Ohio’s Best: Minimum Tillage Farming

Aquabear is kicking off a brand new series of posts we have named “Ohio’s Best” (at least for now until we come up with something better or this name sticks -ed.) that will highlight all sorts of different things we love about the Buckeye State past, present, and future. This could include websites, venues, record labels, people, places, bands, or anything that makes us happy to call Ohio home.

We are kicking this off with an amazing website archive of Central Ohio music from the past (and some present), the wonderful Minimum Tillage Farming. The premise here is simple and one that Aquabear loves… archiving and giving a home to awesome recordings. The focus is mostly on important Columbus and Ohio bands of times past such as Great Plains, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, New Bomb Turks, Gaunt, Scrawl and also on bands that are still active such as El Jesus de Magico, Cheater Slicks, Bygones, Lydia Loveless, and Nick Tolford and Company. For those that love Ohio music, you can spend days on here. So head on over and explore their archives, there is tons of free Ohio music!