Weekly wrap up.

We have, as of right now, 28 hours left on our Kickstarter, which will fund our new comp. In 30 days, we have raised an amazing $1,015 dollars from 37 awesome people. If you want to join these fine folks, you have mere hours to do so! There are sweet gifts at each giving level, from a shout-out on this here website to the ultimate collection of Aquabear items including Jed Collins original artwork for the cover of Aquabear Legion Volume 4. If you can donate a couple bucks, we’d be ever so grateful, and you’d get some sweet shwag.

Check out Aquabear Brian’s review of Southeast Engine’s latest effort, Canary. It’s a fantastic album, but maybe you should see what Brian has to say about it instead of reading a crappy summary from me, yeah?

ACRN’s week-long 40th birthday celebration is gearing up for the weekend with a show at the Union featuring The D-Rays, In Silent Movies, Whale Zombie, and Scubadog. That’s a solid bill, friends. We’ll see you there, right?

And we’re back to normal: Weekly wrap-up.

So, we have 8 days left to go in our Kickstarter campaign to fund our new comp, Aquabear Volume 4, and we have raised 124% of our goal. That’s a whopping $935 from 33 donors. Needless to say, we are floored, humbled, and amazed. Thank you so much.

Todd and Brian have begun work on the comp, having received the awesome artwork from our friend, Jed Collins and songs from nearly all of the 30+ musicians and bands involved. It’s quite an undertaking, but we cannot wait for you to see (and hear!) the finished product.

Is tonight really the last Dance or Die? I smell April foolin’, but we’ll have to see. Make sure to keep your Sunday afternoon clear, and come out to Casa for the Benefit to End Alzheimer’s. Christ Biester, Rattletrap, and Mike Elliott (yesss!) are playing an early afternoon show and collecting donations for the Alzheimer’s Association. We’ll see you there.

Weekly (ok, monthly) wrap-up.

Whoops, I accidentally took most of March off. Sorry about that.

Not wanting to rest on our laurels, we launched the Kickstarter for our upcoming comp, Aquabear Legion Volume 4. As I write, we are at 114% of our goal. AMAZING. On that note, please know that the more money we raise to produce this comp, the more comps we’ll be able to produce! It sounds redundant, I know, but this is a really great opportunity to get the word out about a really excellent group of Ohio musicians.

In other Aquabear news from the past couple weeks:

And news from Ohio bands that we’re fond of:

Weekly wrap-up: Aquabear County Fair Edition

Fact: I can never remember what this post is called. I will type “Weekly Update” into the post field and stare at it for a minute before I realize that’s not right. Time for a catchier name. Something like ReBear.. but not dumb.

Holy shit, it’s Aquabear County fair week, finally. I get that we’re a little biased, but it’s one of our favorite weekends of the year in Athens. Four days of totally solid bills at venues all over town? Yes, please. Last night, we kicked off the fair at The Union with Zoobombs (honorary Ohioans from Tokyo!), Wheels on Fire, Valleyboys, and The Pleasure Domes. It was awesome, and thanks to everyone who came out.

There was a time that existed before the Aquabear County Fair, and here’s what happened during that time:

  • Aquabear Andrew reviewed Orchestraville’s Poison Berries, calling it “fantastic collection of songs, by people that still give a shit about writing real songs.” True.
  • ACRN previews nights one and two (tonight!) of the County Fair
  • Aquabear Brian also previews each night of the County Fair (one, two, and three. Look for the preview of the Sunday sometime tomorrow afternoon. Hey, if you’re going to go to a rock show, it’s good to come in prepared.

To be honest, I’m in full-on County Fair mode and I only know what’s going on right here in Athens. Come out to Casa tonight to catch She Bears, Whale Zombie, and Narrow & The Brights (former members of Russenorsk). It’s going to be an amazing show, and there’s no cover (!). We will be taking donations, however, to cover paying bands throughout the weekend, so we highly encourage you to pitch in if you can.

