Volume 5 – Double LP

Aquabear Legion - Volume 5 - Featuring 24 Ohio bands on 2 LPs
Double LP – 24 Ohio Bands – $25 Shipping + Download Included

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Aquabear Legion Volume 5 is a double-LP vinyl compilation featuring 24 Ohio bands is the 10th release (and first on vinyl) from Aquabear Legion, an Athens-based organization that has promoted and supported Ohio music and visual arts since 2004.The compilation features 24 songs from 24 Ohio bands from all around the state including Athens, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Yellow Springs. Two Athens artists contributed to the album’s visual art, the cover is from a painting by Emily Beveridge and the inside gatefold is by Charlie Touvell. In addition, the record itself was mastered in Ohio at Peachfork Studios in Meigs County, pressed at Musicol Recording Company in Columbus, and the packaging and download codes were done with Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland. The Aquabear Legion is excited to share with you this document of present day music and art in Ohio.

Also available at:
Haffa’s Records (Athens)
Lost Weekend Records (Columbus)
Spoonful Records (Columbus)
Music Saves (Cleveland)
My Mind’s Eye (Lakewood)
Omega Music (Dayton) – COMING SOON
Used Kids (Columbus) – COMING SOON
Hanson Records (Oberlin) – COMING SOON

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Joseph Airport “If I Had An Airplane (I’d Be There)”*
Herzog “Oh No”
Sport Fishing USA “Feeling So Strange”
Connections “Everybody High”*
Supernobody “Quicker Than the Eye”
Weedghost “Excerpt from I”

WV White “Multiple Bathrooms”
Motel Beds “Stay Out of Riverdale”*
Unmonumental “Sword”*
The D-Rays “High Tide”*
The Guitars “She’s Got Your Heart”
Nick Tolford & Company “Cancel Your Plans”

Weird Science “Gimmie Some Time”*
Kid Tested “#1 Hit”
Hyrrokkin “Astrionics”
Murderedman “Love Under Ground”*
The Kyle Sowashes “A Faster Asshole”*
Dead Winds of Summer “He’s Gone Man”*

Dead Hand of Man “Dark Invader”*
Hookers Made Out of Cocaine “Milky Way”*
Speaking Suns “Sleeper”
She Bears “Beach Fires”
Black Owls “Whorehouse Joke”*
The 1984 Draft “Scarlet & Cream”

*currently unreleased and exclusive to the compilation