RECORD REVIEW: Megachurch – Megachurch

“Holy shit! These guys are fucking awesome!” That was how I responded when I first saw Megachurch play live at last year’s Aquabear County Fair. That exact same reaction held true when I first heard this album. Their music is a punch to the gut. It hurts a little bit, but it makes you feel like more of a man (or woman) afterward.

Megachurch offers up the soundtrack to the end of days with driving, gigantic drums and a duo of talented bassists. The only vocals to be heard are samples from numerous preachers speaking the gospel to throngs of adoring followers. Plus, it’s all recorded and mixed so masterfully that you’ll feel as if you’re sitting in Ted Haggard’s congregation just as the floor cracks open and hell’s legions drag him down into the abyss. Through a mere six songs, Megachurch rocks out more than most bands can accomplish in their entire careers. Let’s break it down track by track. Continue reading “RECORD REVIEW: Megachurch – Megachurch”

Psychedelic Horseshit sign to FatCat

As if the recent glut of Ohio-centric record label signings wasn’t enough, you can add Columbus-based Psychedelic Horseshit to the list. FatCat Records, an independent English label most famous for its discovery of Icelandic post-rockers Sigur Rós, today signed the noisy Ohio collective fronted by the ever-opinionated Matt Whitehurst. Psychedelic Horseshit’s painfully lo-fi recordings—dubbed ‘shitgaze’ by the group itself—have formerly seen release through Columbus Discount Records, Woodsist and Slitbreeze.

FatCat will release the band’s latest record later this year. In the meantime, they’ve made last year’s cassette album Acid Tape available for free download. Additionally, signing up for the group’s mailing list will net you a brand new MP3 from the forthcoming record.

At this rate, you might want to consider placing your bets on the next Columbus-based band to get signed.