We’re heading back to the Union on Saturday night for a marathon of awesomeness. Weedghost will be kicking the night off and playing in between bands from the booth throughout the night. Also, they have brand new tee-shirts that are extraordinarily comfortable. I am still wearing the one I put on yesterday, due to the fact that I just woke up. I can vouch for its greatness. Following that will be a brand-new Zach Oden project, Left Hand Shake. I can’t wait to see what it’s all about. Things are going to get a little face-melty when you watch Scubadog, Chickenpussy, Hex Net, and Megachurch. So. Stoked.

On Sunday, make your way up to ARTS/West once you’ve peeled yourself out of bed. Adam Remnant (of Southeast Engine), Brian Harnetty, and Super Desserts will be playing  a matinee show to wrap up the County Fair. It’s a donation only show, and a potluck. So come and hang out for a few hours on Sunday, and catch some great bands. And bring a covered dish to share.

If you’re not totally zonked by Sunday night, I heard Seascapes, Spooktober, and Valleyboys are playing downstairs at The Union. My goal is to make it there.

Aqubear County Fair 2011!


Weekly wrap-up!

The Aquabear is running at full steam right now. We’re less than a week out from the 5th Annual Aquabear County Fair, pummeling through the paperwork in our quest to become a non-profit organization, and pulling together our latest comp, Aquabear Legion Volume 4 along with a Kickstarter (more on that very soon) project to fund the comp. Whoa!

Speaking of the comp, did you catch the sneak preview of the cover? Our friend and NYC comic artist, Jed Collins, did the illustration, and it’s definitely awesome. In other comp-related news, it was really nice to come home today to an Alwood Sisters CD, sitting in our mailbox. The Alwood Sisters are joining about 30 other Ohio bands on Volume 4.

This week in Ohio music:

Athens friends, you might need to bounce back and forth between Casa and The Union tonight. Casa is hosting a benefit for Athens Rock Camp for Girls, which is slated to take place later this spring (the camp, that is). You can catch the likes of Spooktober, Cop Hugger, Snarlas, and more in a somewhat rare bar appearance. It should be super fun, and it’s for a great cause. Also tonight is a super sweet show at the Union- Whale Zombie, Sport Fishing USA, and Flotation Walls! It’s gonna be seriously awesome.

Columbus, make sure to head to Bourbon Street on Saturday night to catch Athens’ own Whale Zombie and Spooktober. Tonight, Kobo features Old Hundred, Maza Blaska, and Winter Makes Sailors.

Cincinnati, head over to Southgate on Saturday to check out The Seedy Seeds record release party, featuring among a ton of other bands, Flotation Walls. Looks like a solid show!

There’s so much going on this weekend, and definitely way more than we could fit in this space. Get out there and support Ohio music!

Weekly wrap-up!

It’s unseasonably warm in Ohio this weekend. Which is good, considering all the awesome shows you need to get yourself to.

Stuff you missed or need to revisit:

Not to harp on the extremely awesome weather, but get out of your house and get to some shows this weekend.

Columbus!  Did you get to Skylab on Tuesday to check out Calvin Johnson and Bird + Flower? Was it the best thing ever? I figured. Anyway, if you’re in C-bus tonight, head on over to Ruby Tuesday for the first of two nights of music to help celebrate Lost Weekend’s 8th Anniversary (featuring, among many, many others, Times New Viking on Saturday). Or head over to Kobo to check out Karate Coyote, Way Yes, and more. Also tonight (!!!) is Sam Amidon performing with the fantastic Brian Harnetty at The Wex. You can also catch Brian Harnetty at the Aquabear County Fair in March!

Athens, don’t let Sibs Weekend get in your way of a truly excellent weekend in the way of live music. Or better yet, show your sib exactly why Athens is a great music town. Southeast Engine returns to Casa tonight. It’s been a while since we’ve seen those guys, and it’s sure to be a great show. Tomorrow night, we are super stoked to co-present a ridiculous night of rock n’ roll with Blackout Booking. Cincinnati’s Buffalo Killers will join Chickenpussy, Hex Net, and The D-Rays for some awesomeness.

See you at the shows!

Weekly wrap-up!

What you missed this week, and what you need to do this weekend.

