, and experimental music from the Midwest we can jam into it. Episode 002 is hosted by Andrew Lampela. We hope you enjoy!  Perfect for your…

  • Athena Headache – Episode 001 | The Western Reserve – Episode 020

    Athena Headache – Episode 001 | The Western Reserve – Episode 020

    Aquabear Legion has brand new show titled Athena Headache that will focus on the fringes of Ohio and Midwestern music. Noise, experimental, improvisational, weird, strange, and everything in between. The hosts of the show will rotate and since Brian (who hosts Western Reserve) is doing the first one it only made sense to have the…