Orchestraville Reunites for Athens and Columbus Shows, Releases New Vinyl

Orchestraville's new LP Poison Berries

Athens and Columbus legends Orchestraville will be playing THIS WEEKEND: Friday, September 17th at The Union in Athens and Saturday, September 18th at the Rumba in Columbus. They are releasing a new LP titled “Poison Berries” which you should buy.

Full story on shows and album after the break….

Columbus, Ohio, August 25, 2010 – In 2005, Columbus band Orchestraville broke up after 15 years of writing, recording and performing. In September 2010, the band will reform to finally release their last album, Poison Berries, on Old 3C Records, and perform two shows celebrating its release.

Guitarist and vocalist Christopher Forbes, bassist Dave Pascoe and drummer Keith Hanlon formed Orchestraville in 1990 while attending college at Ohio University in Athens. During their time together, they released two full-length CDs, relocated to Columbus and toured throughout the east coast and midwest. They fell in with the 1990’s “avante-pop” scene, centered in New York City and Brooklyn, sharing the stage with Babe The Blue Ox, The Mommyheads, VPN and Beekeeper. Their first two CDs reflected the “quirky” smart pop of that scene, as well as 80’s “college rock” artists like XTC, The Smiths and Robyn Hitchcock.

The founding members were often joined by others: their original fourth member, guitarist Brendan McKay, passed away in 1997 after a battling cancer. The band continued writing and performing as a trio, and eventually added Matt Duckworth (The Original Onions, Lemdaro) on guitar. Following Duckworth’s departure, they were joined by keyboardist Parker Paul (solo artist, Moviola, Songs:Ohia). When they reunite in September, both Duckworth and Paul will be performing with the band.

Poison Berries was slated to be released on Columbus’ Anyway Records in 2005, but the band disbanded before it could be released. Pascoe moved to Denver, Hanlon went back to school and Parker Paul started a family. Forbes and Hanlon later joined The Black Swans, while Parker Paul continued his solo career.

Poison Berries focuses on more traditional rock songwriting than clever arrangements or musical dexterity. The songs are immediate and catchy, with vocal melodies recalling Ray Davies and George Harrison.

Orchestraville will perform at The Union Bar & Grill in Athens on Friday, September 17 and the Rumba Cafe in Columbus on Saturday, September 18.

Poison Berries will be issued as a limited edition vinyl LP, and as a digital download. The vinyl is now available for pre-order through their website at orchestraville.net.