This is fixing to be one of those weekends where there’s so much amazing stuff going on, you will almost certainly regret missing something. Even last night, Athens folks had to make the choice between the excellent lineup for ACRN’s Date Auction- She Bears, Whale Zombie, and Brothertiger- and the equally awesome Casa show, with Nick Tolford, Hex Net, and Zapano. Oh well, I guess there are worse problems to have. Like the problems you’ll have choosing what to do tonight. I recommend going to everything. Good luck.

Athens kids! So much awesome stuff tonight. So much. Scubadog and friends (Valleyboys possibly?) are playing at Jackie O’s in the brewery; the lovely ladies of Boxcar Burlesque are performing at the Union with Rattletrap accompanying them during their earlier show; Donkey Coffee and Espresso is featuring Liz Pahl, J.D. Hutchison, Tony Xenos, Adam Remnant and more in a gigantic “Athens Does Athens” benefit for the Humane Society. Plus, head to Donkey tomorrow to check out Southeast Engine’s Jesse Remnant and Old Worlds.

If you’re in Columbus, head over to Kobo for She Bears, Tin Armor, and Pat Pat. Solid! Also, the terribly sweet Bird and Flower is opening up for Calvin Johnson this Tuesday at Skylab.

Cincinnati? I’m jealous, because Moon High is playing at The Comet tonight with Andy Gabbard. Go eat a burrito and listen to some sweet music for me, yeah?

Oh man.

Weekly wrap-up!

I’m so stoked Friday is here. Mostly because this weekend is going to be awesome.

Here’s some stuff you might have missed this week.

  • We held our fifth annual Pancake Breakfast, with the new addition of all-local food. Almost 70 people came to ARTS/West to eat delicious pancakes, listen to 78s, and hang out. Thanks to all who came and supported Aquabear!
  • Columbus shitgazers Psychedelic Horseshit get signed to FatCat Records, and Zach Long wonders who’s next
  • Athens Rock and/or Roll is back after a hiatus with some live Chickenpussy
  • ACRN previews the kind of, sort of halfway to Nelsonville Fest show that’s happening at Casa in Athens tonight
  • Kris Poland reviews the new Megachurch record; proclaims it “fucking awesome”; is correct
  • Did you see the amazing flyer for Donewaiting’s 8 Year Anniversary Show, going on tonight at Kobo?
  • Comic artist Jed Collins, who is designing the cover of our next comp (more on that soon!!) won a SPACE prize – first place in the webcomic category for his epic Champ 2010 series. Congrats, Jed!

So, about tonight. If you’re in Columbus, check out Donewaiting’s anniversary party. It looks to be awesome, with Phantods, Ghost Shirt, Time and Temperature, and Town Monster filling out the bill.

Athens friends, please don’t miss the Nelsonville Fest halfway party/benefit show/announcing of the headliners at Casa TONIGHT. Someday, your grandkids are going to want to know where you were when the fest’s headliners were announced, and they won’t be impressed with “a house party”. Helping to celebrate the coming of the fest are Duke Junior, Scubadog, and Whale Zombie. That’s reason enough to show up. See you there.

Weekly wrap-up!

I would have posted this earlier, but I was too busy MAKING DELICIOUS BUTTER FROM SCRATCH for our annual Pancake Breakfast, happening this Sunday at ARTS/West. All local food, all delicious, and proceeds go to help us on our quest to become a non-profit!

Here’s some stuff you might have missed this week.

Headin’ out to see some music this weekend? If you find yourself in Columbus, make sure to head over to The Treehouse on Saturday night for The Kyle Sowashes, She Bears, and Pat Dull and His Media Whores. In Athens on Saturday? Don’t miss Alwood Sisters at Casa. They’re playing with Tin Armor and Zapano. Cincy folks, do the right thing and head to MOTR to see Super Desserts  and darlene.

So get out there see some awesome local music, and come hungry for the Aquabear Legion Pancake Breakfast at ARTS/West in Athens! Cakes hit the griddle at 1 pm, and we’ll be cooking until 4 pm. See you there, support your local Aquabear!

Weekly wrap-up!

Holy record label news! That sums up what we’ve been talking about this week. That and pancakes. Sweet, local, delicious pancakes.

Braving the cold (and Ohio University Dads) to see live music in Athens this weekend? Duke Jr. and the Smokey Boots at the Union on Saturday night is your best bet.

Get awesome this weekend!