Aquabear Legion Volume 4 is (almost) OUT! Release Party at Union This Saturday!

Things are really exciting here at Aquabear HQ. Our brand new compilation Aquabear Legion Volume 4 is all finished up and ready to be heard by all, coming in at a whopping 38 songs from 38 Ohio bands all on 2 CD’s. We are celebrating the official release THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 11th at The Union in Athens, Ohio with music from Seascapes, Black Owls, Scubadog, and Weedghost. Comps will be for sale (at a special price!) and there will be some awesome music which will start around 10pm.

The compilation features hand screen printed art by Jed Collins and looks real sweet. They will be for sale at the show and then on our website and at good places around the state in the coming weeks.

Underwater Scream Disc:
01  Wheels On Fire  “Ambulance”
02  The Guitars  “Piltdown Man”
03  Black Owls  “Her Normal Courtesy”
04  Hex Net  “Paper Dolls”
05  Alwood Sisters  “Two For One”
06  Super Desserts  “Ibiza”
07  Sportfishing USA  “Snakes Will Be Snakes”
08  Narrow & The Brights  “Another Dawn”
09  Orchestraville  “Waiting for a Chance”
10  Southeast Engine  “Holy Ghost”
11  The Black Swans  “Country Cookie #3” (live at ARTS/West)
12  Brian Harnetty  “Merrywise”
13  Valleyboys  “Ghost”
14  Sun God  “Androids and Neighbors”
15  Self Destruct Button  “Vision Filled With Miles of Air”
16  Skumplast  “Till I Bleed”
17  Bastards  “Dudentaug”
18  You, You’re Awesome  “How to Get the Most Out of Your Instructional Videos”
19  Weedghost  “Power Violence”

Ship Disc:
01  Seascapes  “Manta Ray”
02  Buffalo Killers  “Love is Gold”
03  Flotation Walls  “Obelisk”
04  Megachurch  “Receive It”
05  This Moment In Black History  “Purple Herbert”
06  Weird Science  “This Page”
07  Monolithic Cloud Parade  “Adventurer”
08  The All Golden  “Hessian Expressions”
09  Whale Zombie  “Nu Surf”
10  She Bears  “Fossils”
11  Scubadog  “Patience/Nations”
12  In Silent Movies  “Deep Sea Diver”
13  Moon High  “Autumn Leaves”
14  Kyle Sowash  “The Flu”
15  Kuan  “O”
16  Coshocton  “Bartenders and Lifeguards”
17  Poppycock  “Hey Ho”
18  Burger Boys  “Chub Up”
19  Dead Winds of Summer  “Fault Lines”